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I haven't researched this but, I'm told by someone fairly well known in the autoparts business that there are only four or five battery manufacturers in the US. I use an Orbital in my Fiero, and have had that for several years now.The primary reason I got that however, was because my regular Exide gurgled acid all over me while I was working under the car. We highly encourage you to update your browser to the latest version of Internet Explorer, or use another browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
So far I am 100% happy, also Autoanyhing was the right place for me to purchase the Battery, a 100% place to do business with. I had two chargers from another company that worked great for several years, I replaced them but the company had changed brands and they lasted about a month. I've recently purchased two of these chargers to tend the batteries for two quads, one mower, and one Kubota tractor.

I've cut off the battery clamps and crimped ringlets to be able to permanently plugs on all four batteries.
While typically used for motorcycle batteries, I needed a charger under 1.2 Ah for the starter battery on my backup generator.
I live in Wisconsin and the battery Charger can only be used down to 32 degrees.Which makes it fairly useless in Wisconsin. Automotive battery - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, An automotive battery rechargeable battery supplies electric energy automobile. We are delighted to be of assistance in finding the right auto parts for you, be they car parts, truck parts or SUV parts. I normally use AC Delco in the Fiero and Motorcraft in the Fords: both last at least 3 years, and they actually honor their warranties, which is nice when they fail just within their free replacement period.

It was simple to install the first time and is a snap to disconnect and reconnect every time I drive the car.
The chargers are well made were easy to hookup (they have a long cord) and come with everything you need if you want to leave a connection in place. I guess they must not sell a lot of them.Auto Zone batteries only last two years, same for Walmart batteries.
Some racing series do require that type of battery simply because they dont spill fluid in an accident.

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