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What happens when you dress up a Chevrolet Volt in $80k worth of leather, wood, suede, and carbon-fibre?
The ELR boasts a net output of 181hp and 295lb-ft of torque (the Volt's numbers are 149 and 273, respectively). Speed isn't really the highlight of an electric car review, but rather the range and mileage are. The ELR comes with a driving mode called HOLD, where it puts the battery charge on standby and uses only fuel in the mean time. With a traditional 120V outlet, a full charge can take around 12-18 hours, but with a handy 240V charger the time can be reduced down to a mere 5 hours.
Even though the Volt and the ELR share the same engine and battery, the Volt's range rings up at 61km with electric alone, and 611km combined with the fuel engine.
The exterior may be vastly different from the Volt, but it is the ride and interior quality that distinguishably separates the two. Forgive me for being blunt, but the Cadillac ELR proves to be a Chevrolet Volt that has undergone cosmetic surgery and taken a course in massage therapy.
But with a limited selection of electric vehicles to this day, finding one that is luxurious and comfortable can only be narrowed down to the Cadillac ELR, the Tesla Model S and the BMW i8, the latter of which is in another league. After what felt like an eternal winter, the snow is finally melting and the winter coats are safely stowed away. The 2.5-liter supercharged inline 4-cylinder engine, combined with a 15kW electric motor is good for 250 horsepower, with 243 lb-ft of torque. Lodged in the center console is a four-position driving mode selector that allows you to choose between Snow, Eco, Standard, and Sport modes. Nevertheless, the real question floating around is if the smaller engine and hybrid gizmos save us enough fuel to justify its $11,500 premium over the V-6 variant. The 2014 model wears the same suit as its 2013 counterpart, other than the JX badge morphing into a QX. Inside, the cabin is nicely tailored with soft materials with slight hints of hard plastic here and there.
All the 2014 QX60 Hybrids come standard with a $5000 Premium package (included in the base price) that consists of Infiniti's intelligent all-wheel-drive, leather upholestry, automatic climate control, heated front seats and heated steering wheel, power moonroof, push-button ignition, power tailgate, automatic LED headlights, and a vibrant 8-inch touchscreen with an infotainment system that is lag-free and intuitive even for those who are not too tech saavy. Also included is a 13-speaker Bose sound system that gives Bang & Olufsen a run for their money.
While it feels like Christmas morning with all these standard features, the actual options sheet is rather light.
I was wondering if anyone has a dodge-specific wiring diagram that deals with things like: a purple wire, no yellow, an orange stripe, a red, no white - all departures from the standard wiring diagram.
The Machine: White 1997 3500 DRW, 5sp, 4x4, ExtCab, SLT, KDP'd, Exhaust Brake, Pyrometer, BHAF, Howes additive! Just to be clear, the issue is not with the hardware, just learning what the color codes of the wires mean - black (12V) and blue (elec brakes) are clear, the other colors are non standard and I am hoping to understand what they control.
Make sure your 40 Amp fuse in Fuse#7 in the fuse block under the hood is good, or else you won't have 12V back at the back, nor running lights back there. While it isn't the most powerful engine out there, the throttle response, as with every other electric vehicle, is absolutely instantaneous.
Cadillac says a full electric charge alone will take you 60 kilometres, but when combined with the fuel generator, it will last you up to 545 kilometres depending on the terrain, driving conditions, and temperature (you will have less mileage in the cold). Normally, you would charge the ELR by plugging it into your garage power outlet, but that poses a problem for me. For starters, the ELR looks stunning and much more elegant and futuristic than the vanilla Volt.

