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Select Sport Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School Crime U.S. ATLANTA a€” The tick-tick-ticking sound of a bag alarmed employees at the world's busiest airport, but it has turned out to be nothing more than a passenger's toothbrush.
The battery-powered toothbrush was responsible for the sound that gave rise to fears of a bomb at Atlanta's airport Friday morning.
Parents with kids will know that it was not an easy task to keep the little ones at the washing basin for more than a minute per brush.
It is important to choose toothbrushes that are made for toddlers when they began brushing. As great as a manual toothbrush can be, it might not excite kids much during the brushing routine.

Mechanical tooth brushing is less dependent on brushing techniques, making brushing easier for younger kids. The boys received an upgrade to their manual toothbrush when both were given a set of Oral-B Stages Disney Car Power toothbrush.
Within seconds of receiving the tools, they are ready to speed off to the washroom to brush their teeth. Needless to say, since the introduction of the battery operated toothbrushes, the boys had ditched their manual toothbrushes. Little Lou lost his two front due to his baby bottle tooth decay at a tender age of 3 due to the lack of brushing. Given their short attention span, making a child brush their tooth is like entering into a negotiation with a business contract .
Add a mechanical toothbrush in the mix; you might just convince the fidgeting child to enjoy brushing teeth.
It comes in a child size head and big handle that makes it easy to hold for the little ones.

It comes with a 2 minute timer reminder function to let the child know that time is up for brushing , just in case they enjoy brushing with it so much that they forgotten about time. Now a trip to the washroom for the mandatory brush is no longer a challenging affair but one the boys look forward to with glee. Since then, the boys had been diligently keeping to their tooth routine every morning and evening. During the earlier days of tooth brushing, it may be even tougher to convince a child to brush the teeth than to close the multi-million dollars business deal. Ergonomically shape to fit their tiny hands, this toothbrush is made for kids' small mouth and helps clean hard to reach back teeth.

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