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What symptoms dead cell car battery ehow, If the car stops running completely after you've started it and driven it for a while it's likely a sign that the battery is dead and not holding any of the charge. How 12 volt lead acid battery toast, I have several car and mower batteries (12 volt lead acid) that appear to charge completely but are unreliable often dead. How test alternator disconnecting battery ehow, How to test an alternator by disconnecting the battery.
Automotive battery - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, An automotive battery is a rechargeable battery that supplies electric energy to an automobile.
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An Israeli company says it has developed technology that can charge a mobile phone in a few seconds and an electric car in minutes, advances that could transform two of the world’s most dynamic consumer industries.
Using nano-technology to synthesize artificial molecules, Tel Aviv-based StoreDot says it has developed a battery that can store a much higher charge more quickly, in effect acting like a super-dense sponge to soak up power and retain it. While the prototype is currently far too bulky for a mobile phone, the company believes it will be ready by 2016 to market a slim battery that can absorb and deliver a day’s power for a smartphone in just 30 seconds. The company has raised $48 million from two rounds of funding, including backing from a leading mobile phone maker. He hopes to use the same technology to create a car battery that recharges in two or three minutes, rather than current models which commonly need to be charged overnight. MTN has informed subscribers of significant rate hikes and value reductions across its contract packages.

Dion Wired and Incredible Connection are running birthday sales with big price cuts, Game is offering “Red Hot Buys”, and Makro has its usual weekly tech specials. Journalists are protesting against censorship at the SABC, with many calling for SABC COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng to step down.
Car battery maintenance is a year round requirement, because it is very frustrating to find in a morning that your car suddenly can't start because of the dead car battery. IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: Keep any open flames away from the automotive battery as it produces hydrogen gas that is extremely flammable.
The first car battery test is measuring open circuit car battery voltage to determine state of charge of your lead acid battery - how fully it is currently charged.
With the dedicated auto battery tester you connect terminals to the car battery, press the test button and see the measured car battery voltage. Some sealed maintenance free car batteries have a small built-in hydrometer called Magic Eye with colored readings indicating a good condition (green), a condition when charge is needed and when it is time to replace the battery. When load is applied, it draws approximately the same current the car's starter motor would draw during cranking. Alternative more technologically advanced devices to measure battery capacity are electro-chemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) testers and conductance testers. With the selected car battery tester(s) you may like to regularly keep an eye on your battery. The site .Italian cars have always been on the wish list of every sports car lover, especially the Lamborghini. Nanodots alter the way a battery behaves to allow the rapid absorption and, critically, the retention of power.

StoreDot has the potential to solve this real big problem,” said Zack Weisfeld, who has worked with and evaluated ventures in the mobile phone sector globally. A power cycle round refers to the number of times a battery can be re-charged in its lifetime.
Open circuit voltage is measured 12 hours after stopping your car (to allow surface charge to dissipate and enable a more accurate reading) with the engine not running. With the multimeter you configure it to measure direct voltage up to 20V, connect the red lead to positive battery terminal, black lead to negative and read the measurement from the screen. Capacity load testing is for determining the reserve capacity or amp hour capacity of a battery.
Temporarily disable the ignition in your car (for example, by removing the fuel pump fuse) and turn the engine over with the starter motor for 15 seconds.
In the load test you measure car battery voltage under load similar to what happens when starting the car.
Before performing this test make sure that the state of charge of your battery is greater than 75%. In the test apply a load equal to one half of the cold cranking amperes (CCA) rating of the battery for 15 seconds.

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