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Rechargeable batteries play an important role in our lives and many daily chores would be unthinkable without the ability to recharge. Nickel-cadmium – Mature and well understood, NiCd is used where long service life, high discharge current and extreme temperatures are required.
Nickel-metal-hydride – Serves as a replacement for NiCd as it has only mild toxic metals and provides higher specific energy.
Lithium-ion – Li-ion is replacing many applications that were previously served by lead and nickel-based batteries.
Table 1 compares the characteristics of the four commonly used rechargeable battery systems, showing average performance ratings at time of publication. Missing from in the list is the popular lithium-ion-polymer that gets its name from the unique separator and electrolyte system. Please tell me if Li Ion battery has what is called “memory effect” which means it has to be fully discharged before charging again?In other words,can it be charged as often as we want,like in between the usage so that battery charge does not go off during the use of the equipment? If I connected multiple super capacitors to replace a 12 volt car battery in sequence,  could I achieve enough power to start my engine, if so how many and what size capacitor. I believe they used to be used for low internal resistance applications but were unpopular because of the Potassium Hydroxide electroyite. I see 18650 batteries with, for example, 30amp continuous discharge and 60amp pulse discharge.
Question: Why do Li ion batteries cost so much more than other secondary (rechargable) batteries?
By submitting this form, you are providing your express consent to receive electronic communications from Battery University. Based on your system voltage, you must first decide which battery is needed and how many to use in order to meet your requirements. Make sure there is enough space between batteries to allow for minor battery expansion that occurs during use and to allow proper airflow to keep battery temperature down in hot environments. When choosing your battery model, first consider your battery compartment space as this may limit your options.
TIP: If you do not know what battery to use, contact your equipment manufacturer for their recommended battery specification. Finally determine which terminal option best meets your needs based on the type of cable connections you plan to use. TIP: Make sure you use the proper cable size when connecting your batteries so that you do not overheat your connections. What is the difference between a deep cycle battery, a starting battery, and a dual-purpose battery?A deep cycle battery has the ability to be deeply discharged and charged many times during its service life. Can I use my Deep Cycle battery as a starting battery?Deep cycle batteries can be used for engine starting but starting batteries should not be used for deep cycle applications. How can I tell if a battery is bad?To determine if the battery system is experiencing a problem, fully charge the batteries then shut off the charger and remove all electrical loads. You will find articles organized by categories, along with recent comments, along the right hand column of the website.
The pictures in their gallery will have to suffice for those of us who don’t read Korean. Shaun Williams converted a 2000 Toyota Echo into a battery powered electric car and documented the whole process on his web site. After ten years on the internet, hundreds of thousands of visitors, and thousands of emails what do you think the most popular question about the EV conversion is? Most people understand that electric car motors run on electricity and some kind of battery system. Second, electric motors are very quiet, so they don't provide traditional telltale signs of mechanical problems the way combustion engines do. Instead, an electric AC motor is directly connected to the transmission to transmit power to the axles and wheels as necessary. Electric drivetrains traditionally don’t work for long-distance driving (if not combined with a hybrid gas engine). A great Volt-specific explanation is here (YouTube) The Prius also uses a planetary gear system but the inputs and outputs are different, and therefore it performs differently.
Well, I tried to write a very long blog taking these things point by point, and I was gentle in my comments, but they erased them as being too embarrassing.
So why do you have a problem with what I just wrote and you didn't say anything about Anonymous's post? The only thing I would add is that, with the proper controller, it is possible to utilize regenerative breaking with a DC motor. We should require a warning label, like on cigarettes, when this kind of stuff gets floated around as real information.
You stated: "A gallon of gas burned through a small Honda generator yields somewhere around 10 kWh.
This is an energy saving inverter generator, a standard part load generator would be worse.
Now, that finally being accepted, you can see that the energy required to propel an electric automobile is a multiple of the energy that the MPGe equivalent shell game would have the uninformed believe. But it's not that bad, because the US grid average efficiency is a lot closer to that 10 kWhr per "gallon" I threw out. You see, it comes down to the necessity of telling these individuals that they're baby is ugly, and it is not a good thing to continue forcing everybody else to keep paying for it under force of political law.
Its quite obviously not appreciated., but hey, its your party, I'm not part of the star chamber here. Of it could be simple fatigue from addressing these same tired old arguments over and over and over. For example, your entire rant is predicated on the notion that all our electricity comes from gasoline.
