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Tom developed a small device that could be attached to any engine and increase performance and MPG by up to 1000%…yes 10 times! I’ve written to various congressmen and senators, as well as the President asking for an investigation into this matter, but mine has been a lone voice, and not 1 official has answered me, including Senators Obama, Clinton, or McCain.
My Grandfather was one of the cheif enginers at Ford, a friend of his that worked with him invented a small device that attached to the car and gratly increased gas milage.
Then one of the oil companies bought the design off him, then went to all his friends and removed the device from their cars. Again, I was a teenager when all this happened to my neighbor, but over the years I’ve thought of Ogle, his invention and his demise often. I remember reading about this back in the day and it did not surprise me when he turned up DEAD! The world is telling us to Go Green; from Sesame Street to the Campaign Trail, and Going Green has become as much a marketing tool as a call for action.
But what most American’s don’t know is that these problems were solved thirty years ago by the brilliant invention of a Texas high school dropout.
In 1978 I first interviewed Tom Ogle who created a device replacing the carburetor and allowed his 4,000 pound car to get 100 miles per gallon. I stood outside the Smuggler’s Inn, a restaurant in El Paso, where I’d just interviewed Tom Ogle, only 21, and perhaps one of America’s greatest inventors.
Tom said the 100 mpg returns he was seeing on his then standard 4,000 pound car was only the beginning of his newfound fuel efficiency. That means in today’s light-weight automobiles we could be driving around getting up to 900 miles per gallon. Tom Ogle was checked out by corporate engineers and the US government who were astounded to discover the invention actually worked. Another big supporter of Ogle’s invention was Professor Gerald Hawkins of Texas A&M University, holder of a doctorate in mechanical engineering with a background in gas dynamics and aerospace study. Seventy years ago Canadian Charles Nelson Pogue made headlines long before Tom Ogle, when he drove a 1932 Ford, 200 miles on a single gallon of gas.
For most of the world, the names Tom Ogle and Charles Pogue have never been heard or at least long forgotten. During our interview the eager young inventor revealed how he had discovered his fuel system by accident; “I was messing around with a lawn-mower when I accidentally knocked a hole in its fuel tank. The engine got so hot Ogle used a fan to cool it and was amazed when it ran 96 hours on the fuel remaining in the mower’s small tank.
One time he crawled under the stalled car to examine its gas tank and found, “It was freezing cold, like an ice-cube. When he warmed the gas tank with heater coils, the miles per gallon sky-rocketed to over 100 and Tom Ogle never looked back.
He believed his system was the answer to the world’s pollution problems and demonstrated virtually zero pollutant emissions coming from his engine exhaust.
Ramsey told me by phone, “We signed a preliminary agreement with Tom Ogle the very next day after we saw the invention. Ramsey signed a contract which let Ogle work on his device with financing from Ramsey who would take over the patent, distribution and development rights of the Oglemobile. With thousands flowing in, the confident Tom Ogle I had met was quickly building the life of luxury and extravagance. Continuing in his spiraling downfall from quick success and media attention in 1981, Monica, Tom’s wife left him and took along their five-year-old daughter Sherry. On August 18th a broken and forgotten Tom Ogle, drunk, left The Smuggler’s Inn, the same place that I’d first met him. Gone Tom Ogle left little to his name but he did leave his Patent (#4,177,779), the last gift of a young man who died before his time.
In 1989 another American inventor, Stanley Allen Meyer, claimed to have invented a means by which a car could be fueled solely by water. Director Josh Tickell takes us along for his 11 year journey around the world to find solutions to America’s addiction to oil.