That's due to size and proportion - just imagine this ELR with skinny 18-inch wheels, it would look awkward and unproportional. Open the massive doors and introduce yourself to a plethora of different materials that make the ELR's cabin feel lavish and first-class.
This is in part due to the massive 20-inch wheels, but credit is also given to the Bose Active Noise Cancellation system that continuously monitors the engine noise and sends out opposite audio signals via the speakers to counteract unwanted sounds, resulting in a quiet and tranquil cabin. If you're looking for a car that doesn't play mainstream, and doesn't start with a T, and if you can justify the price, the ELR surely won't disappoint. You might even drive past one and not even realize its housing a 2.5L supercharged 4-cylinder engine with a 15kW lithium ion battery. Quite similar numbers to the 3.5-liter naturally aspirated V-6 QX60 that delivers 260 horsepower and 248 lb-ft torque.
The seats are snug and the heated 4-spoke leather steering wheel does the trick, though I still prefer the 3-spoke found in the Q50. The second row has a sliding lever that makes it incredibly effortless to hop in and out the third row, no acrobatic moves required. Analogous to the Q50, the speakers are strategically placed all around the cabin to deliver one of the best surround sound atmospheres we've had the chance to experience, bar none. The only option that you can choose from is the $9000 Theatre, Deluxe Touring, and Technology Package, and it's a big one. A myriad of standard features, a vast field of storage space and enough seats to haul a soccer team. The not-so-good news is that the colors of the wires do not correspond with the standard wiring diagram I found on the internet. My service truck blew an inside tire and took out that harness in the same place yours is spliced and I got the back half of the harness for like twenty bucks. And thankfully, the expensive make-over didn't turn it into an chrome-blinged abomination, it's rather pretty and is the closest thing we've got to a new CTS Coupe. The four-cylinder engine acts more of a generator to power the battery rather than the wheels, meaning it is always running on electricity, just with a friendly push from the 91 octane when the electron juice has bled dry. Funny thing is, when I put my foot flat on the throttle, I get a bit confused - the ELR launches forward, my head gets pushed back on the headrest, the windows and trees start blurring, but not a tick of engine noise. The measly range of 60 kilometres doesn't outlast a Tesla or a BMW i3, but was enough to last through my daily commute from Markham to downtown Toronto and back.
I live in a low-rise condominium and there are unfortunately no power outlets in the vicinity of my underground parking spot. This is one of the rare examples where a car stays true to its concept, and looks nearly identical to the Converj that was debuted back in 2009.
A keen eye would also notice the rear lacks any visible exhaust pipes - they are actually stowed away under the lower left side of the car. There is such a large variety of textures and shades that all of a sudden, the price-tag of $80k starts to seem less atrocious. With that money you can buy a BMW M4 if you have changed your mind about electric cars (aka, for those who live in condos).
At last, spring is here and I can confidently tell you that because my eyes are starting to itch, cue the Reactine. You won't feel a difference either as the supercharger makes the QX60 Hybrid feel like a V-6 rather than a 4-cylinder.
Sport mode in a hybrid never made too much sense to me, but the longer gears and quicker throttle response admittedly help in highway takeovers. Each row also has copious amounts of legroom and headroom, enough for a 6-footer to sit comfortably for hours at a time.

Note the lack of BOSE logos and the pocket-size speaker on the front dashboard that seems a bit out of place. Dual 7-inch DVD monitors mounted on the headrests to entertain the kids, 20-inch wheels, heated rear seats, heated and cooled front seats, a fixed moonroofs for the second and third row, and a warehouse of safety technology. It houses a cinema-quality sound system and delivers a supple ride that makes the commute feel like a journey rather than a chore. That defeats the purpose of having an electric car to begin with, especially with nowhere to plug it in. The design embodies the styling of a CTS coupe with a low gaping front end and an arched hunchback rear. Leather wraps every inch of the front and rear seats, carbon fibre inlays are etched into the door panels, wood is accented onto the dashboard and everything else is fitted in with suede and chrome. Runny noses and bloodshot eyes aside, what better way to welcome the spring weather than with the 2014 Infiniti QX60 Hybrid, a luxury crossover that comfortably seats a family of seven, with a large trunk to spare. While it surely isn't the fastest of the herd, the 4625 lb whale provides a supple ride with a fluffy suspension and 20-inch all-season tires. The second and third row seats also sit higher than the front row for a greater sense of spaciousness. Lane departure warnings, backup and forward collision intervention, blindspot warnings, and brake assist, it is almost impossible to crash this thing. The dilemma here is the $11,500 premium for the hybrid model that aims for fuel efficiency, but lands wide. When sitting in the ELR cabin you could hear a pin drop , and what's fascinating is that you start to hear noises you normally wouldn't hear in gasoline cars - the tires rolling against the tarmac, the racketing of loose engine parts.
We resorted to leaving the ELR overnight at the nearby GO Train station, where it cost around $2 for a full electric charge - charging stations are rather scarce in the GTA. The vertical taillamps are so massive that they carry over to the side lines and there are so many LEDs on this car that it could light up a christmas tree. Infiniti understands that green leaves and eco-colours are not the most attractive of logos, and rarely do you see someone flaunting their hybrid. Though, the QX60 Hybrid proves to be a more affordable competitor against its fuel-efficient SUV rivals, and with the $64,490 BMW X5 35d and $63,200 Audi Q7 TDI peering down its shoulders, the QX60 Hybrid may provide just enough on the silver platter to land you on its front seat.
Rather, holding down those paddles will get the wheel's momentum to drive the generator, hence slowing down the car, and simultaneously regenerating some battery. This makes the ELR perfect for stop-and-go traffic, where acceleration happens just as often as deceleration. The pseudo-grill (is what I call it), is closed off for better aerodynamics, speaking of which, the ELR boasts a drag coefficient of a miniscule 0.305, making it more aerodynamic than a McLaren P1! I just wish they also took a page from the Lincoln MKZ, where the hybrid model costs the same as the gas engine model.
Exploit this tech properly, and not only will you rarely need to use the brakes, but it reduces wear and tear on the pads as well. Just look at that arrow-shaped front end, it looks like it's ready to slice through a watermelon.

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