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Carrier’s diesel-electric technology uses a diesel engine to drive a 23 kW electric generator, generating enough current to run all system components, such as fans and the 6-cylinder 06D semi-hermetic compressor with its electric motor sealed inside.
The Vector 6500’s streamlined electric architecture eliminates many of the serviceable mechanical components found in conventional systems, and substitutes expanded use of electronics and maintenance-free electrical components. The Vector 6500 features a clean-burning 2.2 litre direct-injection engine that surpasses the requirements of the US EPA’s Tier 4-interim standard (Tier 4i), and outperforms competitive units with regard to particulate emissions. Equipped for electric standby, allowing the unit to be plugged into mains power when parked rather than running the diesel engine helps to eliminate emissions and fuel consumption, further reducing noise and operational costs. Using one-third less refrigerant than a conventional system, the Vector 6500 has a simplified cooling circuit with approximately half the brazed joints and no compressor shaft seal, significantly improving refrigerant containment. The elimination of many commonly replaced items such as belts equates to a reduced amount of waste destined for landfills.
Impact-resistant DuraShell-2 body panels that open all the way to the top of the unit allow easy access to interior components during service. As in any product development process, there are a myriad of details and checklists to follow, and in some cases it can take a long time to get a concept from the drawing board to the market.
As Kelly explains, the Vector 6500 found a shorter path to the customer – through the airwaves via telematics. This was made possible through the Advance microprocessor control’s ability to interface with telematics systems to continuously monitor the test units placed into service throughout Australia, USA, Canada and Mexico. Vector 6500 test units were subjected to a variety of customer uses in real-world environments and extremes, with temperatures ranging as high as 54oC and as low as minus 33oC, as well as in high altitudes and with exposure to salt-water environments during coastal and ferry duty. In case an alarm signalled a potential issue, engineers could immediately evaluate the situation to determine the cause. Carrier Transicold will be displaying this new technology at the 2010 International Truck, Trailer & Equipment Show.

Keep up to date on the latest news and developments in the commercial road transport industry. TRU Demand™ digital energy management logic monitors and efficiently regulates power draw to save energy costs. Built-in brown out protection keeps the unit running during low voltage conditions by monitoring current draw and automatically adjusting its operation. High performance system featuring a cool-only refrigeration system that eliminates the compressor shaft seal and many brazed joints, significantly reducing the chance of refrigerant leaks. Carrier's exclusive, hybrid diesel-electric Tier 4 compliant Vector 8500 and 8600MT raise the bar with unprecedented innovation, efficiency, and performance. Carrier is part of UTC Building & Industrial Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp. Eco Driven delivers environmentally sound solutions that reduce noise, fuel use, and emmisions and allow your compnay to be a good neighbour and corporate citizen. Lowest cost of ownership starts with the elimination of many maintenance items, including alternators, belts, idlers, vibrasorbers, and shaft seals used in conventional units. Fuel Saving features such as integrated electric standby offer operational savings up to 70% over conventional diesel units. A free Carrier EPS logo vector, the graphic illustration is available to download in ai format.
The independent electric-resistance heating elements provide precise temperature control when heat is required. The result is a unit that can reduce maintenance costs over its lifetime compared to conventional mechanical technologies. It is the same engine used in Carrier’s X2 series, but offers greater fuel efficiency and less noise than earlier engines.

It uses Carrier’s sophisticated, programmable Advance microprocessor control, which allows users to configure up to 30 custom settings for different commodities through its IntelliSet option and offers compatibility with major telematics providers for centralised monitoring and tracking of refrigerated cargo. With telematics, including GPS tracking, these units were continuously monitored at the Carrier engineering centres in Athens, Georgia, and Syracuse in New York. If a unit required attention, Carrier had the ability to contact the customer and direct it to the nearest Carrier service technician. Sign up to CRT News today to receive a FREE weekly E-newsletter delivered straight to your inbox.
The maximum current draw may also be adjusted to regulate power draw from electrical infrastructure. In the event of an outage, stagger starting logic avoids a massive draw on the grid by preventing multiple units from starting simultaneously when the power returns. Electric heating produces maximum heating and quick defrosts regardless of the outdoor ambient temperature. More importantly, unlike a conventional system that runs all mechanically connected components via belts and pulleys whenever the engine runs, the Vector system only powers components needed at any given time, which can save fuel by reducing the engine load. Technicians could be notified in advance that a unit was coming and if necessary, engineers could advise service technicians about a repair and what parts to have ready when a unit arrived.
Programmable economy settings provide optimal balance between electrical power savings and precision temperature control accuracy.

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