Charles Nelson Pogue (from Canada) invented & patented his carburetor in the mid 1930s. The 109 did admit that they, while on flat level road, WERE, fighting a 30 mile per hour head wind. The Preview 2002 issue of Electrifying Times featured an article about gasoline vapor injection systems for automobiles that allow 100-200 mpg. It is an often a misconception that most vehicles burn gasoline vapors in their internal combustion engines. I recently decided write about my experiences and investigations of high mileage vapor carburetors because they produce less and almost near zero emissions. The gas prices are going up, more cars are on the road, and more cities are experiencing extreme vehicle exhaust pollution.
A crash program to install vapor carbs and injection systems on the 600 million vehicles world wide would be a quick and clean way to make cities more livable world wide, and reduce serious health effects such as respiratory congestion and cancer. This is an example of a widgeted area that you can place text to describe a particular product or service. Some data are from Werner Oswald, "Deutsche Autos 1920-1945".Thanks for help to Andrei Rebrov, Tallinn.
Wouldn’t you like to know why we are not ALL benefiting from the energy and cost savings it offers? Tom felt confident that on the smaller, lighter cars, then only popular in Europe, he could get nine times as much. And even gas guzzling Hummers and giant SUV’s Tom never lived to see might be more efficient than today’s best hybrid cars. In one test for the media Ogle drove his Galaxie, which unmodified got about 13 miles per gallon, 200 miles on a measured 2 gallons of gasoline.
Scientists were convinced his invention, dubbed the ‘Oglemobile,’ would soon reach world markets and earn millions. Reportedly he proved his invention in a test for The Ford Motor Company in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
But, thirty years later can I still hear Tom’s voice from our recorded interviews promising the world better future. Ramsey an ‘international financier’ who wanted to buy Tom’s patent and the marketing rights to the Oglemobile. Ogle was told he’d get no royalties because AFS was working on a device that got similar results but wasn’t his invention. Then on April 14th he was shot in the street by someone who ‘got away’ yet he survived the incident. His death, which involved a combination of Darvon, a prescribed pain killer, and alcohol, was ruled accidental or suicide. He alleged that he had created a dune buggy which could travel across the United States on twenty-two gallons of water.
A shrinking economy, a failing auto industry, rampant unemployment, an out-of-control national debt, and an insatiable demand for energy weigh heavily on all of us.
These high mileage systems have been around for 50 years but the technology has been suppressed and kept secret.
The fact of the matter is, gasoline powered vehicles burn finely divided particles or droplets that are sprayed from the carburetor or fuel injectors, into the engine cylinders. Lets be realistic, the best and fastest way to clean up the vehicle air pollution problems in congested cities involves the encouragement of the automobile and oil companies to bring out of the closet the many designs and patents of high mileage carburetors and injection systems. Lets raise the price of gas and sell the same amount of gas, (due to rapid increase of car population) and let the car get 100 mpg with near zero emissions.
In fact, the development of Electric Vehicles, Hybrid Electric Vehicles and Fuel Cell vehicles are not proceeding at a fast enough pace to make a dent cleaning up the air in most cities. In 1936, according to widespread news accounts, Charles Pogue equipped a Ford V8 coupe that reportedly got over 200 MPG. You can also use other WordPress widgets such as recent posts, recent comments, a tag cloud or more.

Overnight Tom became a millionaire, and the American people, and the world for that matter, became the big losers. Perhaps it’s time we ALL start writing our officials and ask for an investigation and answers.
Fitted with a black box ‘filter’ the big gas guzzler was getting more than 100 miles per gallon. And the modified engine averaged only 8 miles to the gallon, and stalled after a few miles. He died in 1998 while celebrating the success of his invention with his brother and two financial backers from Belgium. Fuel shows us the way out of the mess we’re in by explaining how to replace every drop of oil we now use, while creating green jobs and keeping our money here at home. It has been known and demonstrated for 60 or more years that burning gasoline vapors will give easily 5 times the mpg and near zero emissions. This would help preserve fossil fuels for many generations to come and help clean up the planet in a short period of time. The auto population explosion world wide is frustrating motorists, city transportation planners, and road maintenance departments. The auto explosion is also causing the increased rate of the build-up of harmful pollutants and greenhouse gases and hence global warming and increased incidences of severe weather. In the summer of 1935 he drove the V8 Ford from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada to Vancouver B.C. Incidentally, Monica Ogle, Tom’s wife, and their 2 year old daughter became losers as Tom was mysteriously murdered less than 6 months later. None were found and those who drove with him confirmed that they had never stopped to refuel. Although his cause of death was stated as having been a brain aneurysm, many have speculated that he was poisoned so that the news of his invention would not spread and decrease the need for foreign oil.
The film never dwells on the negative, but instead shows us the easy solutions already within our reach.
A revived emergence of this technology is surfacing, due to limited oil supplies resulting in increased gas prices.
Actually if the vapors are heated to the necessary temperature of 450 degrees F, the gasoline vapors are actually fractionalized by catalytic cracking and converted to smaller light molecular hydrocarbons, methane and methanol. In the Unites States highway building and maintenance funds are not keeping up with the auto explosion. The internal combustion engine is considered as the greatest emitter of greenhouse gases worldwide.
At the time of his death, Stanley Meyer had twenty patents on many water-fueled inventions. One got 119 miles to the gallon and one got 109 miles to the gallon, and the third got something in the middle. In my travels around the world I have been in contact with some very informed inventors, relatives or associates of inventors who have known of many high mileage low emission vapor carburetors. When one considers there are 200 million vehicles running the streets, highways, and freeways here in the U.S. What can we do to make this public and see our country and our world benefit from this invention? 150 mpg vapor injection prototype systems are secretly being installed in various vehicles around the US. Advance Fuel’s own engineers would develop the ‘Oglemobile’ for marketing and in April 1979, a still very ambitious Tom Ogle opened the first of a planned 1,000 nation-wide diagnostic car centers.
For the full story, send away for the Preview 2002 back issue of Electrifying Times and receive the most comprehensive story ever printed on the history of vapor injection systems.

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