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The last few years have been very kind to electric cars, mostly thanks to the ice-breaking carried out by the Toyota Prius hybrid, and then the runaway success of Tesla’s Model S.
The real driving range of an electric carA battery, whether it’s a lithium-ion battery in your smartphone or an alkali AA battery in your TV remote control, has a maximum amount of energy that it can hold.
In addition to these graphs, Tesla has also released a detailed range tool that lets prospective buyers find out the real range that they’ll get while driving a Model S. IMO they should have gone with two independent rear motors with an electronic differential.
But i can drive 3 days on a charge if i want to work 140km a day, so 420km on a charge is not that bad. So, in the US where everyone drives 80… You have to drive 45 and get rear-ended to get your max distance?
I’m sure there will be some vehicle grade wireless charging technology that can sort that problem out.
Unless you are driving a 40+ mpg ICE based vehicle, EVs still offer environmental benefits in dirty power states too.
Yea, except that gasoline pumps less CO2 into the air per driven mile than coal-provided EV power. Mercedes has recently performed a lifecycle study thay shows EVs do indeed use as much as 60 pct more power than the equivalent car during their manufacture.
I don’t see the risk of running out of juice on a work commute when you can charge at home every day, same as a mobile phone.
If the average commute is 25 minutes 1-way according to census, most of that would be faster by highway if that is an option.
There really should be legislation across the world for towing people who park in EV charging spots. That just means you get your best mileage driving in town, where your top speed will likely be 45 or under.
Also, if you were in a regular gas car, that would still mean that you had to go to the gas station every day, since two days of 269 miles of driving would be 538 miles. Every morning you drive off with a full battery (that charge costs you 20% of what you would pay at a gas pump for the same range). Electric cars are not for everyone (and may not save a great deal or any money) but those that buy them are leaving more gasoline available for those that don’t.
But some people disagree with you and can live with 100~450 km of pure electric range, and prefer to not have any dirty internal combustion engine taking space and maintenance in their cars. I’m no fan of people who hang out in the fast lane going 45, but aggressive driving can be very dangerous.
I always drive 45 MPH on the freeway because the right lane is for trucks and I don’t want to enter their blind spot. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. These days, awesome ebike battery packs constructed of quality 18650 cells are available to average bike builders thanks to advances in 18650 DIY pack building methods and vendors such as Luna Cycle who have begun offering quality affordable packs to kit buyers for the first time. The ebike above is the Juiced Rider which is one of my favorite commercial electric bikes, because it really does have a huge battery pack. Karl Gesslein of Electricbike-blog wrote this amazing buying guide on how to buy your first ebike kit or bike and not get ripped off or misled.
The next few years, with the imminent arrival of new models from Tesla and innovative new models and ranges from heavy-hitters like BMW, will undoubtedly cement the EV as the Next Big Thing in automotive tech.
In the case of your smartphone, that figure is probably around 10 watt-hours (Wh) — in the case of a Tesla Model S, it could be up to 85 kilowatt-hours (kWh).

