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The battery in your car is the single source of energy for all the electrical components in your vehicle. When the engine starts running, the charging system takes over to provide electricity to the various vehicle electrical systems. The SuperCharge Classic series that embraces the entire popular car and 4WD applications, now uses the EXG Technology*.
By using EXG Technology, the SuperCharge Classic Series has upgraded CCA ratings, widening the gap in performance between it and all competitor batteries for the same vehicle application. The SuperCharge Gold Series continues to lead the industry in technology, product ratings, quality and warranty offering. With the EXG Technology, the SuperCharge Gold uses calcium positive and lead calcium negative plates providing superior grid strength, greater resistance to corrosion, stronger protection against heat and overcharging, minimal gassing and water usage, and low self discharge rates. The warranty for batteries, like for most manufactured goods, is a warranty against faulty materials and workmanship. The guarantee is void if the battery has been subjected to overcharging, abuse, faulty vehicle charging system, neglect, failure to maintain acid (water) levels, tampering of markings or broken or removed vent plugs. Mobile Mechanics Auckland wide come to you for all your car battery replacement or servicing. Auckland Mobile Mechanics provide 24 hour 7 day Complete Car Battery replacement services to your home work or roadside.
We Replace or repair car batteries perform repairs on alternator, starter motors when your vehicle has problems with starting, turning over, charging light is on, battery is flat and requires replacing or other car starting problems we can help.
We can replace these on site at your location if required, we also test the charging of the battery to ensure your battery will start next time. With Battery replacements, once replaced we test the charging system or charging rate to make sure the battery will continue to hold a charge and start you next time. We also test drive the car to ensure all is ok when warmed up and at operating temperature.

The extreme temperatures we experience in summer can completely destroy your vehicle’s battery.
Always replace your battery with one that is rated equal to or higher than the one originally specified. Now that we are experiencing warmer temperatures, now is the perfect time to bring your vehicle in for a battery test to see if it needs replacing. Many people think that the car battery is only used to start the car, but this is a misconception. To achieve optimal performance and avoid possible damage to your vehiclea€™s electrical system, you need to keep your battery in good condition. This has elevated it into an accessible expanded calcium battery and further strengthened its claim as the leading low maintenance battery by improving its already proven performance. The SuperCharge Classic Series is now covered by up to 30 months full warranty**, setting it in a class above its nearest competitor. This year to meet the increasing power and demands of premium modern vehicles, the SuperCharge Gold has increased in CCA and further extended its warranty to as much as 36 months full replacement*. All of that simply translates to a truly maintenance-free battery with superior power and longer life at your convenience.
It is important to regularly have your car batteries tested and replaced, if necessary, to avoid being stranded on the side of the road with a vehicle that won’t run.
This happens because heat causes battery fluid to evaporate, which then damages the entire internal structure of the battery. Hot summer heat is already hard enough on your battery without it getting any help from a malfunctioning electrical system. This is recommended to be done on a yearly basis, but the best time to take care of a problem is before it’s needed, not after.
Save yourself the hassle of waiting until your car breaks down and be preventative about it.

First I was very impressed with the timeliness and frequency of phone calls that I received to alert me of when the mechanic was going to arrive thank you they were greatly appreciated. Yes, it's true that one of the main functions of the battery is to provide energy to the starter and ignition, but all of the other electrical equipment in your car relies on the battery as well. If this is not available, the warranty period will be determined from the date code stamped on the casing. Installing a battery that has a lower capacity than is originally specified by the manufacturer of the equipment will likewise void warranty. When the voltage regulator malfunctions in the charging system, it starts to allow too high of a charging rate which eventually will destroy the battery. Second I was also very i impressed with the professionalism diligence and attitude of my mechanic Shaun who was a pleasure to deal with and certainly a good ambassador for Lube Mobile.
As soon as it is determined that the battery is defective and is within its specified warranty, it will be replaced with an equivalent battery free of charge.
From first contact (as I had special circumstances for your people to contend with) your staff were very helpful & problem solving which made the whole experience a relief for me.
Danielle, Subaru Impreza, Supply & Fit New BatteryI was entirely satisfied with your service - efficient and transparent. Jason is a credit to your company and I will be using Lobe Mobile for all my mechanical needs from now on.

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