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The universal ub12350 battery is a powerful 12 volts sealed lead acid battery with capacity of 35ah.
The truth is, many factors will affect how much power you really use versus what you are told is the rated power of an amplifier. Most competitors in sanctioned bodies entering SPL events will run their systems with the car's engine turned off, so at that point it's all about having enough battery power to drive the system long enough to burp and be measured in the lanes. If this is a class D amplifier, it'll be ~80% efficient, so we'll add 20% of 100A to the total, and we get about 120A of current demand continuously at peak output. This means that the electrical system of the vehicle will need to produce an extra 120 Amperes of electrical current to power your amplifier and subwoofer at peak levels. The biggest mistake made by consumers (and many installers) is failing to beef up the charging system to handle the extra load of the audio system. At this point, the battery only functions to filter and stablize the DC voltage from the alternator since DC voltage regulators only do so well at rectification of AC voltage which is what the alternator supplies. Everything works perfectly so long as the power requirements of the vehicle do not exceed the capabilities of the alternator. The first place to look to determine if your charging system is up to the task is the alternator itself.

One more thing to remember is that all of this is conected as a giant electrical circuit, nd for all of this current to get from the alternator, or battery, to your stereo system and amplifiers, you need the right wire. The following charts should assist in determining the ideal wire gauge for your application. Adding a bunch of car audio components to your vehicle without the proper electrical system may lead you to disappointment, distortion and damaged equipment.
If you plan to have the engine running while you listen to music, chances are you'll be in the car at the time, thus you won't be playing a high end audio system at full blast for fear of hearing damage and all that, so again this will also limit the current draw on your electrical system if you listen responsibly. Keep in mind that the factory electrical system is designed to produce enough charging power (alternator and battery) for the vehicle's stock equipment, and was not designed to accomodate high-powered audio systems.
Once the engine is running, the electrical burden is shifted over to the alternator, and the battery then goes into a charging state, with the voltage bias of the alternator being greater than that of the battery itself.
The AC voltage is passed through a rectifier and changed to DC voltage by the DC voltage regulator to smooth out and set the voltage rails for the car .
If the peak output is surpassed due to excessive load, then power will be pulled from the battery.
The alternator also has the duty of recharging the battery after starting the vehicle by providing a forward bias voltage higher than that of the battery.

IF you can't see it easily, call a local auto-parts store or car dealership and ask them to look up the stock alternator size, or rating for your vehicle. The hot rating will tell you the amount of power the alternator will produce once the engine reaches it's operating temperature (this is a lower rating than the cold rating).
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That's how you know if you need to upgrade, since there is no concrete way to tell if a stock alternator has enough reserve to handle your additional burdens. Now, if you do need a new and larger alternator, after finding the stock rating, then allow your alternator about 10 Amperes credit or buffer area.

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