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Always wear safety glasses when jump starting a battery (to protect your eyes), and gloves when handling a battery (to protect your hands).
According to PREVENT BLINDNESS AMERICA, in 2003 nearly 6,000 motorists suffered serious eye injuries from working around car batteries. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for testing, jumping, installing, discharging, charging, equalizing and maintaining batteries.
New car batteries come pre-filled with acid, so it is not necessary to add acid to the battery.
The electrolyte inside a wet cell car battery contains corrosive sulfuric acid that can spill if the case is cracked or the battery is upset. CAUTION: DO NOT lean directly over the battery while making jumper connections (in case of explosion). If the vehicle runs okay and the battery charges up, you should clean and tighten both battery cables after shutting the engine off. WARNING: NEVER disconnect a battery when the ignition is ON, or while the engine is idling or running. Disconnecting the battery may also cause other system modules to forget their learned or programmed settings.
If you are uncertain that disconnecting the battery on your car may cause problems, attach a backup battery, battery charger or Memory Saver" device to the battery cables or the 12 volt power outlet or cigarette lighter BEFORE you disconnect the main battery.
Finally, when installing a new battery, make sure the battery is fully charged before the vehicle is driven. Many people are confused about which terminals on one battery get connected to which terminals on the other. Traditionally jumper cable connectors are red or black, with the red connectors going to the positive post and the black to negative. A far safer practice is to connect the final negative clamp to the engine block, bumper (if you have a metal bumper) or other solid ground connection (don't connect near a carburetor - gas vapors, you know). As soon as the car has started and is running smoothly, get out and remove the negative (black) jumper cable connector from wherever you clamped it. Intro: Sugru Car Battery Terminal ProtectorsBattery terminal protectors insure your battery and cables are protected from accidental shorts.
Step 1: Prepare battery terminalsRemove the battery cables from the battery terminals by loosening the nut on each cable clamp.

Age confirmation: By adding this item to your shopping cart, you confirm that you have reached the age of majority in your country of residence. This includes modules that control the air conditioner, sunroof, power windows, power seats, radio, even some anti-theft or keyless entry systems. One way to do it is to "jump-start," which means to push it or let it coast downhill and then release the clutch. What you are doing, in effect, is using the charged battery on another car to start your car.
These cables have to conduct hundreds of amps of current to the starter (and other parts of the electrical system). There's no reason to be, since you always want to connect the cables so that the two batteries are in parallel*. It really doesn't matter which color you're using, as long as you are connecting the correct posts together on the batteries. Leave the "donor" car's engine running, and then connect the positive posts of the two batteries together. Now rev up the donor car's engine to generate maximum current and wait about one minute to allow time for a little charging of your dead battery. The shop that they normally go to told them that their battery tested weak and should consider replacing it soon.
To discuss anything that is related to cars and automotive technology that doesnt naturally fit into another forum catagory. I went to my local motor factors and paid ?70 but after found someone on ebay selling for ?50. Automatic transmission-equipped cars, of course, need to be pushed to a considerably higher speed, and there are different techniques dictated by each manufacturer.
The hard way to do this would be to remove that car's battery and install it in your car, but it's a lot of work and it still leaves one car inoperable.
High current requires large-diameter wires and effective connectors, and these things cost money.
By the way, if you can't see the "pos" or (+) marking on a top-post battery, remember that the fattest of the two posts is always the positive one (look carefully, one really is fatter than the other). There's nothing wrong with that, but if your dead battery really isn't dead it might be emanating hydrogen gas.

Afterwards, remove the cable connectors from both batteries, being careful not to allow the ends to touch each other or any metal on the cars. The customer said that they would consider it, but they could not afford to do it right now because they were going on a mini vacation. The easy way is to use jumper cables, which are heavy-gauge wires that are equipped with strong spring-loaded jaws for connecting to the two batteries. Cheap, ineffective and potentially dangerous jumper cables are found all over the place, so avoid them. The (+) terminals are connected together and the (-) terminals are also connected together. Now connect the negative cable clamp to the donor car's battery, but don't connect the other end to the dead battery's negative post. The spark might cause a little ball of flame, which would at the very least scare you, and possibly cause harm. If it turns too slowly, turn off the ignition and wait another few minutes for the battery to charge. The very first morning they went to leave the hotel to go have breakfast and one turn of the key and, click,click,click. Being over 150 miles from home and their normal mechanic they had to go to the front desk at the hotel and get the name and number of the closest auto repair shop. They called a number that they were given and they came to the hotel and gave them a jump start. They then drove their car to the shop , then they tested the battery and sure enough it was a bad battery. If the  metal hood prop rod made a grounded connection to the battery positive terminal post a spark could be created and cause the battery to explode!
Oh I almost forgot to mention that the bungee cord for a battery hold down needs to be replaced  with the metal bracket  as soon as possible.

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