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Static caravan parts, touring caravan spares and motorhome parts and accessories from Caravan Components - the web store you can rely on! Depending on your vehicle model you or the mechanic may need an ABS scanner, OBD scanner, OBD II scanner, a Tech 2 scanner or an OHM meter. Step 4: Stripping the starterNow that you have it out find a clean work area and a container to put all the bits into. Step 5: Assess the damageThoroughly do a visual inspection of the field windings, and armature for any burnt or broken insulation, broken wires corrosion or other damage. Step 9: Fitting the new bushesThis step can be tricky, and if you have access to a press then use it, as you a much less likely to damage the bushes.

Step 10: Checking the bushes and pinonI like to make sure the bushes are not damaged by fitting the armature without the field windings and checking it all spins without binding. Step 12: Assembling the starterAssembling is straight forward if you know a trick with the brush plate.
Step 14: TestingThe starter motor can be tested without fitting to the car, and this will find problems like me putting the solenoid in upside-down.
Step 15: Reduction box starter motorReduction box starter motors are becoming more common and have a few differences.
Remove any corrosion with wet and dry sand paper, and the commutator can be sanded and the back of a box cutter knife can be used to clean out between the segments.

This leisure battery charger has a built in microprocessor which issues a warning if it is attached to the wrong terminals or to the wrong battery.

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