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Now, before you rush at the poor battery with your combination wrench or socket and ratchet, a few words of advice.
If you are installing a new battery, all you have to do with the old one is to take it to an authorized center for recycling. After all of this is done, it's now time to put the new battery or the old, albeit recharged, battery back into place.
A nice finishing touch would be to smear special grease over the terminals to prevent future corrosion. Image Gallery: Batteries The battery is the silent powerhouse behind your car's engine -- but it has a limited lifespan. In fact, depending on where you live and how you drive, the condition of your charging system, and a number of other factors, a battery lasts about four years on average. While the lead-acid car battery hasn't changed much in the last 100 years, it's still a difficult part of the car to check during routine maintenance. So the rule of thumb is simple for battery replacement: You have approximately four years before the battery will theoretically begin its slide from chemical powerhouse to chemical paperweight.
But due to the nature of the chemical cocktail inside any battery, it may give out before the four year mark, or maybe it will last for several more years.
The “Ber” months are upon us once again and you know what this means—torrential rains and occasional floods.
If you suspect your car to be damaged after “taking a swim” in a flooded area then don’t even think about starting your vehicle since doing so might cause further problems. If your dipstick indicates that your oil level is higher than it should be, then it means that water has entered the container.
Take a thorough look at your engine and check for any trash that may have lodged itself between parts.
Automatic gearboxes, on the other hand, are a lot trickier than manuals since water can cause de-lamination of its transmission’s bands and clutch plates.

Have the brake fluid flushed out if it’s been contaminated by flood water or else you’ll have a difficult time stopping your car. Roberts AIPMCRoberts AIPMC traces its roots to the RGC Group - maker of Uratex Foam and one of the leading polyurethane foam manufacturers in Southeast Asia. Most of today’s drivers have never tinkered with such a thing and they usually go to an auto service center for such problems. Regardless of your car-related knowledge, you should have no trouble recognizing the acid-based device. If, however, you are planning a thorough recharge process, you can take the opportunity and clean the terminals with a wire brush.
I have heard it is risky connecting a charger to battery while connected to car and to remove battery the BSI computer must be let go into sleep mode before disconnecting the battery, must not touch anything on car and leave car with drivers window open before letting it go to sleep, replace battery then wait a few minutes, there is then a sequence to go through before opening door, sequence includes testing of lights and such by reaching switches through open window on drivers door, failure to do this it is claimed can damage cars computers.
They do their job regardless of heat, cold weather and the drivers who demand so much of them. Simple battery testers can't, at this time, muddle through the chemical complexity of what goes on in a battery. At the four year mark, start watching, and hope your mechanic will detect a problem before it's too late. So better take care of your sweet ride; you don’t want water entering the muffler, engine, and exhaust system, trust us on that.
And by knowing the waterline, you’ll also be able to know what car components were affected or damaged. But in case it’s sealed, you may not have to do this (Sealed car batteries have higher chances to survive flooding). So as soon as you notice that the gears aren’t responding to the clutch the way they used to, go to your mechanic and have it looked at. Established in 1968, the RGC Group has since grown into the RGC Group of Companies and diversified its product lines from the original foam products to include plastics, textiles, and automotive and industrial parts.

You might do that as well, but in some desperate cases, let’s say your battery goes dead in some remote location and you somehow manage to get a car battery recharger, a do-it-yourself approach could be necessary. It’s a fairly big box with two metallic connectors, one of which is most likely covered by a plastic cap. So, after placing the battery in its place and securing it, first attach the positive cable and then the negative one. While a battery that allows a car start at the first turn of the key is a joyful thing, it doesn't last forever. Instead, they provide a sort of snapshot of the battery at the time it's being tested -- without the context of the battery's chemical composition before or after the test. These can remove itself from your car overtime, but if it does not then better bring it in for dismantling. If your experience with cars only implies driving and refilling the windshield liquid container, the very idea of touching the battery might send shivers down your spine. And when that happens, it’s best if you check your car afterwards for any damages done by the surging waters.
Also, if you notice any severe leakage and corrosion signs, it would be wise to turn to a professional to get the job done. Because that cable is connected to the car body and if you go for the positive one first and accidentally touch any metal part with the metallic tool you will short circuit the battery (not to mention causing a shower of sparks).

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