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Bonuses The first bonus star will be yours if you can complete the mission without using the injector tool.
Intro: Revive Nicad Batteries by Zapping with a WelderNicad batteries often die in such a way that they won't take a charge and have zero voltage. Step 2: Check Your BatteryCharge your battery up for a few hours or overnight to make sure it's charged.
Step 3: Check Your WelderUse your multimeter to make sure your welder is supplying DC and whether the gun or the clamp is positive and negative.
Intro: Bring Dead Ni-Cad Batteries Back To LifeAre you tired of having your Ni-Cad batteries that refused to charge and simply die?So what do you do with them when they die?
Step 1: So, Why do Ni-Cad batteries die?Why do Ni-Cad batteries die?They don't exactly 'die', it is the sulfur crystals that is causing the problem. Step 4: Remove and add switchAfter the camera's circuit is removed from the frame, we need to remove the surface-mounded charge switch and add an external switch. I recommend using capacitors as they give a powerful pulse discharge.Other power source like car batteries and welders are not a good option. I hope this helps.I took your advice and used a car battery charger - it worked a treat!You mean short out the battery 15 times with a car battery?Yes. Phil GalatiI didn't know you could fly an entire plain, I thought the same thing!Thanks for your nice comment! Put the pos from the car bat to the rechargeable battery pos, (using jumper cables) then strike the neg 15 times.

You can use car batteries or welder, just be careful what you are doing.The capacitor type you should use is somewhere about 100,000uF 60v.
So in this case to avoid paying a chunk of change for a big capacitor, I use disposable flash camera's capacitor instead for this project.
Charged-up capacitors are popular for this because you can get a very fast pulse out of them and still limit the power. Performance wise the NiMh outperform NiCd in the capacity category and last considerably longer. NiCd on the other hand seem to be able to provide a bit more initial torque than NiMh but I have not been able to reliably substantiate this claim.
These are needles of cadmium that grow from the negative electrode, puncture the separator, and touch the positive electrode, thus creating a short. What this procedure does is to force a high current through the dendrite (needle of cadmium) and melt it so as to remove the short.
Further, just for academic information, there are two kinds of shorts: a soft short and a regular short. A soft short is one where the dendrite does not make very good contact with the positive electrode. A cell with a soft short will be able to get charged, but will get self-discharged when it is kept idle. A cell with a regular short will not be able to get charged since it will shunt the charging current through the short and will deprive the electrodes of this current for getting charged. You can also check the effectiveness of this procedure by observing the self-discharge of the battery.

If the battery is able to hold most of the charge for a reasonable period (a few days or a week) then the procedure is effective and you would have incurred substantial savings! Dry-out happens when the cells have been continuously over-charged and have lost the moisture from the electrolyte, making it non-conductive. This can happen due to many reasons such as a bad seal in the cell, bad cells in the battery leading to over-charge, extended over-charge due to long time charging on a manual charger or due to a defective automatic charger. As a battery technologist, I thought that I could provide more insight into how and why this procedure works, its effectiveness and its limitations.Hi Zubain, Do you think we can do this instructable with laptop batteries?
Also (probably more difficult) Do you think we could do this with internal batteries, like iPhone batteries? Thank you so much.I have bought too many cordless tools because they are cheaper than new power packs. I don't want to do all this zapping and then discover one cell is entirely dead and have to remove it and start over.
Using this method, would zapping the battery pack have any worthwhile effect as opposed to, say, a battery charger or welder? Back in 1992 when i first recived my ham radio ticket My instructor told my class that you can strike a rechargeable battery with a car battery charger 15 times and it would bring most of them back to life.

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