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But while it's a positive outlook, there will be some things that need to change before we can start seeing truly significant price cuts on EVs and hybrids.
Brian Kesseler, the president of Johnson Controls Inc.'s JCI Power Solutions division said cell costs may indeed fall by half, but overall costs of battery packs, which include the control systems that surround the energy source, are unlikely to decline that quickly without standardization across different auto makers. MCR Automotive is a company opened by two friends whom have a vision to set the automotive bar as high as possible. Suspension (Struts, Shocks, Tie Rod ends, Bushings, ETC.), Gasket Replacement, Oil Leak detections, Break Jobs, Head Gaskets, Machine Shop Services, Check Engine Light Diagnostics, Electrical Repairs, HVAC, Engine & Transmition replacement, Timing belts, Disposal of hazardous material through Safety Kleen, Ever Green and Ashbury. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor inciddunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua nostrud exercitation.
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A 5k bill on a car barely worth twice that (after 5 years) is another crackerjack scheme from the weird world of milk floats.

On a more serious note it will be interesting to see if electric car batteries last as long as they do in hybrids, whose batteries I believe are carefully regulated at between around 40 and 80% charge to prolong life, thereby only using 40% of the battery capacity.
So if they're that confident in the technology and sure that hardly anyone will need to replace the battery then why don't they just put a massive warranty on them, say 100k miles and 10 years, or subsidise the price of the battery so that it only costs say ?1000? I'm sure a lot of people are put off by the cost of replacement batteries and the associated depreciation cliff that a 4 - 5 year old Leafe is likely to fall off. Those with good memories will remember that Nissan had a serious problem with their 1.5dci engines in the Qashqai, something that was mentioned in Autocar. If it costs ?50 to go 500 miles in a conventional car, then it will cost ?6000 to go 60,000 miles. Surely the only reason to buy an electric car is if you go into the congestion zone everyday. To sign up for more newsletters or to manage your account, visit the Newsletter Subscription Center. Making them run to their highest potential at affordable prices, under the BAR, MAP and OSHA guidelines. By exceeding expectations to better automotive industry, providing customers with the knowledge and education about their vehicles; so they know the importance of vehicle maintenance. Pure electric cars will not have this luxury, where every kilowatt hour of energy is needed. Just because the warranty is 5 years it doesn't mean the battery will expire then, The BMW warranty is 3 years and I bet a diesel costs alot more than ?4900 to replace. Giving a long warranty on the batteries would increase the number of sales, potentially allow for a small increase in initial purchase price (Although they are already overpriced) and prevent excessive depreciation.

At a stroke the whole justification for buying an electric car has been blown out of the water. This step is taken in order to prevent costly repair expenses, safety issues and keep their vehicles enviromentally friendly. Overall I'm sure Nissan could actually make more money than it costs to offer the warranty. Problem was timing belts were snapping prematurely, well before the 5yr or 60k change intervals.
Engines were wrecked when the timing belt snapped and as I recall, one person was left waiting on Nissan deciding whether or not they'd contribute to a ?5900 engine replacement.
If you dont then i dont see how anyone can make it seem worth wild unless i guess it was a company car. Even half way through the 5 year warranty, the dreaded bill for a new battery pack will be looming on the mind of the existing OR any prospective owner. Trade in values will take right old kicking, imagine the face of a retiree taking it in for a valuation after 4 years of self-satisfying, haven't-I-been-good, green ownership, only to be told his or hers recycling bin would be a better prospect. You can buy an awful lot of petrol or diesel for ?4920, AND you don't need counselling after suffering years of range anxiety. Anyway, that's beside the point, there's a thousand other reasons why you shouldn't buy a Leaf.

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