In all these reports the conclusion is clear: Even under the worst conditions, EVs beat all but the best-of-the-best ICEVs in terms of environmental impact and wipe the floor with ICEVs in terms of operating costs. You don't seem like the type to brood in silence, unfortunately, so I fully expect you to come back with your army of strawmen howling ad-homs and non-sequiturs from the rooftops as if your uninformed opinions were just as good as anyone else's facts. I await your reply which undoubtedly will not even acknowledge any of the links above, much less their contents. Regarding cleaning up language: Yes, we did make minor changes, because some of the language, and certainly the blatantly homophobic comments, were offensive to a lot of readers.
By all means, let's continue to have passionate discussions about the pros and cons of EVs, but we would very much appreciate if the writing was as thoughtful and constructive as possible. Switching the subjet to efficieny (I don't want to get invloved in the back and forths between others), charging up my Volt in the middle of the night I use Marin Clean light green (50% green), and the rest I imagine comes from whatever is on the margin at low loads, which could be hydro, nuclear and maybe some natural gas .
If you write a "masterpiece" (I've certainly posted a few of those) then simply highlight your words and do a copy function from the pull-down edit menu. I think a required log in (ie: creating at least a minimal profile here) is an excellent idea, Brad. If we can't maintain at least a scintilla of decorum, don't be surprised to see the more garish posts disappear. I believe they also make the unit for the Volt, Seiki is a supplier to GM, and the synergy drive in the volt came from Japan.
It will take me more free time than I can devote today before I can finish checking your references, as I am actually busy in between posts, but I have managed to get through one already.
It didn't address transportation losses, though I could offer that ocean tankers, barges, pipelines, and rail are very efficient. If you plan to charge in public, you'll want to sign up for charging network membership (or two).
How do you ensure that electric car owners will be happy with every visit to your charging spot?
More than 98% of America’s top golf courses use Trojan Batteries in their fleets.* Why?
Built to deliver superior performance, durability and reliability, these batteries are Trojan’s flagship line and can meet the challenges of the toughest, hilliest courses in the world. Trojan’s proprietary Maxguard® Advanced Design Separator and exclusive Alpha Plus® paste formulation team up to increase battery life, extend run time and decrease maintenance. Durability, reliability and proven technology mean you can depend on Trojan batteries for consistent performance day in and day out. Trojan’s Plus Series batteries feature built-in maximum water level indicators making watering your battery more accurate each and every time. Embedded terminals provide reinforced durability minimizing stress applied to the terminals during routine battery maintenance. We are an authorised Trojan and Everlast battery retailer, trading in greater Johannesburg as well as other parts of South Africa and neighbouring countries.

Lead acid batteries either start or power cars, trucks, buses, boats, trains, rapid mass-transit systems, recreational vehicles and electric wheelchairs all over the globe.
Saves Natural Resources : By making products from recycled materials instead of virgin materials, we conserve land and reduce the need to mine for more minerals.
Saves Clean Air and Water : In most cases, making products from recycled materials creates less air pollution and water pollution than making products from virgin materials.
Saves Landfill Space : When the materials that you recycle go into new products, instead of landfills or incinerators, landfill space is conserved. Saves Money and Creates Jobs : The recycling industry and the associated processes create far more jobs than landfill sites or waste incinerators, and recycling is frequently the least expensive waste management option for cities and towns.
All the components of the modern lead acid battery are recyclable and from an Industry perspective lead-acid batteries are an environmental success story because in the United States just over 96% is recovered and in most of the G7 nations upwards of 95% is recycled. Lead acid batteries, in whatever form, are all recyclable to a lesser or greater extent. In order to ensure that the loop is closed we not only need the right infrastructure, but we also need a battery that is made up of recyclable materials.
A resilient plastic container which is usually polyethylene, but increasingly is made from alternative co-polymers or reinforced, but the case material can also be metallic or a synthetic rubber.
Porous synthetic plate separators are increasingly made from rib-reinforced polyethylene, but are also available in PVC and fiber glass.
