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Launched a year ago by Nesta and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Renewable Energy Challenge Prize has a tried and tested winner! The winning solution exceeds all the technical requirements for the challenge, covers the energy needs for war returnee families and still costs no more than €5,000 per unit. Nesta worked alongside the UNDP to find a breakthrough technology to develop a sustainable, cost-effective solution for a standalone, off-grid renewable energy supply that can provide war-returnee families living in rural areas off the power grid. The UNDP will now install eight of the winning renewable energy kits for families who returned to Bosnia and Herzegovina from war many years ago but still have been living without electricity.
What’s more with the success of the challenge prize, the UNDP is currently in negotiations with the Government and other international organisations to get support for helping even more families living in rural areas with no access to the grid. With such specific requirements the challenge prize was indeed very ambitious especially in a short time frame, but it really does show the power of inducement prizes in finding innovative solutions.
All our work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, unless it says otherwise. The automotive starting battery is designed to produce a tremendous amount of CCA (cold cranking amps) for a short duration, ideal for cranking a vehicle. According to the 2008 breakdown statistics from the German motoring club, ADAC, 40% of all vehicle defects occur in the vehicle electrical system and in turn, approximately 60% of these failures can be traced to the battery. The starter battery is subject to a normal ageing process and in general drivers are unaware of the condition of their batteries. In very cold weather, engines are subject to high levels of friction due to the viscosity of the engine oil.
Particularly in winter, cars require peak power and above all, stop-and-go and short trips burden the starter battery.
In the case of modern vehicles, the ill-considered removal of starter batteries may have unpleasant and expensive consequences.
Ideally, an expert (motoring club, garage, quick service station, car parts supplier, tyre specialists, etc.) should decide whether or not the battery is defect and if necessary, carry out a battery change. One tip in this regard is the use of a battery in your vehicle that is one size larger than that prescribed. With five models, the maintenance free Uni Bull fits into more than 900 vehicles and thus saves dealers storage capacity and costs.
Due to the latest generation engines, modern motor vehicles require a high level of starting power. The global innovation Double Top a€“ for double leak protection: 100% leak-proof at extreme angles of up to 45A°! Favourably priced, robust, proven and fully optimised describes to perfection the Starting Bull. In addition to calcium technology for absolute zero maintenance, the new Starting Bull possesses even better leak protection. The Running Bull is the number one solution wherever vehicles with special, additional consumers require large amounts of power over extended periods, e.g. Which is the Best Car Battery Brand?This is a discussion on Which is the Best Car Battery Brand? Also, about Base Terminal, I heard that there is a court case going on and that Panasonic has nothing whatsoever to do with these batteries!
Originally Posted by SS-Traveller Please check your car's electrics to see if a mild short or current leakage exists. Had one installed in our Maruti 800 5speed in the year 2003 and was problem free till we sold it in 2009 April. The charge was fully drained off twice, as some of my folks left the cabin light a whole day. Today called up one of the BOSCH dealer to know the price of the Bosch Silver battery for our Accent CRDi.
Originally Posted by gigy Diesel will need a more powerful battery than petrol, guess thats why the price difference. I had to put in a copper insert to enlarge the battery terminal to fit the existing battery connectors.
Diesel batteires are costly as most of the diesel engines need to be heated before they are started and this requires a lot of current and another thing is diesel engines opeate at higher combustion pressures . And regarding the DIN part with respect to automobile battery, I am ignorant and even google didn't help. Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post OEM car battery life - How long did your OE battery last? The Amaron guys also test out the vehicle alternator to confirm that it works fine and battery is getting the required charging voltage. One time I didn't ride my bike for a long time and one day I took it for a ride and to my surprise, I found that the battery was almost depleted.

