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I have checked the fuel pump, by manually opening the fuel pump relay and the pump will turn on. I put a new (used) motor in the car, and tried starting it, car started but ran EXTREMELY rough (so bad that I never took it off the jackstand because it would not idle and would die if I let off the gas) and it would only run for seconds before dieing anyway. If the Red wire is coming from the ignition switch, the blue wires coming from the PCM, and the orange wire coming from the ground. Have someone check while your cranking & find out what the ECU sends to the coils via blue line.
But it would seem that it wouldn't be receiving that charge since I have replaced the coils with another set already. The car is a 2002 Protege ES MT, the motor is from a 2001 Protege with an AT, but the tranny shouldnt matter, I swapped flex plates and the crankshaft pulley.
Okay, so I checked the "blue" wire coming from the PCM to the coil with the key on and here are the results. After testing this, I checked the CSP and the CKP wiring and both were plugged in and in good condition as well as the sensors (Do not know exactly how to test resistance of the sensors). So I have attached an image of the wiring for the FPR, and these are the results of this the tests I did. R2 leads to a Violet wire on the back of the fuse block, when touching this wire to test it with a test light the FPR opens and the fuel pump kicks on. In the diagram, the fuel pump relay is NO.32 but thats the only thing that I can see that relates to fuel.

I know if I take the fuse cap off and touch the metal inside that it does light up the test light.
Sure, the Korean carmaker has its Genesis Coupe (pictured above) and claims other models were designed with a pinch of sportiness, but but it’s never managed to pull off anything truly spectacular. It would also cause some issues if sister brand Kia ever decides to put the sleek GT4 Stinger concept into production. Hyundai is now heavily involed in the World Rally Championship, and apparently wants to imbue some of its road cars with the character of rally cars. The Subaru WRX and (sorely missed) Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution make a pretty good case for that.
Hyundai has been thinking about this since at least 2013, when it announced a new performance division called N. No specific models are being discussed, but Hyundai hints that sporty versions of the i20 and i40 are possible. It’s also unclear when (or if) Hyundai plans to launch a new version of the Genesis coupe to match the recently-redesigned sedan, and use that opportunity to make the car sportier.
I tested this by pulling the spark plugs out and touching them to the block while it is cranking, the have nothing.
I started checking things and noticed that the fuel pump was not kicking in, must have kicked in a little in order to start the car, but probably not enough to keep it running properly. I pulled the relay cover off and noticed that it is not functioning, so I replaced the relay and it still does nothing.

There was a switch from coil pack to coils on plugs and that can make a difference due to the gears on the camshafts and the cam sensor. When I pulled the valve cover off, the oil dipstick tube came out, could that have anything to do with it? It’s gone from a bargain brand to one with a diverse lineup that includes everything from the Genesis luxury sedan to the hydrogen-powered Tucson Fuel Cell. I further tested this by placing a screwdriver in place of the spark plug and placing the SD close to the block while it was cranking and that too gave no spark. I manually open the relay and the fuel pump kicks in, tried to start the car while I held the fuel pump relay open (Fuel pump working). I have replaced this relay with 3 different relays and they all yield the same results (Non functioning, as if they are not receiving any signal to open). While the wire coming directly from the ground is going to the B side, and also bypassing it completely and going to the B sides of the coils? I did touch one of the prongs with a negatively charged test light and the relay opened and fuel pump kicked in, so I know that the relay is good.

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