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I guess every Singaporean has a story to tell in one way or another… of the place he or she was born and raised in.
For years, there were misconceptions that the name Ang Mo Kio was derived from the Hokkien term for tomatoes. The more likely origin of the name came from the bridge purportedly built by the British Government Surveyor John Turnbull Thomson (1821–1884) at the junction of Upper Thomson Road and Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1. The final explanation was that there were actually two major bridges in the old swampy Ang Mo Kio.
Ang Mo Kio Town Centre has been a bustling self-sufficient neighbourhood since its development in the late seventies. In the eighties and early nineties, residents from neighbouring Bishan, Yishun and Sembawang would flock to Ang Mo Kio to shop, dine and watch movies, because the shopping facilities in their respective housing estates were not fully developed. One of my favourite places at the Ang Mo Kio Town Centre was the children’s traffic garden. After the traffic garden was demolished, the vendor still operated his business elsewhere at the town centre. Filled with many retail shops, the Ang Mo Kio Town Centre was the favourite destination for me to hang around after school. The design template of such classic HDB slab blocks and point blocks were duplicated in new towns built in the late seventies and early eighties, including Bedok and Clementi. The slab block design typically consists of rows of two-room or three-room, three-and-a-half room and four-room units.

Void decks are multi-functional spaces for the residents living in the HDB flats, which can be used to hold Malay weddings or Chinese funeral wakes. Also one of the largest town centres in Singapore, it was built on a low-lying location between small hillocks on the eastern and western flanks. After the cinema ceased its operation, the entire building was painted red and became known as the New Crown Building. I could spend hours walking around hunting for cassettes (and music CDs later), comics, shoes and “friendly” versions of PC games. It is Block 710 at the Ang Mo Kio Town Centre, where foreign dignitaries visited during their tour of Singapore’s model housing estate in the eighties. I still return there every now and then; for a haircut, a game of basketball, or simply to enjoy a meal at the hawker centres or kopitiam I am familiar with.
The successful ballot for the flat came as a delightful surprise as Ang Mo Kio was then an upcoming new town. My father grew up in a humble Hakka village off Old Holland Road, while my mother was from Chia Keng, a Teochew kampong that was formerly located near the present-day Yio Chu Kang Stadium and which was demolished in the mid-eighties. The locals called the bridges as “pang kio” (“wooden bridge” in Hokkien) and “ang mo kio” (“ang mo” here refers to “ang mo huay”, which means “concrete” in Hokkien).
Unlike today, there were few or no nurseries or pre-education classes in the early eighties. The hilly parts of Ang Mo Kio are still visible today at Ang Mo Kio Town Garden East and Ang Mo Kio Town Garden West.

Besides small bicycles, there were the more popular battery-powered “motorbikes” and “cars” for kids.
Soon, the first community centre, kindergarten, primary and secondary schools in Ang Mo Kio were also established in the same neighbourhood. The mounted table tennis tables served as a free facility for ping-pong lovers; it also served as a “playground” when someone creatively invented the game of “crocodiles” using the table tennis table. In 1989, on her second visit to Singapore, Queen Elizabeth II was brought to Block 710 to enjoy a panoramic view of Ang Mo Kio. Imagine their delight when they moved in to a new unit with ready supply of water, electricity and modern sanitation. These were built by the British military, and therefore termed “ang mo kio“, which means “Caucasian’s bridge” in Hokkien. Kids spent most of their time playing masak-masak (“cooking” in Malay but it generally means “playing with toys” in the Singlish context) instead of learning the violin, piano or ballet. Or simply enjoying a frosted mug of root beer float at the A&W restaurant with friends. If the life expectancy of a Singaporean male is around 79, I’d have spent almost one third of my life living in Ang Mo Kio.

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