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As bdoug stated, this can cause problems, the main reason people burn up car audio equipment is due to lack of power. Look up Sky High Car Audio, they have very high quality wire for unbeatable prices, along with connectors and more. If I was able to break 150 with a 12, You should have no problem breaking 145 with a sundown 15! GRAVITY 800 AMP CAR BATTERY CAPACITOR GR-800BC fine detail you want creating their determination to purchase, right? Most of the consumer reviews tell that the Reviews GRAVITY 800 AMP CAR BATTERY CAPACITOR GR-800BC Sale are high quality product. You can check prices before you buy to compare the price you are happy and see details products you want to buy GRAVITY 800 AMP CAR BATTERY CAPACITOR GR-800BC, as well as reviews of customers who had bought it to use to make your decision easier. First it’s important to recognize that there are only a few battery manufacturers in the U.S. With that in mind, it might be more appropriate to say that Delphi, Exide, or Johnson Controls Industries makes the best car battery rather than any particular brand. If you look at the most trusted names in car batteries, they would have to be Optima, Diehard, Duralast, and Interstate.  So, everything else being equal, I believe Johnson Controls makes the best batteries. YellowTop batteries are designed for everyday use in your car or SUV and provide the power you need for today’s electronics-loaded vehicles. RedTop batteries are designed for tougher applications like trucks, large SUVs, hot rods, and weekend racers and provide extra starting power.
With their patented SPIRALCELL Technology for performance and their vibration resistance, Optima YellowTop batteries are great for performance vehicles or your family car.  Optima YellowTop batteries are built for the extremes so that you don’t have to worry about starting and running when the going gets tough. Audiophiles will appreciate the cleaner power and higher voltage output of the Optima YellowTop. Optima batteries hold a higher voltage throughout the discharge cycle giving it more stored power compared to standard batteries.
Optima YellowTop batteries have cells that are tightly compressed into supportive chambers giving them 15 times the resistance to vibration than standard batteries.  You can expect the Optima 8040-218-FFP to last longer than a standard battery even enduring the toughest environments.
Dirt, moisture, heat or extreme conditions won’t stop your Optima battery from delivering uninterrupted power.
You don’t have to worry about acid leaks or spills making this Optima battery clean, user-friendly, and environmentally sound.

I hope this article has given you valuable information that you can use when comparing 12-volt lead-acid batteries for your car. Mark is an avid car nut and writer who loves to research and provide helpful information on popular topics to help consumers make better buying and care decisions. Step 3: Preparing your PSUOK I'm assuming you have removed or are able to get access to all cables from your PSU. Step 5: Power up the ampHere's where whether you're using a headunit or not comes into play, I advise everyone to do this step as a test or as a completing step.
Step 7: Using your headunit with the ampThe colours of the cables for each channel from the HU. Step 8: my system specs and final thoughtsJust for anyone who might be interested, here are my system specs. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
Under your hood and in the hatch is very professionally done and the wiring is show car quality.
I switched to SHCA machined aluminum dual fuse holders on each side, mainly for aesthetics and a little more wow factor. From the distribution block seen near the amps it is grounded to the chassis, from the same chassis ground there is another ground running to the battery. We recommend that you do not pay for GRAVITY 800 AMP CAR BATTERY CAPACITOR GR-800BC in anticipation of having read the info thoroughly with the websites listed below.
Any price and availability information displayed on the merchant site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). A lot of manufacturers will not honor warranties if their equipment was toasted due to low voltage. There’ll be information about a GRAVITY 800 AMP CAR BATTERY CAPACITOR GR-800BC is sufficient have a assessments in the shoppers exactly who bought it as well as facts pertaining to GRAVITY 800 AMP CAR BATTERY CAPACITOR GR-800BC . This instructable will allow you to wire in the following configurations: Amp and headunit steps 2-7 Only the amp steps 2-5 Only the headunit steps 3, 4-7 You want a powerful PSU for this, the amps are important, the bigger the better really, from a reputable brand preferably.
Booking expense before you decide mainly because in some cases this store likewise have particular price too often…..

If you go too high it will sound crappy and no good for listening to music, find that sweet spot for your type of music. I need a lot of things - will do engine, suspension upgrades - and maybe eventually paint, etc (driver paint quality now, which is fine).
Don't be an idiot, turn your power supply unit off and disconnect it from the mains when you're working with the cables.
House brands last about like "good" ones in my experience, they all normally outlast the intended lifetime easily.
I've only seen one other instructable on doing this, but they didn't cover the headunit part of the build. This will allow a simpler design, less cluttered appearance and easier hook up.Another power supply note, screw it they're all power supply notes.
I've read somewhere that someone was having trouble getting their PSU to turn on, they had a sense wire which required 3.3v as well as the shorted PSU_on wire to ground. I have access to multiple power supplies and I'm trying to spend as little money as possible for the sport of it.
Is the first power supply enough, or should I use the ps3 power supply for the head unit and a old pc supply I have?
I'd like to be able to charge a phone from the usb, or add extra ports in for charging, or a wall out let or both hahaha. 8)Sorry I was hasty and forgot to add that I don't need all 800 watts, I do have a smaller amp and a much larger. A lot of info there but the long and short of it is this, head units don't draw a lot of current.
Oh sorry I had tried one of those Multi-Volt Uni-Power Adapters, 500ma Regulated, it was clear, but just Nooo Power, to Run-it-well.
Does anyone know if i can use my old stock pc speakers to build a volume control for my system.

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