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Capable not just on starting your car but can also charge your smartphones, cameras, GPS units or tablets and any portable gaming systems.
Portable compact design: Are you busy enough to mind more about big bags or arranging your car’s compartment to fit in another important device? Flashlight’s 3 illumination mode:  Ultra-bright LED flashlight when in the dark, strobe light when needing an attention, and SOS signal light that lasts 120 hours so no more worries with nighttime emergencies. Safety: this will never fail to do that with its over-current, short circuit, overload, over-voltage, and over-charge protection. If your ride would not start, the first thing that will come into our flexes is to call a tow truck service. This entry was posted in Automative Battery & Power Source, Cell Phone External Battery Pack and tagged Jump Starter, Power Bank, Powerall by Pete. Always wear safety glasses when jump starting a battery (to protect your eyes), and gloves when handling a battery (to protect your hands).
According to PREVENT BLINDNESS AMERICA, in 2003 nearly 6,000 motorists suffered serious eye injuries from working around car batteries. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for testing, jumping, installing, discharging, charging, equalizing and maintaining batteries. New car batteries come pre-filled with acid, so it is not necessary to add acid to the battery. The electrolyte inside a wet cell car battery contains corrosive sulfuric acid that can spill if the case is cracked or the battery is upset. CAUTION: DO NOT lean directly over the battery while making jumper connections (in case of explosion).
If the vehicle runs okay and the battery charges up, you should clean and tighten both battery cables after shutting the engine off. WARNING: NEVER disconnect a battery when the ignition is ON, or while the engine is idling or running. Disconnecting the battery may also cause other system modules to forget their learned or programmed settings. If you are uncertain that disconnecting the battery on your car may cause problems, attach a backup battery, battery charger or Memory Saver" device to the battery cables or the 12 volt power outlet or cigarette lighter BEFORE you disconnect the main battery.
Finally, when installing a new battery, make sure the battery is fully charged before the vehicle is driven. Battery - An electrical reservoir used to store electrical energy until it is needed by the vehicle's starting system to crank the engine. We've just changed our previous MH to a 'new to us' Swift Kontiki and all in all v.pleased with it.
With reference to Steve's table of voltage against % charge, I wonder if your battery was fully charged at the start.
Using LED lighting, TV, and a PVR, (both on 240v transformers for 3-4 hours) pump for 2 showers and washing up, (in summer) the battery drops to around 70-75% observed before going to sleep, but is usually almost back up to 100% by 9am, we can stay put for as long as the water & waste tanks last. Spring autumn and winter obviously less long due to greater use of heating, lights, and the cooling effect on the batteries.

So you should at least use the higher of your two voltages, which would possibly have risen a bit higher. Have come to the conclusion that the battery is ok so no need to get on to the dealer about it. Looks like a solar panel was fitted previously, all wiring is in place so will post later on advice for possible purchase in the future. To check your battery's state of charge, connect the RED or POSITIVE voltmeter test lead to your battery POSITIVE terminal. The photo at the top of this page shows a battery voltage reading of 12.29 volts, which means the battery being tested is low with only about half a charge.
If your battery voltage is less than 12.45 volts (75 percent charged), it is low and should be recharged. Automotive lead-acid batteries should be maintained at a 75 percent charge level or higher for best performance and life. A good battery is essential for reliable starting, especially during cold weather because cold weather increases the cranking load on the battery. Warning: Do NOT attempt to recharge your battery if it has run down and the liquid inside is frozen.
A GOOD battery is one that will accept and hold a charge, and is capable of producing close to its rated amperage output.
Most car batteries only last about 4 to 5 years, so if your battery is 4 or more years older and is not holding a charge (keeps running down), or it does not seem to crank your engine a normal speed, you probably need a new battery. A low or dead battery does not mean your battery has failed, or that it needs to be replaced.
CAUTION: Conventional wet cell car batteries are filled with a mixture of water and sulfuric acid. The other (and must faster) method for testing your battery is to use an electronic "conductance" tester like the one shown here.
Some electronic battery testers can also analyze the battery's CCA capacity, which can be used to estimate the battery's remaining service life. Diagnostic Tip: You also can use a digital voltmeter to check for voltage drop across all circuit connections, too. Whether your battery tests GOOD or BAD, make sure the battery is fully recharged before returning it to service.
Diagnostic Tip: If the alternator on your car has failed, it might mean your battery is not building up normal resistance as it accepts a charge. A replacement battery must have the same post configuration as the original (top post or side post), and fit the battery tray. Next, you have to figure out how many CCAs the vehicle needs for reliable cold weather starting.
Another number that is important is the months of prorated warranty coverage provided by the battery manufacturer. This portable battery jumper is completely equipped with 3 different products: its battery charger, a LED flash light and a car jump starter itself combined together to a design that you can bring anywhere, anytime even inside your bag so you will spend less time worrying about your toughest starting tasks.

You can now stop that hobby, you just need to charge it fully and get it in your bag or your car and you are good to go.
This 3 illuminating light is especially designed to adjust in different situations and darkness. This only weighs 1 pound but can do almost everything you want it to do from charging your devices to jump starting of your car. This includes modules that control the air conditioner, sunroof, power windows, power seats, radio, even some anti-theft or keyless entry systems. There is the ignition system, the charging system, and some that you do not ever think about.
A simple spark, when delivered at precisely the right moment, can mean the difference between a smooth running and powerful engine that operates cleanly and an engine that runs rough, lacks power and produces unnecessary emissions.
We are using a 12v 600w Nikkai inverter to run our 230v 60w television, but it won't go for long before the inverter trips out [low battery alert (11.5v I think)] I'm guessing the inverter is drawing about 100w on the 12v (in) side, so assuming the inverter is not faulty it would suggest I need to double up on leisure battery capacity when wild camping.
When using the battery voltage as an indicator of state of charge, the battery should have been at rest (niether charging or discharging) for some time time - I would give it two or three hours. Some testers can also measure the amps drawn by the starter while cranking the engine, and analyze charging system output under load once the engine is running. This, in turn, makes the alternator keep charging the battery at a higher than normal rate.
As a rule, the higher the warranty months on the battery, the higher the battery CCA rating and the better the battery. Though all automotive batteries today are still based on lead-acid chemistry, redesigned grids, thinner plates and new connectors allow more amps to be packaged into smaller cases. It measures low current draw for 20 hours while maintaining a minimum post voltage of 10.5 Volts at 70 degrees F. Also, check the negative battery cable ground connection and the integrity of any engine ground straps.
Isolate the battery from the circuits and measure the voltage at the battery terminals 30 mins after the end of charging.
So consider upgrading from a basic 36-month replacement battery to a premium 72-month battery.
AGM technology also makes batteries more resistant to vibration damage and helps extend battery service life. You can choose to have a more convenient and cheaper way of having a portable tow service-that is owning a portable car battery charger. The difference is you don’t have to call anyone else and you got the help you need in the cheapest cost.

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