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As San Diegans, we know how enjoyable it is to drive on a warm day with the windows rolled down and your music blasting.
If you are aware of these 3 signs happening with your vehicle, it is time to bring your car into our Battery Service Center!
Delivered and installed four, 80lb 12 volt deep cycle batteries for a customer in Solana Beach, CA living near a golf course. The Club Car’s symptoms leading to the decision to replace the batteries was decreased run time and slow top speed.

When the customer examined the original Club Car golf cart battery, he discovered that Trojan battery company was the OEM battery for Club Car and decided to replace with 150 amp hour Trojan T-1275. The battery warning light in the dash is on or the charging gauge shows the battery is not charging.
Although there are many reasons that may cause your vehicle not to start, a dead battery is very common.
Battery acid fumes (escaping from inside the battery), from a crack, or boiling out thru the vents can cause this white and green build-up on the battery terminals.

This could be a sign your battery is weak or failing or your charging system is not working properly.
Your battery is dead or extremely weak if you can’t hear the engine turning over when you attempt to start your car, or the lights don’t work or become dim while trying to start your vehicle.

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