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Sulfation, or lead acid crystal buildup on battery lead plates is by far the most common cause of battery failure, accounting for 84% of batteries according to the Battery Council International. It took a week, but that was probably me not realising that the electrolyte needed topping up. Larry Dimasi, (Owner of YouTube Channel: Electronic & Tinkerer Nut), Merbein, Victoria, Australia.
Note from Infinitum: Wai Tam managed to revive his 4 to 5 year old battery with the Infinitum Desulfator charged externally with the Century Jumper 850 Jump Starter Charger. My three year old battery went from having a nearly dead battery, to cranking a 262 cu inch engine like a brand new battery. It's amazing that the battery can perform so well given the damage that has occurred to it (accidental deep cycles).
Before knowing about your battery saver device, I had tried to charge my batteries with no results. Infinitum Desulfators generates an electrical pulse that shatters and removes lead sulfate crystals maximizing its life-span and performance. Reducing the rate of battery disposal means less disposal of hazardous lead and sulfuric acid. Aluminum encased for maximum protection which is especially helpful for the salty marine environment or corrosive use of salt used on roads during winter. The built in LEDs provide you with a basic status of your battery and even your alternator.
Works on ALL lead acid automative batteries, including 'maintenance-free' or 'dry batteries', deep cycle batteries, regardless of the amperage (Ah). Designed to automatically shutoff when your battery voltage drops below 12.5V so as not to drain the battery when car is not in use. The initial battery voltage measured was 6.0V and attempts to recharge it failed as it will not take charging current.

A randomly chosen sealed lead acid battery of 17 Ah, 12V that was abandoned for 6 months was selected for this test.
The same battery was fitted with the Infinitum Battery Desulfator and charged for 10 hours and results were recorded as above.
The unit can be installed either on the battery itself, the battery holder, or the chassis of the vehicle.
I had left my lights on for 3 days and the battery was so dead it couldn't light up my dashboard, let alone turn the engine over. After charging the battery for 5 to 6 hours over 2 to 3 times he left the battery for a week to discover then that the battery had successfully been revived being able to hold its charge. The optimizer took about 4 weeks to recondition the battery.  One thing I really like about your unit over some of the others which are made here in the USA is the voltage-sensitive shutoff feature you've included in the circuit design.
I then tried using Epson salts as many stated on YouTube on 'how to save your dead battery', well that did not work as the batteries did not charge. I am pleased to tell you after a week using the Infinitum desulfator, both batteries are charged to 100%. You will have no short circuits in the unlikely event that the cables are incorrectly installed. Neither vehicle electronics nor the Desulfator unit will experience damage in specified usage. But when I tested your desulfator, my dead 3 year old battery was revived and is still functioning today, that's 2 whole years later!
The good news is, with the Infinitum Desulfator, Wai Tam successfully reversed the destructive process of sulfation and optimized the health of the battery.

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