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Item Description Get ready for adventure with this Disney Cars 6V Battery Powered Ride-On Quad. NOTICE: All prices, availability, and specifications are subject to verification by their respective retailers. Mainland UK only, no Northern Ireland For further details, please see our Delivery Information.
We have been selling these for a long time now and we must say these Ferrari Style 6v Ride-On Sports Cars are one of our favourite Kids Ride-On Cars.
This Black Ferrari Style 6v Ride-On Sports Car comes complete with authentic start-up key and real engine sounds, with both forward and reverse gears and working lights and car horn.
These cars do look remarkably like an Ferrari product but these and all 'style' types of cars, jeeps and bikes are just that. Since 2009 Kids Electric Cars has focused solely on the sale of battery powered ride-on toys .

If you feel that your little one needs a bit more power than a 6v, 12, 24v toy and they are around 8+ how about buying them our 36 Volt Children's Battery Powered Quad Bike.
Powered by a variable 800-watt motor, it reaches speeds up to 22kmph quietly and powerfully, with a battery that has a range of 12 miles the fun will never stop.
This 36 Volt Children's Battery Powered Quad Bike comes with 3 adjustable speed settings to allow more control over safety for younger riders. It combines the stability of four extra-large wheels with the fun and familiarity of bicycle-type steering. The Ferrari Style 6v Ride-On Sports Care have also had really good feedback from our many customers.
They appear to have been made to look very much like a scaled version of a real Ferrari, however these are not licensed by the brand. As 'ride-on toy specialists' we are always first to sell the brand new 'must-have' cars, offering the largest range of ride-ons in Europe, at the best prices.

The battery-powered quad is styled like Lightning McQueen, the undisputed king of the Cars movies. If you want to buy Licensed Ferrari ride-on cars for kids please see our Licensed Ferrari Ride-On Cars for Kids.
Our Premium Quality 36v off-Road Electric Quad Bike is suitable for tough, outdoor trail riding.
The hand operated front and rear disc brakes provide a responsive stopping service and the twist-grip throttle adds even further to this quads high level of realism and authenticity.
Imagine the fun and adventure your little Disney fan will have in the driveway, on the sidewalk, at the park or maybe in an empty parking lot.

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