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Please be advised that the water provided to Medina City has been interrupted by Avon Lake Municipal Utilities. Probably bodies blocking the intake. I doubt if its really frozen with all the alcohol I pee in it. I wasn't aware that oil, diesel, alcohol, battery acid, and other assorted chemicals could freeze. Originally Posted By BuickDan: I wasn't aware that oil, diesel, alcohol, battery acid, and other assorted chemicals could freeze. No lawn watering or car washing except on the second Tuesday of each week that is odd numbered if you have an address.. That little thing under your hood – or big if you have something better than a Honda eco car – is not something that you can say “Well its metal, it cant be hurt by the cold”.
In addition to making sure your oil and your anti-freeze stays liquid, rather than becoming a solid problem, you might want to take a look at the other fluids that are running through your vehicle in winter.
Finally, there is one more aspect of the engine that can be severely undermined by the cold. You might think this poor truck just got entombed in a glacier, but the 15,000 pound truck is actually an ice sculpture created by Iceculture for a Canadian Tire commercial. Another big challenge included modifying the ice truck to be roadworthy with all the added weight whilst making sure it did not just melt after rolling off the lot. After the video shoot, the final truck was disassembled at Iceculture’s studios in Hensall, Ontario.
I do not have the option of getting them into a warm garage, nor am I skilled enough to remove the battery or any of the other solutions I have read online.
I personally witnessed the failure condition of this suggestion when a flap of the tarp came into contact with a high-wattage floodlight being used in place of the space heater. Jump starting hybrids may be a whole different ballgame, just had this discussion with my neighbor whose Prius won't start in balmy 40 degree Savannah.
Short-term solution: Assuming no one is willing to give you a jump, call AAA and ask for a jumpstart. Long-term solution: When I was working from home and didn't drive my car very often, my (new) battery died on a semi-regular basis. What that boils down to is that unless it's like -20°F or colder where you are, your cars should be starting. Oh, and just for the sake of completeness, make sure that you didn't inadvertently leave anything on in the cars which may have drained the batteries (even partially). It's also just possible (though very unlikely, especially with two new cars) that your alternators are bad or there's a bad electrical connection between the battery and the starter motor.
Final thought: if you have a lot of corrosion at your battery terminals, it may be enough to just clean them. If you don't live in a house with external power, or in a frozen wasteland where block heaters are so ubiquitous that every parking space has its own outlet (Edmonton's like that), you might have trouble finding somewhere to plug in a block heater.

I was going to say that you should plug in your car (which keeps the block heater going) if it's below -30C, but you're only at around -20C, so I'm going to with a bad battery. Ask MetaFilter is a question and answer site that covers nearly any question on earth, where members help each other solve problems. Teschner network home improvement hub, You may not know where to start when looking for home improvement tips. Artisteer - web design software joomla template maker, Artisteer - automated web designer. Cold water bathroom faucet , It degrees woke restroom noticed cold water bathroom faucuet..
Lets fixit - diy network, guide & household tips tricks, Browse ultimate source diy household tips tricks pictures ’ fix . The city was notified at 11:45 pm last evening that the water intakes in Lake Erie were frozen over and Avon Lake Municipal Utilities staff were working throughout the night to open them. The Canadian ice-sculpting house shaved this frosty facade on top of a 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD frame adding about 11,000 pounds of ice.
In the lone star state Bronson Automotive stripped the cab and body before lowering the engine bay’s height and width. To this end, the teams added additional fans to blow the engine heat away from the frozen body.
After arriving, the team reassembled the vehicle for a mile long drive as an attempt to set a new category in the Guinness World Records. The cold cranking amps (CCA) rating for the battery – the number of amps it can provide at 0°F when new – should be listed on the battery's label, and the number of amps required to start the car should be in the owner's manual. Since they're not (and since weather reports say it's actually +25°F in Connecticut) I think there's probably something wrong with the batteries and you should take wotsac's advice and call your dealer about it. If you mistakenly set the interior light to stay on all the time or something like that, or if you have something plugged into the cigarette outlet like, I dunno, a laptop or a flashlight or hell let's say even a cell phone it might have drained the battery some overnight. Given that we're talking about two identical nearly-new cars something like this would only be likely to happen if there was a manufacturing defect of some kind.
At 7:30 am the water storage tanks in the city were becoming quite low and water is still not being produced by Avon Lake. Even more impressive, this truck is completely roadworthy, and you won’t have to worry about the windshield frosting over because it’s already frozen.
The truck was then shipped over to Ontario, Canada to receive its custom made steel frame from Pick Me Productions, which supports the ice chassis. The entire exercise was done as part of a promotional stunt to show Canadian Tire’s MotoMaster Eliminator Ultra batteries work even in the extreme cold.
Following the short jaunt, the truck was left to melt over the course of 40 hours, which again, was all caught on video. If it's only a little bit below zero fahrenheit, and you're using the stock battery and haven't abused it by running it dead and leaving it that way, then the battery ought to be providing pretty close to its CCA rating.

The cars are under warranty, and the batteries probably are too – they should replace your batteries at no charge, ideally with a different model. After you've driven for a while and the cars have warmed up, the batteries should work until they cool down again.
What you could do is put an old electric blanket over the engine bay and wrap it around the battery as best you can, or you could remove the battery from the car and bring it indoors for a couple of hours to warm up to room temperature, or you could pour some hot – not boiling! Maybe not enough to cause problems in normal weather, but maybe enough to prevent the battery from providing its full CCA under unusually-cold conditions. If you get your batteries replaced and you continue to see problems like this in the future, take the cars back to the dealer and ask to have them checked for this sort of thing. Basically you just disconnect the battery (this may put your radio into anti-theft mode, so you may have to enter a code or something which should have been given to you when you bought the car) and get in there with a small wire brush or old toothbrush and some baking soda paste, cleaning both the battery terminals and the connectors. I got a new battery and this winter I've forgotten to plug in a few times was able to start my ancient Tercel even at -27C (ambient, I don't even want to think what the windchill temp was that morning). Finally Iceculture built three full-scale ice truck shells using a CNC machine to cut the ice pieces and water to weld the slabs together. The ice truck was also featured in a commercial that will air during the frozen outdoor NHL Hockey Classic on New Year’s Day.
Also, keep in mind once your car is jumped you're going to need to drive it around for a bit to keep it charged. Honda should have specced a battery for the car that is capable of starting it in all but the most extreme cold, and if the battery is only a year old it should still be providing close to its rated performance (again, unless it has been abused). Maybe this battery was even from a bad batch; perhaps they've even been recalled for exactly this problem.
If you're worried about this happening again you can buy a portable jumpstarter kit like what katemcd mentioned, and keep it indoors where it's warm.
You then rinse everything off with some water, dry it with a rag, and reconnect the battery. The city will send out another press release lifting the ban upon tanks being adequately replenished. Typically they recommend 15 minutes, but I always did 30 but my car was entirely dead (no lights or anything).
Industry has been requested to curtail operations requiring water use to preserve water supplies for human consumption and to hold a reserve of water for possible fire defense.

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