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Some of the most common but self repaired problems that doesn’t require a professional help are weak battery charge, over-heated radiator, dirty spark plugs, etc.
If you have left the lights, radio or other electrical equipment on after you parked the car, there is a chance that the battery is dead.
AutosRegardless of what type of starter you have, it will have to come out for further inspection. If the car doesn’t start on rainy days, it is because of moisture inside the distributor cap.

If the problem still exists, you may need to get prepared yourself to purchase a new car battery. You may also need the basic repair tools such as screwdrivers, box-end wrenches, open-end wrenches, ratchet wrench and sockets, oil filter remover tool, c-clamps, pinch bar, lug wrench etc. If the car fails to start even if the battery is fully charged, it could be due to the dirty spark plugs.
The dirty spark plugs could not discharge sufficient electrical sparks thus triggers combustion.

To be on a safer side, having the contact details of Volvo Service Ventura Ca handy could save you if your car stops in the middle of nowhere.

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