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Step 3: Other use (as power booster)Recently I've using this circuit as what I called 'POWER BOOSTER'.
There is a power shortage in where I live, so I manage to make a power back-up from some component I've already got and an old car battery.This is how to make back up power from old car battery. CAR BATTERY POWER INVERTER 1000W - AthurugiriyaThis Hi Hi-Quality Product Manufacture Fore European Market.

Car Emergency Kits Car Battery Power Pack Jump Starters, View Car Emergency Kits, Powerseed Product Details from Shenzhen Snapper Technology Co., Ltd. Old car battery still can store electricity so when my car needs a new battery I keep the old one, until the new battery getting old and need replacement. Usually in 2 years time, but some times I use the battery charger to make it's life time longer (until 3 years).

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