Also, I recently read an article about roads with integrated solar panels that can produce electricity for stationary vehicles… There are unlimited possibilities for solving that problem, someone just needs to invent the technology (if not already) and make it afordable for consumers to buy.
With what we know about all things wireless as it is, how feasible do you think wirelessly charging your vehicle (and only your vehicle), from say 300 feet from your home with limited or zero line of sight, will be.
HighHorse, being able to take advantage of a renewable(ish) energy mix that you had nothing to do with building.
Something like $1000, immediate towing, and $500 of the $1000 should go to the Tesla owner who reported the pr1ck. The BMW i3 is a good car as an everyday EV and can (for example) be had with a tiny generator in case you find need for such a thing.
Hydrogen, or some other form of high energy density on-board power will be the real future of auto. Lithium-Air batteries have extremely high energy density and should weigh less than existing Lithium-Ion cells since they do not require as many components. To find out, measure the distance from your home or apartment to the nearest grocery store.
This is approximately half that of a modern battery, but is comparable to the first Lithium-ion cells produced. The battery pack is probably the most expensive component of your ebike, so its best you understand what you are paying for before making a big battery or ebike purchase.But if you are a newbie, selecting a battery for your new ebike build can be an overwhelming endeavor with all these weird numbers to consider.
Use testing equipment to verify you got the battery you paid for.But its not just about Math and raw numbers. There are so many traps out there for the new ebike buyer, this article points out many of them and is a must read for a first time ebike or kit buyer.
You may not want to get locked into a dealer if you think you might find another option, like building. Despite their surge in popularity, however, one question has never really been answered properly: What exactly is the range of an electric vehicle? The latter being technologically limited obviously, the reason being not everyone will have the means for at home charging. Never mind the amount of grid power needed to effectively charge a vehicle wirelessly at range.
Decreased efficiency on overcast days, or living in a seemingly consistently overcast region will really get in the way.
Some of us who live where coal power is prevalent are actually doing the environment a favor by driving combustion engines. Oh, and the larger carbon footprint involved in the manufacture of an EV and the lower lifespan in mileage. If the packs are not used in another setting then they are recycled back into raw materials. NASA also recently revealed they are seeing an unexpectedly higher 10x reduction in GHGs by moving some of their fleet to EVs. So in your case you could either take ten minutes to stop at a gas station every single day, or take ten seconds to plug in every single day. That way when you get low you can turn it on, so your battery drains slower, or starts to recharge when you are stopped. Especially in towns where every one drives about 15 mph under the limit and block anyone who try to pass. Even if batteries make exponential improvements over the next 2-3 years, the weight and costs are just ridiculous and there are better options. If you don’t roll the windows down, face into any wind, keep the stereo off and avoid using the headlights we can even get home on the same charge!

Today ebike builders learn from the technology Tesla is pioneering to make safe and large pack.The Amp-hour rating is how much energy capacity is in your pack. If you have a bike, add a motor, and add a battery, the bike is now an ebike and you own an ebike. Is it really 350 miles as Tesla claims, or is that some kind of miraculous edge-case that can only be obtained if you’re coasting down hill with the windows closed on a sunny day?Thanks to some detailed figures from Tesla, we may finally have an answer. For now they are very much luxury items, so someone purchasing one is likely to own a home with a garage.
A municipally supplied solution could work, but only if there was a wireless standard, and EVs themselves had become standard. Consider Volts, Amps, Amp hours (Ah), and finally Watt hours (Wh) when picking your battery.
Quality power-dense cells like the Panasonic NCR-B or high amperage cells like the Samsung 25R have the bleeding edge chemistry and can be twice as expensive as other Samsung or Panasonic cells. Likewise, the increased drag from opening your windows can hit your battery life (or fuel tank) for a few percentage points as well.
As they eventually become more affordable however there is limited incentive for those in the lower income brackets. I will choose plug in over this like Volvo’s new SUV for 110k price range if I am in the market right now. For example the pack above is for a Tesla and is made up from cells from the the same Panasonic company that Luna Cycles uses. Chinese cells are super cheap, but ineffective because they haven't figured out yet how to make decent chemistry. With some simple math you can keep yourself from being ripped off when making a purchase from some slick snake-oil selling ebike vendor. To do a comparison of ranges of two different packs, they must be the same voltage, in which case all you would need is the Amp-hour rating to compare the difference. By using some simple math, you will have an accurate idea of the expected range and power expectancy of any pack.Volume and WeightThe first one is easy one to quantify because we all have been taught volume and weight since grade school. Most ebike packs do not get too far over a kilowatt because now, just the pack is going to weigh over 20 pounds and you start leaving bicycle range. Once you know how to calculate watt hours you can fairly well know what you are paying for in a battery pack. You can't burn out your controller with a high amperage battery because your low amp controller will just suck whatever amps out of it that it needs. But if you want maximum speed and power that your set-up is capable of, you want a battery that is rated for at least as high amps as your controller is rated for.
If you want to be future proof get an even higher amp-capable battery pack than what your controller is rated for, in case you upgrade the controller, or some day build (or buy) a more powerful ebike.Tools for Measuring the above numbersThere are several great measuring devices to keep everyone honest when it comes to getting the amp hours you paid for etc.
The $30 Watt Meter is a very inexpensive way to measure amp hours in a pack and so is the $135 Cycle Analyst. These devices measure the energy as its depleting from the pack and act like a very accurate fuel guage which tells you exactly when your bike will run out of juice and then you can easily calculate how efficient you and your bike are.

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