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This tells you how much energy a battery can store at a given time and allows you to measure the improvement that you made.
Detailed instructions in each section explains exactly what you need to do in plain English. Another guide created by mike from Michigan on how to Rejuvenate Lead Acid Car or Truck batteries.
I have many different types of eqquipment from backhoes to gas powered air compressors, cars and trucks. This Lead Acid Battery Rejuvenation Guide will show you how to use water and a good battery charger to remove the Hard Crystals and restore the battery to “take a charge” again.
This will not fix every battery, batteries wit hshorted cells or broken internal bus bars cannot be fixed. Follow the tips mentioned below and we guarantee you will be able to extend the life of those batteries. One of the first problems most people have with their car battery is the build-up of corrosion around the terminals. Corrosion destroys the connection between the battery and the vehicle and many batteries are replaced due to too much corrosive build up.
But often times, this can be easily treated by simply pouring a small amount of Cola or a DIY anti-corrosion paste (one part water to three parts baking soda) over the corroded areas. The acid in the Cola or the alkaline properties in the DIY anti-corrosion paste will eat the corrosion away.
After the corrosion is gone, use a clean damp rag or sponge to clean up the remaining residue and moisture. Be sure to let it dry, then rub some petroleum jelly on the terminals to prevent future corrosion.
When the car is on, the car alternator generates electricity and charges the car battery after the battery has a voltage drop.
But if the car is not on, and you are using the car’s electronics, you are just relying on the car battery to power those electronics.
This is detrimental to the car battery because car batteries are not meant for this type of use.
Using your car battery as a battery that powers electronics, instead of a battery that just gives you a burst of power for ignition, will damage the battery and greatly shorten it’s lifespan if it’s repeatedly used in this fashion.

This will ruin the battery – and even cause damage to your car while creating a safety risk. Protecting your car battery from large changes in temperature will help maximize the battery’s lifespan. These protective battery sleeves are usually made of plastic or an acid resistant, thermal resistant material.
These car battery insulation kits will insulate your battery and protect it while still allowing proper ventilation.
This happens because current is drawn from the battery by car accessories (radio, lights, etc.) or the car computers. Car battery chargers (regular or solar) will maintain the optimum charge level of your car battery when the car is not in use.
They do this by providing enough power for the the car accessories and car computer, so they don’t continuously draw current from the car battery when the car is off. As you can imagine, these chargers are very useful …especially if you go on a trip or leave your car unused for a while. They’re also useful if you go on a lot of short car trips (like to work and back each day) and never give your battery a chance to fully recharge.
The most important thing to remember with this tip is …make sure you fully charge your car battery at least once a week because it will greatly increase the life of your battery. So check the car battery water level indicator regularly and if water is needed, refill the battery with distilled water (and that’s important, ONLY use distilled water to refill your car battery).
It also breaks down the composition of the water in the battery – which shortens its lifespan.
If you’re doing everything we’ve recommended in this article but your car batteries are still dying early, you’ll want to check your car’s alternator (or get a mechanic to check it). If your alternator is bad it will results in ineffective recharging of your battery and dramatically shorten your battery’s lifespan.
Safety Precaution #1) Before disconnecting your car battery read the car owner’s manual first. If done in the wrong order it may affect your car’s fuses and other electronics. Also, remove your car keys from the ignition before working on the battery.
There’s actually a simple method that you can learn in the EZ Battery Reconditioning program that will bring a dead (or dying) 12v lead acid car battery back to life again.

About UsFrom time to time we may share links to various products, and services in our posts, and articles for which we are affiliates, or partners. Mike rejuvenates many Car & Truck batteries for his battery bank which he uses to power his house since he loves Off The Grid. This if more for the batteries that sit for extended periods nd will no longer charge or will have diminished capacity!
With those car batteries being so expensive we thought it was a good idea to discuss how you can prolong the life of those lead acid car batteries. However should you need a mechanic it’s usually a very nominal cost or sometimes even free to to have a mechanic do these tips for you as a service. They’re not made to provide prolonged power for electronics and other devices (that’s what a deep cycle lead acid battery would be for). Generally the companies selling these battery insulation kits will have a form on their website where you can put in your car model and year, and it will tell you if your battery will fit their kit. Repeatedly doing this will dramatically shorten your battery’s life – unless you use a car battery charger or interchange batteries, leaving one at home to fully charge. Do this with a charger, interchanging batteries …or just going on a car ride long enough to recharge the battery. Most commonly (if not stated otherwise in the owner’s manual) the negative cable is to be disconnected first and then the positive cable. If you are handling a car battery that is installed you should open the hood of the car for a few minutes to allow for ventilation first. These crystals are hard and severely resist re-dissolving into the electrolyte when recharging, this is what keeps the battery from recharging. When you re-connect the battery, connect the positive cable first and then the negative cable.

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