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Intro: How to make a simple pull-back car(rubber band powered)This is a simple instructable that tells you how to make a rubber band powered pull back car.
8.Loop a rubber band around the exposed part of the kebab skewer and stick it with tape or glue.
After lengthy conversations I thought it would not be too difficult to build and run a smaller version he had in mind and the idea of the Black Knight was formed. If I was going to build a rocket I first need to know something about them so luckily I came across Carolynne Cambell who had built and ran a full size hybrid rocket powered dragster. In a vertical rocket the N2O is fed into the combustion chamber under the vapour pressure of the liquid and as the rocket is vertical 100% liquid N20 is fed into the chamber.
I carried out a series of static tests on the rocket motors in my garden to see if the actually worked and what sort of thrust and burn time I could expect.
The next test was the 35mm rocket with external bottle and this worked OK but as the bottle was horizontal gas leaked into the motor and it was unstable. The car was prepared for the speed event with a gyro fitted and longer chassis to allow the rocket to sit as far forward as possible. I carried the car down to the start line and checked the radio gear and then opened the safety valve. For the next run I decanted 12 oz of N2O into the accumulator and pressured it up to 950 psi.
IT STILL EXCITES ME WHEN I HEAR, READ AND SEE AIR MOTOR OR AIR TECHNOLOGY, EVER SINCE I’VE COME ACROSS IT, WHICH WAS ONLY A COUPLE OF DAYS AGO. Second, there are groups working on legitimate air cars that use compressed air to power the vehicle. If the car were actually able to create its own compressed air as it goes, why would it need four huge cylinders of compressed air on the back?
As I just have to go to office in the morning and back home in the evening, which is a total 40 km, this is the most perfect solution for me. This article does not describe a perpetual motion machine as suggested by some posts as it requires an electric heater running from a battery.
Great idea, one of the Haynes Saucer is a flying car that uses this same principal of green technology. Thus it should be develop in fast way as alternate to IC Engine which may also make sustainability to fossil fuel apert from reduction in huge pollutant being released through tail pipe. Wishing all the best to Mechanical Engineers who are responsible for this situation and find best alternate transport technology . I have an original article from James Prescott Joule and Lord kelvin in 1851 on the air engine that they designed. He had contacted me and wanted to know if ROSSA (Radio Operated Scale Speed Association) had any rules for the running of rocket or jet cars as he had an idea of running a ¼ scale land speed record competition.
A liquid oxidiser, in my case Nitrous Oxide (N2O), is held in a tank and at room temperature is at 750 Psi. When the rocket is laid horizontally there is a possibility that gas N2O can enter the chamber and upset the rocket thrust and give low power.
On one side of the piston is the N2O oxidiser and on the other N2 used to pressure the fluid.

There is also a safety valve in place to be opened just before firing to ensure interference doesn’t activate the rocket by mistake.
The first test was a RATTWorks H70 motor fitted with an external N2O bottle and this woked OK but burnt through the casing. The rocket was rebuilt using new fuel grain and another nozzle drilled out to 8.5mm The rocket was ignited and the rocket took off as before with a slight wobble at the start before the gyro kicked in.
I saw a small problem with the accumulator and thought nothing of it but later it was discovered there was a small piece of metal jammed in the piston stopping it working properly.
I asked the crowd if they didn’t mind standing up on the hill for the run and I would prepare the car. I had a lot of help in my quest and would like to thank all the people who have given me help and support. In an amazing demonstration conducted recently in Los Angeles a standard automobile chassis, powered with a newly-developed compressed air motor, whizzed around the city streets at not one cent of cost to the driver for fuel. Air power may be a cheaper, simpler, better way to store power and transport it with the vehicle. Even if we allow for some possible regenerative braking to recover some air into the system, the basic principles of thermodynamics teach us that you can’t get something from nothing. Taking a light weight front engined rear wheel drive vehicle, pull engine & radiator, clutch assembly. It is however still great technology and is currently being developed by various companies who are aiming at putting it into production. I got the impression it was a one page news account just like they print today in Popular Science or Popular Mec. The car is expected to be marketed by the end of this year, by the Luxemburg company MDI, with its first plant in Nice, France. I dread it a little less with P&G - Maple Leaf Mommy { […] Oh, if only this were true! The graphite exit nozzle from a RATTWorks H70 commercial rocket and I drilled it out from 7 to 8, 8.5,9 and 9mm. Steering is activated by a Futaba 9351 servo and is linked to a Futaba GY401 high speed gyro.
This was because the fuel grain was designed for 2-3 seconds of burn and I ran it for 12-15 seconds.
This time I loaded 18 oz of N2O and drilled out the injector to 2mm and the nozzle to 9.5mm. It is mounted in an upright position in the same space occupied by a gasoline motor in standard cars. Where it claims to be heated, used, cooled, and returned to the tank is a process that is not possible without outside energy. The announcer made the implication the you could use a air motor to run your compressor to power your air motor. I would like to see a commercial alternative-fuel car just to show the world we know how to do it! But to cater the transport technology in now a days as alternate is need on account of air pollution which is main cause of Global Warming and subsequent effect on mankind as well on society.

Two are already in use on Amsterdam airport and one has been aquired by the Miami science museum.
The accumulator is cooled own with ice close to 0 and then N2 used to pressure the cylinder on the other side of the sliding piston to 950-1,000 psi. The rocket was ignited and I allowed it to burn for 5 seconds before opening the solenoid valve.
There are aluminum, iron, and carbon metal alloys that need to be perfected soon to reduce or eliminate the pressure and safety issues. When the rocket is fired the N2O is released and the N2 expands to keep the N2O in liquid form.
The rocket wobbled a bit off the line but the gyro kicked in and the car sped off to the speed trap. I though at one point it was referring to getting free air from filling stations (they used to do that) to run your car at no cost. The main reason this car did not take off is due to car and oil companies cheap gas engines. In the combustion chamber a small igniter starts the reaction of the N2O by splitting the liquid and releasing the oxygen. After about 300ft the rocket cut as expected due to low fuel and the car coasted in a straight line to a controlled stop. The oxygen then oxidises the combustible material and exits the combustion chamber through the graphite nozzle and produces the thrust.
For ignition I use a small commercial firework and an electric match activated by a 12v battery.
The air engines at each wheel might be better than dealing with one larger engine and transmission systems to each wheel. I was amazed at the acceleration and it seemed to accelerate faster and faster during the run.
Hopefully you could compress air for 20 to 30 miles of city driving per day in Sunny climates.
A separate tank for each motor and wheel would reduce both size and dangers of the use of a large tank. After you wind it up and let it go, the rubber band will unwind, causing the car to move forward, but then, because the rubber band is taut and affixed to the axle, it will act as a brake, preventing the axle from further spinning. Cut a hole at the top of the balloon and the neck of the balloon so you can stretch it over the wheels.
Why not just add something else that can form small wheels, such as bottlecaps or something?

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