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1937 Cord Sportsman ALL ELECTRIC streetrod , One -off just finished and custombuilt in Florida using a Aluminium box beam chassis with coil - over fourwheel independent suspension , powered by an TranswarP II electric motor built by Netgain motors and capable of turning 5000 rpm , coupled to a Chrysler 300 rear end , utilizing state of the art lithium - ion batteries and a Evenetics DC motor controller for smooth performance. Wildwood disc brakes and a Heidts independent frontend with power rack and pinion steering make it effortless to stop and steer.
This awe inspiring car sports a beautiful combination of Lamborghini Orange Pearl paint and a rich cream Ostrich leather interior. Unbelievable torque and accelaration , combined with silent , smooth highwayspeeds ( range around 80 miles ) make her the perfect Starbucks racer and she draws a crowd where ever she goes.
The smart charger in the trunk accomodates both 220V and 110 v , charging the batteries fully in only about an hour on 220 , and yet only three hours with 110V. A 1939 Lincoln Zephyr inspired dash , Duval styled bronze and chromed windshield , custom Briz bumpers , electric-hydraulic hood and trunk and retractable headlights compliment this beautifully designed car and it will surely make a great addition to and be a potential centerpiece for the most impressive car collection of the man who wants and has it all..
Note: To ensure that your trailer connector is wired properly, we recommend using a circuit tester to match pins by function. Mounting Your Trailer Wiring HarnessOften the 4-pole trailer connector will remain in the trunk or cargo area of a car or SUV when not in use.
Trailer Wiring AdaptersThe T-One connectors and hardwire kits all use a 4-pole trailer connector.
If you have a Modulite (powered converter), Converter, or T-One connector that is not working properly, you need to use a circuit tester to determine the source of the problem.Check to make sure there is a signal going into and coming out of the converter or Modulite box without the trailer hooked up. If you find some, but not all, lighting functions work properly you may have a ground problem. How to wire your car or truck to pull a trailerTrailer Wiring OptionsBy law trailers are required to have at least running lights, turn signals, and brake lights.
This helps to extend the life of the connector by protecting it from the elements and accidental damage.
This connector is most common among the smaller utility trailers and can easily be adapted to match the larger 5-pole, 6-pole and 7-pole styles.
The only part of the wiring harness that will typically go bad is the box, so you need to determine if a signal is making it to the box, and if so, is it coming back out on the correct wires. In this situation a weak ground is just strong enough to provide some lighting functions but not all. To provide the power and a connection for these functions, the tow vehicle's electrical system needs to be tapped into. Getty Images reserves the right to pursue unauthorized users of this image or clip, and to seek damages for copyright violations. When it is needed for towing, simply pull the connector out and shut the trunk or rear door.

When the taillights and brake lights are used at the same time, it creates the maximum amp load of the lights on the trailer. Adapters will plug into the flat 4-pole connector and have wire leads to provide additional functions such as powering trailer brakes, power lead for utility lights, reverse, or auxiliary power for a winch or tools. Sometimes the vehicle manufacturer will run the wires to an easily accessible plug underneath the vehicle or behind the paneling in the back cargo area. If the trailer connector needs to be mounted under the vehicle, we offer many different mounting brackets that will help to protect the connector and keep it from dangling beneath the vehicle.
If your vehicle or trailer is equipped with something other than a 4-way plug, such as the larger 7-way round plug, you can use our adapter fitguide to find the one that is right for your vehicle and trailer. The places to check grounds are as follows:The connector on the vehicle should have a ground wire secured tightly to a clean surface on the frame. T-Ones come pre-wired with a 4-way flat trailer connection and can be expanded to 5-way, 6-way, or 7-way trailer connections through the use of a wiring adapter.Custom Hardwire KitIf a T-One is not available, a connection can still be easily made by using one of our custom selected hardwiring kits. A trailer wiring system is grounded to the frame near the coupler and each light also needs to be grounded. A wire attached to the body or a surface with undercoating or rust can cause a ground problemThe connector on the trailer should have a wire from the connector secured tightly to a clean surface on the trailer. We offer kits with all the pieces you will need to simply tap into the existing wires on your vehicle. If there is not a white ground wire coming out of a trailer light, then the light is grounded through its mounting studs. This may sound difficult, but quick splices make installing the wiring harness quick and easy. Too much paint, dirt, or rust can cause bad grounds, so make sure the ground is secured to the bare metal frame.
A quick splice has two grooves in it; one groove is for the vehicle wire, and the other groove is for the wire on hardwire kit.
Also look for pinched or cut wires; these are often found when wires are routed above suspension components or behind taillightsIf a signal is going into the box and not coming out or a signal is going into the box and coming out on the wrong wires the ground on the vehicle may not be connected properly. If the white ground wire is not installed properly on the vehicle, then the green and yellow wires will not carry signal coming out of the box.Solve the problem by checking to make sure the ground wire is installed properly on the vehicle. If the lights are mounted on wood or PVC material, the light will not receive ground.The last possibility to explore is in the trailer design. This forces a metal piece into both wires, connecting the circuit and eliminating any need for cutting or splicing. To make sure you have a suitable ground, first connect the circuit tester's ground wire to the same location as the ground wire on the wiring harness.

If the trailer has a tilting bed, it is possible the ground is not passing through the pivot point, resulting in a poor ground.
If there is no signal, connect the circuit tester to another grounding location such as the exhaust pipe.
The circuit tester is used to make sure the correct wires on the hardwire kit are connected to the matching wires on the vehicle; it helps determine which wire performs which function. If a signal is present, the grounding location for the wiring harness is bad, and a new location needs to be found. By turning on the left turn signal, a circuit tester can be used to test the different wires behind the driver's side tail light. In these rare instances, look for a ground wire coming out of the license plate light.Due to extensive testing and quality control, it is very rare that a new wiring harness will be defective. If the wiring harness worked properly when installed but then went bad, there is a strong possibility that it has shorted out because of a problem with the trailer wiring. Make sure to correct any trailer wiring problems before installing a new wiring harness.Converter Shorting OutWhen too many amps are drawn through the converter box, it can be shorted out. Some vehicles send only one signal per wire, creating what is called a 3-wire system: one wire for the left turn, one wire for the right turn, and one wire for the brake signal (common on vehicles with amber turn signals). Each incandescent taillight draws about 2 amps and side marker lights typically draw about 0.5 amps each. A standard converter cannot have any more than 1 taillight on each side.Trailer connectors get wet, causing too many amps to be pulled through the converter.
However, there are some vehicles with all-red tail lights that can also require a converter.
This often happens when a boat trailer is backed into water with the trailer wiring still connected to the vehicle.To solve the problem of connections getting wet, always disconnect the trailer connections before backing into the water. Also, covers can help prevent water from getting into trailer connectors when it rains or when a vehicle is taken through the car wash.Bare wires touch each other or the trailer frame. The coating on trailer wires can wear thin, often at the connection to the trailer's taillight or where the wires pass over the trailer suspension. If wires are hung too loosely, they can get pinched and smashed between the trailer frame and suspension U-bolts.To solve the problem inspect the trailer wires and replace any that are damaged or frayed.

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