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Can anyone tell me the correct reading (or range) that I should get on my voltometer for a battery after charging for 24 hours. Advance Auto will test for free and the test printout has a $5.00 coupon towards a new battery if you buy from them. Bowtie is correct, right off the battery charger, the battery will have a "surface charge" from the charger voltage being higher than the battery fully charged voltage.
On the state of charge graph below, a 12.2 volt reading (intersection of red lines) results in only a 40% charged battery. The orange and blue lines represent the voltage of a 100% fully charged battery measured ON THE CHARGER. On a trickle charger, the 100% charged voltage would be (follow the orange line to the left) 13.5 volts.
Parenthetically, my voltmeter is malfunctioning,(Greenlee multi-range + temp, etc.), specifically the 0-20VDC range. Also, now that I know you're back at the "Help Desk": My frustration all started after plowing our village sidewalks for 2 hours and then the tractor just quit.

You will need to think of your electrical circuit as a loop from your positive battery post to your negative post. If your trouble started when you turned on the lights, I would suggest dis-connecting the lights. This jeep has had loose wires and vacuum hoses for a while because my father and a few shade tree mechanics took off the emission control stuff about 20 years ago.
I know there are lots of posts on this issue and I have read through many of them to get a good idea of what my problem is. COIL I tested the spark from the coil by pulling the coil wire from the distributer and checked for spark by leaving a gap between wire and ground and MO SPARK. Coil wires connector The wire connector that is plastic and clips to the top of the two coil posts was the original one and was actually broken. Connector wires for distributer I found that two of the three wire on the distributer side of the connector where breaking off at the connector.
One thing I see right away is the 'Ground' wire for the module goes through the distributor housing.

As for the ground (black) wire from the distributer is actually still conected through the connector.
If you drain the battery slightly by putting a small load to it, such as turning the headlights of the tractor on for a few minutes, the false "surface charge" is removed and the true voltage of the battery is seen. After charging a battery to about 12.3VDC (had to use the 20-200VDC range to get this reading), that battery also would no start it. If your just at idle, or just above, it will not be enough power generated to charge the battery with the lights on.
If this is your c160 that you have in your signature, It should have a 15 amp charging system.

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