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At its most accurate GPS recording interval (every 1 second), my Suunto Ambit2 will last about 16 hours, which is sufficient for all but 100-mile ultra marathons and multi-day backpacking trips. But don’t overlook battery life, especially if your workouts, competitions, or adventures often exceed the duration of a long workday, as is the case with ultra marathons, Ironmans, expedition adventure races, 24-hour mountain bike races, multi-day backpacking trips, and other long-distance activities. If your GPS watch battery dies before you’re done, at a minimum you’ll have an incomplete record of your effort. In this post I discuss the factors that affect the battery life a GPS watch, and provide a battery life comparison chart for GPS watches. The power capacity of a battery is measured in ampere-hours, specifically milliampere-hours, or mAh. But “all else being equal” is seldom the case, so mAh is not the sole determinant in the battery life of a GPS watch.
The primary drain on the battery of a GPS watch is the recording of its precise geographic position (i.e. If a Suunto rep reads this blog, please pass the word that I’ve love to test one out and write a review.
Another important aspect (at least for me) when talking about battery life is the ability to charge the watch in the middle of an activity.
Smart Recording dates back to earlier Garmin devices that recorded TCX files, which were inefficient and quickly filled up the on-board memory.
Only if your Garmin watch has UltraTrac (which is exclusive to the Fenix 3, Fenix 2, and Forerunner 920XT) can you affect the frequency with which the watch obtains a GPS fix.
Being frugal, I found my refurbished Garmin Fenix 1 for $100 on BuyDig a couple months back. For this kind of route, the accuracy of the distance measurement will be about the same regardless of the recording interval. Regarding a watch recommendation, I have nothing but great things to say about my Ambit 2, and so my recommendation would be in the Ambit family. Subscribe to be notified of trips, presentations, guided outings, and exciting developments. About SkurkaAndrew Skurka is an accomplished adventure athlete, speaker, guide, and writer.
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I’ve saved it for last, but battery life on the X2 is very close to where it was with the X.
We’re almost exactly one year after the launch of the original Droid X, and now dual core smartphones with higher resolution screens are the norm.

The product launched online with minimal fanfare, and then quietly showed up in stores later - it just didn’t excite the Verizon Android fanbase as much as the original X launch did.
Lack of excitement aside, the X2 does however play an important role in Verizon’s smartphone lineup. I can't speak for a droid, but I had my v3xx for four years, and it took multiple drops and was fine.
Were they those thin RAZR's?My Droid 1 and Droid X1 has survived numerous drops with only scratches to show for it. Even if your outings are never that long, a powerful battery is convenient: it rarely needs to be recharged.
Even if you prefer shorter outings, a robust battery is still a perk: like a new cell phone, it will need to be recharged less often. For example, the Polar V800 has a 350 mAH battery, yet its battery life is about the same as the Suunto Ambit2. If you are stopped, it is fine; but if you are moving with a wire strapped to your wrist and a portable battery in your pocket, that is just downright annoying.
I’m wondering how much more battery life it provides compared to the one second recording interval.
At least with my Suunto Ambit, however, my current speed data seems less accurate and seems less often updated when the recording interval is set to 60 seconds. The Ambit 2R is still available from Backcountry for $170, and a heart rate strap is included. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Both share the exact same battery as I mentioned earlier, and the X2 manages to include a dual core SoC and higher resolution screen, all the while gaining battery life in all three categories.
Moreover, I find the X2 refresh a bit too safe, with no major outward physical differences to distinguish the X2 from its predecessor other than a subtle color change and a line of red text. For example, the Suunto Ambit2 features a 480 mAh battery whereas the Suunto Ambit2 S has a 240 mAh battery. I don’t have a precise explanation, but no doubt it’s due to differences in hardware and software. Other hardware like the display, barometer, accelerometer, and heart rate receiver consume relatively little power.
For example, the Garmin Fenix 3 lasts 20 hours with a 1-second interval, but for 50 hours in “UltraTrac” mode (a 60-second interval). Estimated battery life is based on manufacturer specs; the figures have not been independently verified.

I would rather decrease the recording interval (and have less accurate data) or simply let the watch die 15-20 hours into the race, at which point you are probably racing more on gut feel than based on watch data anyway. Does that mean that I don’t need to worry about the recording interval; since there are no twists and turns, one second and sixty seconds will have pretty much the same accuracy? I think it relies on the internal accelerometer in between intervals, which is less reliable than GPS.
As long as you personally own that vehicle (or it's a company vehicle that your company owns), then this is perfectly legal to do. That said, it’s hard to get super excited about the X2 on a carrier where every flagship device seems to have 4G LTE connectivity. Not surprisingly, the battery life of the Ambit2 is about twice that of the Ambit2 S: 16 hours versus 8 hours with a 1-second GPS recording interval.
During these longer durations between recordings, obviously there can be more undetected twists and turns. In theory, then, you could run in a circle with a 240-foot diameter and the watch would record you as not moving.
The products listed are a selection of sponsored links and do not include all Home Loans card providers and may not include all features relevant to you. Likewise, if you’re an X owner and already have a dock, case, extra battery, and are looking for much faster hardware to upgrade to (or perhaps have recently broken a Droid X), the X2 is an easy shoe-in.
We now both have smart phones, but that phone held up extremely well.If the Droids hold up like it did, then they are very durable devices.
Data from other hardware can improve accuracy between the GPS fixes, but the watch will mostly assume a straight-line distance between recorded positions. For this reason, you're better off putting it under the vehicle, than inside the vehicle in a glove box or underneath a seat. My only complaint now is the slow processor and lack of ram.Considering my clumsiness, I'm hoping one of these new phones can take the some punishment. With its super-magnet case, the GT3044 can be installed under a vehicle for a quick and accurate covert tracking installation.

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