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One of the most important parts of any car is the battery and by knowing the correct car battery voltage, you can easily check that it is charged and in good condition. These voltages are readings that are for standard lead-acid batteries and low maintenance batteries that are inexpensive and common in older vehicles. These voltages apply to the more expensive and modern maintenance free, glass mat and gel batteries. It is important to know the normal car battery voltage so that you can do, a simple car battery voltage test and be able to see if your battery has a charging problem. There are a range of devices that you can use if you want to test your car battery voltage or state of charge.
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If you’ve been having problems getting your car started or it has been starting slowly your battery may be getting weak. To determine if your alternator or charging system is causing the problem measure the voltage across the battery terminals when the car is running. Certain specifications, prices and equipment data have been provided under license from Chrome Data Solutions ("Chrome Data"). Dieser Artikel wird A?ber das Programm zum weltweiten Versand verschickt und mit einer internationalen Sendungsnummer versehen. Internationale Versandkosten und Einfuhrabgaben werden teilweise gezahlt an Pitney Bowes Inc. Hinweis: Bestimmte Zahlungsmethoden werden in der Kaufabwicklung nur bei hinreichender BonitA¤t des KA¤ufers angeboten. Wenn das aktuelle Gebot 20 US-Dollar betrA¤gt und Sie 30 US-Dollar geboten haben, dann bieten wir fA?r Sie 21 US-Dollar.
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Ihr Gebot wurde nicht akzeptiert, da es genauso hoch wie das Gebot eines anderen Nutzers ist. Show transcribed image text How much current could the good battery alone drive through the starter motor? Q: car battery dies not so much because its voltage drops but because chemical reactions increase its internal resistance. It can confuse many people, as they believe that a normal car battery would be charged when it is at 12 volts and empty when it is at 0 volts. These are found on most modern vehicles and are available as replacements for older models. One point to consider is that temperature can have a dramatic effect on voltage with cooler temperature dropping voltage and the figures shown above are applicable to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have a multi-meter then it is quick and simple to attach the leads to the positive and negative terminals of the battery. These allow you to test the battery under load and give more information about the health of the battery.
It was the most common way to test batteries before electronic test equipment became common outside of garages. Knowing how to test a car battery could prevent you from wasting money on a new battery when you don’t need one. Most shops use a specialized battery tester that can put a large load on the battery, however these are not necessary (though they are convenient). The voltage should rise higher than it was before the engine was started, normally somewhere over 13.5V. Kontaktieren Sie den VerkA¤ufer- wird in einem neuen Fenster oder Tab geA¶ffnet und fragen Sie den Versand an Ihren Standort an.
Wenn Sie auf Gebot bestA¤tigen klicken und HA¶chstbietender sind, gehen Sie einen rechtsverbindlichen Vertrag mit dem VerkA¤ufer ein. A good battery connected with jumper cables can both start the engine and recharge the dead battery.
This is not true and in fact, there is a very small range around 12 volts where the car battery voltage moves from fully charged to fully discharged.

There are many factors that will affect the life of your battery, so the only real way to see if the battery is good still is to test it. Your battery should be at or very close to the fully charged voltages that we have listed for common battery types. This is done by putting the battery under stress and then measuring how much the voltage drops during the process.
The device is only useable in batteries that are not sealed and allow you to access the acid solution inside the battery. It’s also a good idea to test car battery at the start of winter to help make sure that your battery is up to the task of starting your car on a cold morning. A quick and easy test is to turn the headlights on for 5 minutes or so and then read the voltage across the battery terminals, which should remain above 12V. If there is a reading below the normal car battery voltage level then the battery or charging system may need to be checked.
This test should be done yearly before the cooler winter months that will put the most strain on the battery. The tester looks like a giant eyedropper and you simply suck in enough liquid to raise the measuring float. If your battery is completely discharged it’s best to use a battery charger to top it up as alternators are not meant for this task and do a poor job.
With a helper giving the car some gas to get the revs up to normal cruising speed the voltage should stay above 13.5V. Helena, Ruanda, Liberia, Seychellen, Bolivien, Gibraltar, Sri Lanka, Libyen, Hongkong, Nigeria, Lesotho, Zentralafrikanische Republik, Gabun, Simbabwe, St. For the circuit shown: How much current could the good battery alone drive through the starter motor? The battery should read more than 10V when cranking, and shouldn’t drop to below 9V even after 10-15 seconds of cranking on a cold day.

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