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This doesn't happen too often with Apple products, but it appears that some iPhone 5 units are having issues with the battery.
Apple has decided to change the battery in those and here is how you can enroll in that program. If your device does not hold charge or the battery depletes too fast, check out Apple's special page and enter your serial number. After the backup is done, go ahead and select iCloud in the same Backups box and then choose to back-up your computer to the cloud. The bottom line is, that at about an year of usage it starts to wear out and the time between charges decreases noticeable.
With more time passing, it becomes annoying since you can’t go anywhere without having along your charger.? As we told you before, we managed to find a loose end to this issue we confront as big lovers of iPhone.?

Even though the phone itself was still working at its full potential, the battery was definitely showing signs of wear.? And the price is minimal, considering that we spent entirely $8 for the new battery.Before we move on to the actual steps of this process, I will have to mention a few things for you to keep in mind while you decide if this is the proper solution for you.
Through this process you will have to open your iPhone, which will most definitely make you lose any warranty you have left. The warranty included is for 12 months, but if you decided to extend it for some reasons, you might find yourself in the situation of losing that as well.? We hope that will not be the case with you, because putting it back together might cost you something more than estimated initially. This is how we found a list of top-rated sellers who were offering not only the replacement battery, but also a mini-tool kit for $8 to $10. Five days later it arrived to our front door.The next thing we did was to search some material for this swap, cause we did not want to go blindly into something this risky.

Carefully remove the two pentalobe screws from the bottom of your iPhone, slid off the backplate and? We pulled out the old battery, carefully put in the new one, and screwed it back together as it was before. Hiring such a service means to have your phone shipped to them, waiting a couple of days for it to return and the price can go up to $40 or more.?
Instead of that, you can choose our solution, and make the swap yourself, in just 20 minutes, for just $8 or $10.

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