The plates are immersed in a liquid electrolyte consisting of 35% sulfuric acid and 65% water. The positive and negative lead terminals used to connect the battery to the car and pass the current from the individual cells via a series of connecting lugs and bridges. The washed and dried polypropylene pieces are sent to a plastic recycler, where the chips are melted and extruded to produce plastic pellets for use in the manufacture of battery cases. Although certain processes will combine the waste lead streams, the most efficient plants feed the paste to the smelting furnace to recover soft lead and the grids and terminals are sent to a melting furnace for the production of hard lead. Polyethylene separators can be separated from the polypropylene waste stream and recycled, although in most secondary plants the current practice is to use this waste as a fuel supplement. Used battery acid can be handled in four ways: Neutralized, and the resulting effluent treated to meet clean water standards and then released into the public sewer system.
Chemically treated and converted to either agricultural fertilizer using ammonia or to powered sodium sulfate for use in either glass and textile manufacturing or as a filler or stabilizer in household laundry detergent. Converted to gypsum for use in the production of cement or by the construction industry in the manufacture of fiber board.
Lead acid is rugged, forgiving if abused and is economically priced, but it has a low specific energy and limited cycle count.
NiCd is one of the most rugged and enduring batteries; it is the only chemistry that allows ultra-fast charging with minimal stress. Li-ion is divided into different types, named by their active materials, which are cobalt, manganese, phosphate and titanate.
Battery University monitors the comments and understands the importance of expressing perspectives and opinions in a shared forum. I think it would be really worth to add a little bit of today’s so popular lithium-polymer (LiPo) and mention also a chemistries like lithium-sulphur (LiS) and lithium-air as well. Once your voltage requirements are met, if space allows you can double the batteries in a parallel connection—thereby doubling your battery capacity.
Trojan Battery also offers outstanding technical support provided by full-time applications engineers to help you select your ideal batteries. A deep cycle battery may have less cranking amps per pound than a starting battery, but in most cases a deep cycle battery is still more than adequate for the purpose of starting an engine. Generally, gel and AGM batteries have about 20% less capacity, cost about two times more, and have a shorter cycle life than comparable flooded lead acid batteries. The state of charge of a lead acid battery is most accurately determined by measuring the specific gravity of the electrolyte. A properly sized charger takes into account battery capacity and the time interval between charges.
You can of course go slightly higher or lower depending on what is available on the market.
If you are just getting started with the idea of converting a gas car to electric be sure to check out Your First Electric Car . Others, like the Audi A1 etron concept, use a hybrid design with a combination of an electric motor and gas engine. First, some cars are entirely driven by an electric motor and some use a hybrid design with a combination of an electric motor and gas engine. This component draws power from the battery, and transmits it to the various features of the motor to operate. The advantages of using an AC motor and not a DC motor are that it provides regenerative braking, electronic reverse, water-cooling, and very high RPM (in excess of 10,000 at times). The motor uses DC power from the battery and converts it to rotational energy, which in turn propels the car.
Compared to the battery system, the battery cells tend to take up far more space in an electric car than the motor itself.
This makes cars powered by electric motors far better for daily commuting and in-town driving than for cross-country transportation. You have two inputs and one output; the speed of the output is related to the combined speed of both inputs - the exact relation is a function of the gear ratios and which two of the three connections are the inputs. As long as the oil doesn't leak out, and in the absence of manufacturing defect, it should easily outlast the rest of the car.
We've got a nice, basic introduction to EV technology here without going off the technical deep end . I have already forgotten more than you're likely to ever learn about energy, and I only threw out a round number off the top of my head.
Electric cars are an adopted test-tube clone of an almost completely extinct application, and the medical bills to produce them and keep them alive are horrendous. You read every word, and it eats you up that there is not a worthy reply that you'd be willing to say, so you'll either brood in silence now, or spout out some diversionary spin. You provide exactly zero sources for your figures and I'm sure you will dismiss out of hand any sources brought to bear against your trite rantings so that you can recycle your bullsh*t in the next thread that has absolutely nothing do with whatever point you think you're making. The reality we live is is not the worse of conditions, and you'll find virtually all EV advocates also support broader efforts to create clean, sustainable, secure energy and infrastructure that compliment and amplify the advantages EVs already have over nearly every vehicle in the US market today.
If the computer gobbles up your text after you click the Submit button, you've at least got a backup copy.
Unfortunately, it only takes a single ranter (ie: Objective) to abuse a system and then you, as owner, have to tighten up. Trojan invented the golf car battery back in 1952 and has been making superior products ever since. Available exclusively on Trojan Plus Series batteries, SureVent caps conveniently pop open for easier watering.
