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Owning and driving a car involves two things most motorists would rather avoid: spending money on maintenance and spending money on repairs. If you do not maintain your car (meaning regular oil changes, filter replacements and keeping an eye on critical fluid levels), you will be faced with major repairs much sooner than you should.
Like death and taxes, you can't avoid auto repairs – unless you lease new vehicles or trade your old car before it reaches the point where things start to wear out and cost you money to fix. After 4 or 5 years (regardless of mileage) most batteries are getting weak and need to be replaced.
The water pump circulates coolant between the engine and radiator to keep the engine from overheating. Overhead cam engines that have rubber timing belts require the belt to be replaced after so many miles.

Manual transmissions will usually last the life of the vehicle, but the clutch usually does not. Synthetic rubbers and elastomers are used for coolant hoses, vacuum hoses, fuel hoses, emissions hoses, brake hoses, seals, weatherstripping around doors and windows, the hood and trunk. The average age of passenger cars and light trucks on the road today is 11.5 years -- the highest ever! The number of vehicles on the road that are six to 14 years old and are most likely to need repairs is now 120 million. To do so just go to log in >> once it redirects you click forgot password >> follow the steps provided. If you do not remember the email address associated with your account you can use the contact us tab at the bottom of the page to email us for assistance.

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