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NOTE: I am embarrassed to admit that I made a significant error in my original measurement methodology and the numbers originally listed below were inaccurate. Your host, K4SWL, asked me to share my experiences in trying to findĀ a small, lightweight, battery pack for use with my field-portable QRP station. I became concerned about using this style of spring-contact battery-holder when I found an article (link) by Phil Salas, AD5X, in which he reported that this sort of battery-holder is likely to display significant voltage drop under load. I tested my original battery-holder with ten 2,000mAh NiMH cells and my KX1 transmitting into a dummy load. Visit my website to learn more about my QRP operations or to learn more about my KX1 Mini Travel Kit. This entry was posted in Grab And Go, Portable, QRP and tagged Elecraft KX1, Elecraft KX1 Battery Pack, Ham Radio, HomeBrew Battery Elecraft KX1, QRP, WD8RIF.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. I’ve redone all the measurements and the text and tables below reflect the corrected measurements. When filled with ten AA NiMH cells, the resulting battery-packs provide about 14v at full-charge. In addition to measuring whole-pack voltage-drop, I measured the voltage-drop of each of the individual 2,000mAh cells as I transmitted into the dummy load on 20m. I don’t know if the Polaroid cells will last for as many cycles as the probably-higher-quality Sanyo cells would but trying the significantly less expensive Polaroid cells seemed like a a good gamble. I prefer to charge my NiMH cells individually, using an intelligent MAHA charger, rather than charging an entire pack.

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It is likely that these older 2,000mAh cells, which have been cycled many times, are exhibiting greater voltage-drop than new cells would.
Comparisons of my original numbers to measurements made later of the new battery-holder wouldn’t be meaningful, so I had to do all the measurements again. The use of two AA dummy-cells will also allow the use of eight lithium primary or alkaline cells in an emergency.

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