We specialise in Everlast Trojan deep cycle flooded (lead acid) batteries, 6v, 8v, or 12 volt, for use in golf carts and buggies, and recreational vehicles. With fullly trained staff, Golf Car Battery Suppliers do deliveries throughout Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. Unless we recycle the Lead acid spent batteries certain toxic components pose a potential risk to the environment and human health. In fact secondary lead bullion, for example, requires four times less energy to make than primary lead. The positive electrode (cathode) typically consists of pure lead dioxide supported on a metallic grid, whereas the negative electrode (anode) consists of a grid of metallic lead alloy containing various elemental additives that includes one or more of the following and sometimes others not mentioned, antimony, calcium, arsenic, copper, tin, strontium, aluminum, selenium and more recently bismuth and silver.
It is the electrolyte that facilitates the chemical reactions that enable the storage and discharge of electrical energy and permit the passage of electrons that provide the current flow. Lead acid is used for wheelchairs, golf cars, personnel carriers, emergency lighting and uninterruptible power supply (UPS). It is more expensive than most other batteries, but high cycle count and low maintenance reduce the cost per cycle over many other chemistries.
Also missing is the rechargeable lithium-metal, a battery that, once the safety issues are resolved, has the potential of becoming a battery choice with extraordinarily high specific energy and good specific power. However, all communication must be done with the use of appropriate language and the avoidance of spam and discrimination. We recommend posting your question in the comment sections for the Battery University Group (BUG) to share.
For example, the peak load current and best result range of Lithium ion battery chemistries is vastly superior to other types.
The size of your battery compartment, your performance requirements and costs may limit your options.

For example, you can use a T-605, T-105 or T-125 in the same space, as they are the exact same physical size. If your old battery provided enough energy, it can be replaced with a similar capacity battery. An automotive or starting battery is designed for brief bursts of high current and cannot withstand more than a few deep discharges before failure. However, Gel and AGM batteries do not need watering, are safer (no acid spilling out), can be placed in a variety of positions, have a slower self-discharge characteristic, and are more efficient in charging and discharging than flooded batteries (see table below). This means that you do not have to deep discharge or completely discharge a battery before recharging it. The rate of self-discharge depends on the type of battery, the age of the battery, and the storage temperature the batteries are exposed to. Manual chargers, although equally effective at charging batteries, require a greater level of attention.
In applications where cycling is infrequent, such as weekend RV users, or infrequent or seasonal trolling motor usage, a charger with an output current rating between 10 and 13% of the battery’s rated 20-hour capacity will suffice. However, if the electrolyte level is extremely low or the plates are exposed to air, add some water to cover the plates before starting the charge cycle. For example, the weekend fisherman may find he only needs to water the batteries in his boat once a month. The latter, usually called a plug-in hybrid, has become more popular because the gas feature allows a person to use the car when there’s not immediate access to charging station.
But in the unlikely chance of a problem, electrical systems have circuit breakers and load stops as safety features. Additional features such as the steering power, water pump and AC system get connected to the battery as well. As a result, it’s not surprising to see cars with anywhere from 25 to 50 batteries installed to make a system work.
Internal combustion engines combust gasoline, which pushes a piston that rotates a transmission that gives power to the wheels. But it’s not that electric motors can’t do the job; the battery system has limitations when it comes to storing energy.
About 93% of that makes it to the meter at your house, and we can stop there, because I believe the "miles per gallon electric" car rating is based on the power drawn by the charger as measured at that meter.
The only advantage, being able to use any primary fuel for generation, is unfortunately badly offset by all of the battery limitations.
Now that you've shown the motivation to look up and learn something, I wont bother offering my best recollection. Of course, depending on where and how you drive, the electric car might work out somehow, but until gas is up around $6 to 8$ per gallon, it's not going to compare well financially against pretty much anything Camry, Accord, or better. You made no attempt to account for where electricity actually comes from and no attempt to make a fair comparison between gasoline and electricity in terms of efficiency, emissions, sustainability or anything else. Check under the seat of an electric golf car and you’re likely to see Trojan deep cycle batteries. Flip-top vent caps remain securely attached to the battery eliminating the task of searching for lost vent caps. The T105 (6volt), T875 (8volt) and T1275 Trojan deep cycle batteries are our main products, but we stock many more Trojan products for many other applications (see menu), such as batteries for aerial work platforms, marine and floor machines. In these situations the telephones stay on and this is because every major telephone company in the world, including mobile telephone service providers, uses lead acid batteries as backup power to the telecommunications systems.Were it not for standby lead acid batteries, we probably would have power outages nearly every day because the electric utilities would not be able to handle rapid fluctuations in the demand for electricity. In fact, used lead-acid batteries have topped the list of the most highly recycled consumer products for over a decade.Unfortunately, battery recycling is not a public utility and scrap batteries are only recycled because it is profitable for the secondary non-ferrous industry to do so.