Originally Posted by ForeRunner My Dzire (VDi) has had some starting problems for the past 4~5 months (Long Cranking, and some times need to push).
It is time for me to replace OEM Exide car battery and I am searching for the best battery for my Indica Vista TDi. Not to forget the polarity assembly of the battery as there are two types here, R-type and L-type.
Re: Car battery thread My OEM batter with my car Inidca Vista TDI (Diesel engine same as Indigo) lasted 3 years 7 months. The battery prices what you are getting is quite good as compared to what I could get in Pune. Originally Posted by amit_purohit20 My OEM batter with my car Inidca Vista TDI (Diesel engine same as Indigo) lasted 3 years 7 months. Re: Car battery thread With whatever short research I did I found good and bad experiences for all battery makes. View My Garage Re: Car battery thread my ford fiesta(classic now) battery lasted for 3 years and 11 months. Starting batteries generally produce more than 5,000 starts but have a limited number of deep cycles (discharges to more than 40% depth of discharge). Uncompromising quality assurance and the latest technologies constitute the reasons why Banner currently supplies leading automotive manufacturers with starter batteries. The power packs with the buffalo symbol number among the worlda€™s most respected, technologically advanced, quality products. Indeed, the power balance in the vehicle can tilt very quickly to the detriment of the starter battery as the dynamo generates less energy than the vehicle needs.
The interruption of the power supply can lead to the loss of stored program data and drive-away locks, while in-board computers and car radios will be put out of action. It is therefore no coincidence that with their combination of high starting power, perfect cold starts and long life, quality batteries from Banner have established a global reputation for excellence.
Sufficient space is generally available and this extra dimension provides additional power reserves at minimal extra expense. In addition, safety and comfort systems demand a constant flow of energy from the battery.
Double Top meets the most stringent requirements of the automotive industry and offers a decisive safety advantage. This battery allows especially price-conscious customers to enter Bannera€™s top quality brand world and catches the eye with outstanding features and performance. Twelve popular models in the 40-100 Ah range have already been fitted with 4-chamber leak safeguards and with their central degassing and integrated backfire protection are certain to excite your clientele. I was told that it is the price for the Indica diesel while the Accent CRDi engine is more advanced and hence a different battery and higher price!!!
I am looking for a battery for my baleno too and the prices that you have mentioned are pretty attractive. After going thru all reviews, seems that Exide is not holding good faith in market, looks Amaron is better bet. What I did was I just took a ride through the city for an hour and Battery got back to normal. I think Amaron costs a bit more than others but the extra money you would pay is totally worth it.
I had a slight problem and their service person came withing a few hours, and that too for a non critical problem. The OEM battery was EXIDE MF50Z having 50 AH rating, it was not a maintenance free battery. Even I was on the verge of going for TATA Green but then at the last moment I came to know two persons who had problems with TATA Green. To handle parasitic load accessories like telephones and mishaps like lights left on, RC (reserve capacity) is also essential to the longevity of an automotive battery. A success derived from innovation and quality consciousness, the two main principles behind every Banner battery. The independent, family-owned Banner company supplies leading automotive manufacturers such as Audi, Volkswagen, Daimler-Chrysler and MAN with batteries as original equipment. The following are a series of useful tips from Banner, the only Austrian starter battery manufacturer, as to how drivers can get through the coming winter without any problems. This situation is frequently reached at engine speeds of less than 2,000 rpm and permanent damage to the starting battery, caused by deep discharging, is the result. Therefore, when charging, no smoking is allowed, sparks must be prevented and open flames are absolutely forbidden. The reprogramming of these systems by a specialist garage can cost three times the price of a new battery.

It now has over 30% more performance and a Gore membrane as a patented leakage protection. It is for these requirements that Banner has developed the zero-maintenance Power Bull battery for use in European, American and Asian car makes.
Double Top is completely leak-proof up to an extreme angle of 45A°, masters the rollover test, offers improved flame arrester protection, provides a safeguard against ESD and due to flexible plugs, can offer gas exhaustion on the right or left, which also makes it ideal for use in SUVs. Remove the (+) terminal, connect a sensitive ammeter (capable of reading from 100 mA) across the terminal and battery lead, and check if there is current drainage. Kindly provide me with the contact details of the shop from where I can get the bosch silver battery.
So I thought to start a new thread with my initial research which would help the Team-BHP community.
When I accelerate the engine, the blowers increase their fan speed and the head lights brighten up more. Also, there are other options from Amaron like Black, Flo and Pro series as shown in the table.
Most of the dealers try to sell the batteries irrespective of the type, it is up to the buyer to chose the right one. So I have gone ahead for AMARON as its a reputed brand and ealier years many people were happy with its performance. So better go with a reputed brand and one who gives the maximum warranty period both direct replacement and pro-rata basis. Production at the Austrian factory in Linz ensures constant, certificated top quality in accordance with ISO 9001, QS 9000 and VDA 6.1.
During the starting procedure, these motors consume valuable energy, which should in fact be used by the starter. If the vehicle is regularly used for long drives, then the starter battery charges itself up to the appropriate extent. Battery acid is also extremely caustic and the battery must be firmly installed and the battery terminals properly tightened. In this situation, chargers with voltage bridging can be of assistance, although as in the case of private starting assistance, care should be exercised as a defect battery can damage other control devices such as those of the airbag and ABS systems.
I assume this is what turns it off - I opened the doors using the remote, opened the driver's door and closed it, and then locked the car using the key. Never had the pain to take my little beauty (5 speed 800) to the workshop on account of a battery problem. I had installed a pair of Hella 700FF (100w H3) which I use only on very dark stretch of road. Two of my bikes and my car is running on Amaron and never regretted it once because it never failed me. Also, I found the specific gravity of the cells is low (SPG approx less than 1.2 in some cells).
When you view at the battery face, that is 'Front View' and both the battery lugs are facing towards you, if the negative terminal is towards your right hand side, this is R-type battery. With old battery collection and 100% recycling, Banner makes a valuable contribution to environmental protection. A clean battery does not suffer from creepage, which causes gradual discharge, or from faulty contacts. Service Advisor at Tata Motors advised me to replace the battery before any sudden stop for safety purposes. Banner products are equally as reliable in the extreme cold of Scandinavia as in the sweltering heat of Africa and Asia. The battery surface should be kept dry and clean, as should the terminals, which also have to be greased. This depends on the car manufacturer's layout in the engine bay to avoid wiring mess and crossing over while routing.
Additional reserves of power can be created by the use of the next dimensional grade of battery, for which there is generally sufficient space. The only electrical accessories it has is the stock Kenwood music system and the security system (brand: Silicone Systems).

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