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IC LM 324 consists of4 op amps in one package , so power supply is common and is shown once (pin 4 and 11). To setup , connect  the circuit to battery  ,adjust R6 so that required voltages are available at the inverting pins( refer description to get the required voltages). For your Car Battery Voltmeter Circuit, would you be able to tell me what resistor values I would need to monitor a 6 V supply? I need to build a stop watch display on a lcd or 7 seg to add to my efx-tex prop-xs micro controller!!!this looks like this mite be what I need!!!
The circuit given here is a current limited lead acid battery charger built around the famous variable voltage regulator IC LM 317.
To setup the charging voltage, power ON  the charger and hook up a voltmeter across the output terminals and adjust R4 to make the voltmeter read 28V. I Have 36 volt 10 AH lithium battery, can I modif 24V lead acid battery charger circuit, to charger my 36 volt lithium battery? Hello engr,in this your design.can i use it to charge two 12V,26AH lead acid battery connected in series?.if no,what is the implication? Two 12 volts batteries of similar type and conditions can be charged up to a maximum of 7 AH only. Hi joe Two 12 volts batteries of similar type and conditions can be charged up to a maximum of 7 AH only. Hello engr,in this your design.can i use it to charge two 12V,26AH lead acid battery connected in series.if no,what will be the implication?
Hello would you be kind enough to publish a 48v 5 to 10 amp lead acid battery charger circuit ? This charger can be used for single 24 volt 7 AH battery or 2nos 12 volts 7AH batteries in series.
Hi Tran you can charge 24volt 1.3AH battery (hope dry means dry fit lead acid gel cell) also.
Thank you very much for the charger circuit, i would like to use this circuit for charging two lead acid (12v 150A X 2)battery, for inverter.
Sorry, I can’t quite follow how the resistor R2 provides 700mA, can you explain how the calculation is done please?
I am looking to make an in-car charging system for an electric mobility scooter – it uses a 24v 10Ah battery. 1) can I substitute a 12v step-up DC-DC converter for the transformer and bridge rectifier section of your circuit to give me the DC input to the regulator, and what output voltage would the converter be required to supply?

2) what if any of the components of the regulated charger section would need to be changed to provide the correct output current and voltage? I’m a big fan of your circuits,and I would like to ask about the possibility of modifying this circuit so we can control charging current (like a pot. Hi Gangadhar you can but ensure the output voltage is adjusted to 14.2 volts without load with pot R4. If you add a Battery Charger to maintain the Battery, it may help to Eliminate this possibility.
And the IDEAL Solution is to actually have the Desulfator, Powered by a SEPERATE POWER SOURCE. But if the Battery won't hold a charge of 11 Volts or More, Chances are it is NOT GOOD at all. And the battery Should have a Reasonable Charge on it for Both the Desulfator & Tester to work. Starting with the Old One and Setting the Drive Trimmer pot to 50% and the Sensitivity Trimmer so it reads 0 dB. NOTE: The Range of Adjustment for the Sensitivity Control was "Arbitrary", determined by me.
I Definately Advise you to Put a 1 or 2 Amp, InLine Fuse between the Battery and this Circuit. As per your requirement of 26 AH a power pack capable of maximum current limit of 7 amps (9 amps preferred) is required. Pls I need your urgent assistance in responding to these questions to enable me modify this circuit to do something else.
I tried to insert a second BC547 as suggested (base of 2nd BC547 to base of 1st and emitter to the other emitter and collector to a led and a 2.7K resistor to C1 positive) to indicate full charge with no luck whatsoever!
Pls can u send me the circuit diagram containing the charging indicator(green and red).pls send it to my email. Li-Po battery or Lithium-Polymer battery is a rechargeable battery based on the Lithium-ion technology enclosed in a flexible pouch. The circuit diagram shown here is of a automatic changeover switch using IC LTC4412 from Linear Technologies.
Here is the circuit diagram of a battery eliminator circuit that can be used as a replacement for 9V PP3 batteries.
This is the circuit diagram of a very powerful and efficient Ni-MH battery charger using IC LT4060 from Linear Technologies.

Diode D1 prevents the reverse flow of current from the battery when charger is switched OFF or when mains power is not available. Can be used with TTL and CMOS.I compiled the logic probe types, You can create it yourself is not hard to follow. Logic probe by IC 4050When you learn digital circuit necessary tool for check logic of the digital. May flee don’t pass Logic probe for extremely amateur type our electronics emphasize economize keep before. I has interesting circuit comes to present be Logic probe by IC 4050 by pillar equipment be IC CMOS 4050 or CD4050 or LM4050.
Then use Current very low about 10mA by have potentiometer be formed fine the value threshold give just right with the level logic digital both of 3 the level that use by LED1(Green) be the level high and LED2(Red) Be the level LOW and The LED3(Yellow) be the level High IMR . Mini Logic probe with transistor circuitThis is a Logic probe circuit is one,That is suitable for checking the voltage levels in the TTL circuit. If the input voltage to the late Four home changed to 0 volts (low-level Logistics c), then Q1 is not the current bias is not working.
LED status TTL logic high low circuitThis is a cycle high or low status of the digital logic signal. Since the 5V power supply is ideal for TTL digital And the circuit to clearly display text. If the input is marked High, it makes IC1 return status is Low the Q1 does not work, but will flow from the input through R5, R6 entry. Voice logic probe by transistor BC557The key is that the logic probe circuit, using a light emitting diode, or LED display is a state (high or low) point of the analysis, but on the other hand, it can display the state has the same voice.The circuit is shown, it is the audio source, click the tiny speaker with a repetition rate (fast or slow) Is Low status and low costs, high. Three state logic tester probe using IC-CD4001The work of the Temple three state logic IC-CD4001 circuit be the circuit will use not gate IC in show supervision.
MR OHM 1970 August 16, 2013 So Many Great Digital Logic Probe designs Can Ve Found Here!!!

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