The battery itself does nothing to close the recycling loop if it is not recycled, but you, your governments and your industries can ensure that they enter the loop by creating an infrastructure that will promote and facilitate recycling. These alloying elements are used to change grid strength, corrosion resistance, reduce over-potential or maintenance, and internal resistance. Due to environmental concerns, NiCd is being replaced with other chemistries, but it retains its status in aircraft due to its good safety record.
The table only addresses portable batteries and excludes large systems that resemble a refinery.
This is why it is unable to start your car if you accidentally leave the lights on more than a couple of times. Gel batteries are more suitable for deep cycling applications whereas AGM batteries are more for light cycling and engine-starting applications. Battery voltage also indicates the level of charge when measured in an open circuit condition.
For optimum life and performance, we generally recommend a discharge of 20 to 50% of the battery’s rated capacity even though the battery is capable of being cycled to 80%. In applications where battery recharge must be accomplished within 8 to 10 hours, a three stage, automatic charger, rated at 20% of the battery capacity, may be required. While a maintenance supervisor for a golf course might need to service the batteries in their golf cars every week.
Like many vehicle owners, electric car owners tend to be happy as long as the car responds when desired, propels forward when you step on the accelerator, and turns off when necessary. The system involves wiring and transmission of electrical energy, but there’s no need for a lot of the parts associated with a combustion engine.
A hydroelectric dam uses the same approach; it takes the power of water rushing through pipes to spin giant magnets which in turn creates electricity to power grids. Even a high school chemistry student could tell us that energy is lost in all of these conversions. In this respect, EVs are generally a better match for local commuting, which in the big picture, consumes more fuel (and money) than long-distance driving. What they won't admit is that oil is all our baby, has been for generations, and is keeping our geriatric buts alive. Any user, though, can flag a comment and then it's up to the site managers to delete if necessary . This is when lead acid batteries come to the rescue, as enormous arrays of batteries delivering large amounts of electricity for short periods of time until additional capacity is added to the grid.Lead acid batteries power electric fork trucks used in warehouses, factories, mines, and ships. The soft lead is suitable for battery paste and the hard lead bullion ideal for grids and terminals.
Also, within the Li-ion group, the cobalt system is different from Manganese and Phosphate.
For applications where both engine starting and light deep cycling are required, a dual-purpose battery is often used.
Be very careful if you decide to quote mine any of those, because I will not abide such dishonest tactics. We're looking into that now--but in any event, it's probably best to keep your posts to a manageable length.
I guess they call it 'electronic' to appear high tech but since it has a computer adjusting the motor speeds, engine speed and clutch actuation, I guess that could be vaguely defined as electronic.
They also power the shuttle vehicles in airports, as well as wheelchairs, amusement park shuttles and golf carts.
This type of battery is neither a starting nor a deep cycle battery but rather a compromise between the two so it performs both functions adequately. For an accurate voltage reading, the battery should also be allowed to rest for a period sufficient to let the voltage stabilize. It is best to check your new batteries regularly as this will give you a good feel for how often your application will require battery watering. When the voltage spread indicates a problem, confirmation is accomplished by taking electrolyte specific gravity readings using a hydrometer. On the road, lead acid batteries power electric law-enforcement vehicles, buses, and very soon mail delivery vans.
If the specific gravity readings show a spread greater than .030 (30 points), give the batteries an equalization. The trouble is, the expenses to support these electric car, solar, and wind fiascos, are like the blood beind drawn out of the still breathing organism by the parasites. Allow this parasitic activity to continue growing unchecked and it will in course of time morph into scavenger activity, after it kills it's host. I don't deny that we will have some adapting to do in order to deal with changing times, but blindly screaming about the sky falling, a cluelessly charging with the rest of the crowd like lemmings over a cliff and into a body of water that many won't be able to swim across. To them it doesn't matter because they all believe they have the extra resources to make it to the other shore, and they don't give a damn about anybody else.

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