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By using our website you consent to accepting cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Hybrid battery problems courtesy of wiring faults are becoming a common cause of breakdowns with the increasingly popular petrol-electric cars.
Hybrid cars use complicated electronics to switch between battery power and the internal combustion engine. Nick Reid, Green Flag technical expert explained: “Cars like the Toyota Prius will effectively have two batteries. Leave the previously disabled car running for at least 20 minutes, or better still, go for a short drive, then see if it’ll start on its own.
As the weather gets colder we’re going to see an increase in the number of call outs for cars with flat batteries. The weaker a battery gets, the more it struggles to supply the starter motor with sufficient current so listen out for what sounds like the engine turning over more slowly than normal.
If your car is showing any of the above symptoms, take it to your nearest garage or fast fit centre and ask them to perform a battery test.
Some people think bump starting a car – where you push it along then release the clutch when you’ve got a bit of speed up – is the best way to combat a flat battery. The average age of vehicles is around seven years and even cars that old are pretty complicated electrically. Batteries always used to be under the bonnet but increasingly we’re seeing them in the boot or even under the back seats. If you test your battery and it’s showing up as deficient you can buy tabs from motor retailers that you drop in to reinvigorate the cells. Manufacturers typically offer three-year warranties on batteries and they usually last a lot longer than that. The old cliche is that modern cars have more computing power than the first Apollo moon rockets. There’s the high-powered battery that propels the car, and this has a 12-volt battery connected to it.
Toyota claimed: “The Prius battery (and the battery-power management system) has been designed to maximize battery life.

Since the car went on sale in 2000, Toyota has not replaced a single battery for wear and tear.” However, independent repairers claim there have been problems with hybrid propulsion batteries. The electric motor powers the car at low speeds and supplements the internal combustion engine when extra acceleration is needed.
U K Insurance Limited is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. That’s lights, ventilation, radio, windscreen wipers or phone chargers and portable sat nav systems.
If it won’t, check with a professional: the car may have alternator problems preventing the battery from charging correctly.
The reason for this is simple: the older a battery gets, the less able it is to hold its charge in lower temperatures, and the colder the weather, the thicker oil gets so the starter motor needs to draw more current from the battery to turn the engine over. Also, watch for a warning light in the dashboard (which looks like a red battery) coming on as you’re driving. When you bump start a car, you get a big surge of power through the electrical system and although it might start, you’ll find it stops pretty quickly and won’t re-start because you’ve fried the ECU (the Engine Control Unit). You used to be able to charge batteries but modern immobilisers are so complex that many manufacturers advise you against removing the battery. The only hybrid model in the UK Reliability Index top 100 most dependable cars is the Toyota Prius.
This smaller battery will run all the equipment such as the audio system and electric windows. In part this is done by keeping the battery at an optimum charge level – never fully draining it and never fully recharging it. Interestingly they believe repairing the batteries, rather than replacing them is the most reliable and cost-effective action. Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders EV figures show that 44,580 hybrid vehicles were sold in the UK in 2015, a 20 per cent increase on the year before. The electric motor is generally charged up by harnessing the kinetic energy that goes to waste when a regular car slows down or brakes. This can be an early warning that the engine’s alternator isn’t charging your battery properly.

First, all Green Flag technicians carry an important piece of kit called the Midtronics Battery Tester. And it’s not a good idea to plug a charger in while the battery is still attached to the car. Drivers will be pleased to know that the age of batteries is gradually increasing as vehicles become more effective at using the power from them.
And the more complex the electronics, the greater the capacity there is for something to go wrong.
In the US, independent reliability tester Consumer Reports claims that Tesla’s Model S had below average reliability.
Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles give owners the option of fully charging the battery via mains electricity.
Always check your car’s handbook before doing this: some manufacturers recommend their cars aren’t jump started because it can damage the engine management system.
Leave the two cars connected and running at a little more than idling speed for about 10 minutes. This will show whether a battery has gone flat because you might have left the lights on, whether it needs a boost (more on that later), or if the battery is unserviceable and needs replacing. You won’t put 240v through your car but you’re introducing a different source of power which could cause electrical problems. Here we look at how battery problems can afflict cars that use electricity to supplement petrol or diesel power. This has been fuelled by demand and an increasing number of manufacturers supplying hybrid cars. A wire brush will get rid of this and a bit of good old copper grease will stop them furring up. If the car needs a new battery, our technicians carry replacements on their vehicles and fit them for free.

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