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Re: Car completely underwater - chennai floods Deeply saddened by the calamity in Chennai. A lot of philanthropists across India has initiated relief operations, take part, contribute, let us bring back Chennai to normalcy!!
Originally Posted by DRIV3R Really sad situation in Chennai, and it is disheartening to see people suffer and the cars totally submerged.
If the battery is not disconnected, the ECU, BCM and other electronics would be short circuited and would fail. A friend had taken the above precautions in the previous stint of floods, but still his oil sump had more water than oil, the car's interiors and engine internals had to be completely removed to be cleaned. Originally Posted by WindRide Its widely regarded the Madras calamity is man-made and not an act of nature.
I assume of most of the submerged cars are in the southern low-lying suburbs where houses have violated multiple human settlement norms.
Originally Posted by ajitkommini I don't mean to be insensitive but wouldn't it be possible to avoid this kind of damage by moving the car temporarily to a different area - parking it at the home of a friend or relative for example, or maybe using the office parking etc.? Re: Car completely underwater - chennai floods Well things do happen, now that it has happened. Now, with people quoting flash floods starting at 1am, most cars will be in the locked state and locked using the remotes in general.
My question is this - can we lift the hood of the car without opening the door - in order to access the hood release lever INSIDE the car? I have seen folks using a long steel scale near window beedings and they push this scale at a particular point and this unlocks the car - this happens when people usually lock their keys in the car.
All central locking systems (atleast OEM) can be over-ridden by the old school mechanical way of opening the door with the key.
Originally Posted by ajitkommini Sure, but would this not normally trip the alarm anyway? Originally Posted by vsathyap Is this a catch 22 situation or is there a workaround I am missing? Insurance companies are known to be heartless and will try every trick in the book, including questioning the legality of the parking location of insured vehicles. We are not monkeys to dance as per their tunes, we paid our hard earned money to safe guard ourselves and did a favor by selecting their brand.
They will play the critical act of willful negligence, which means you did this intentionally to get money. But don't panic Bhpians, as even most comprehensive basic packages cover flood related claims so no one can say NO for a disaster of such magnitude.

Got my Yeti submerged in water up to the dashboard level for about two days in the on going floods in Chennai. AA construction crane collapsedA from a Midtown building, and theA front fell off a building in Chelsea. Of course, this wouldn't be possible if there is a sudden, rapid flood or if the owner is away and returns only after the car is submerged.
It'd be pretty late by the time people realize the magnitude of damage; finding a safe place would be difficult, getting there much more and getting back home the most difficult. Do *not* attempt to start the car or even switch on the ignition or try to use power windows etc.
Since the entire city has been affected, chances are that the workshop too will be affected and there will be really long queues for repair and servicing. Getting to the service center first will help but for that you need to find a tow truck, cheaper alternative would be to get a sturdy rope and tow it with another car. Call up insurance guy and get it surveyed as soon as possible, as long as your car has not been started - i.e. While your car sits in the workshop waiting for survey, parts etc, try and get water out of the headlamps and tail lamps to try and minimize the damage to reflective surface. Look out for goodwill offers, if i remember correctly hyundai replaced carpets for free for new cars after the mumbai deluge. Explore alternative travel arrangements, life without vehicle for an extended period is frustrating. Now, we lock our cars with the remotes and unlock with with the keys - alarm will sound which implies electrical system is being used => which implies possible short. On a side note, some part of the electrical system would be running even with the key off right? They are seasoned criminals and know tricks to avoid penalty, so its our responsibility to make sure all things are covered with proof and if things don't go as promised, court hall visit is a must. Do have the insurance for the vehicle but don't know whether this would cover the flooding part. Car submerged in flood within Technical Stuff, part of the Under the Hood category; Deeply saddened by the calamity in Chennai. It can be saved if you allow it to dry naturally (which might be a month or more given the current prediction) with ventilation. Plus, given the kind of damage Chennai has seen, I doubt there are a lot of areas where you can be assured cars be safe. Ensure that you disconnect the battery and push the key in to take care that the steering doesn't lock up during towing.

If for some reason it tries to send across any charge in the circuits, it will be total disaster all around. Until then let the car sit idle and collect all evidence of your car being submerged naturally. Your proof's such as video and pictures of car being inside a residential area and untampered will gather some sympathy from the judges in consumer court. Its well known and insurance companies hone their skills during natural calamity to stress out already stressed and depressed people.
Let the primary objective be to save yourselves, then save your fellow beings and afterwards, save your material assets.
After much effort i managed to talk to a emergency control room, he said they are still evacuating people stranded in 15 feet of water and that help might be delayed.
Now, in order to disconnect the battery from the hood, you need to open the door - in order to open the door, you need to unlock the car using your central locking system. Our batteries are not that well guarded as that of Off-Roader's and rally chariots, so terminals would have had kept the security system alive until shorting out when level reached up to it. All Chennai car owners need to take as much proof as you can of your car's submerged under water. If you are in a safe place, please stay indoors till the water recedes, be watchful of electrocution hazard.
Since this was a flash flood at 1 am in the morning, nobody had the luxury of time to prep the car.
Just to clear things up, the locality is a stones throw away from the biggest shopping district in chennai. Rust will set in at some places and you will have more than your fair share of electrical niggles and premature failure of electrical components esp - motors.
But my uncle did tell me that he tried to disconnect the the battery, not sure if he succeed. Sometimes they will ask you to transport car to garage for full assessment and give the usual deal of 50-60% assured amount, don't fall for it.

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