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Yes if you do that you will have more power to the trolling motor and batteries will have power longer due to pulling less amps. You will still have a single ground conductor the same size so it really won't buy you anything. What this diagram shows is essentially what I want to do, but being that I have 2 sets of wires going from the batteries to the trolling motor I was going to double them up and put an equivalent sized wire between the batteries to complete the curcuit . DC wire is sized for a certain percentage voltage drop over a specified distance, usually 3% for anything involving electronics.

If the wire was correctly sized initially, then the increase in voltage is going to be negligible and it does not reduce the current draw through the wires. The one that is coming off had 2 12v leads going into the plug and has a switch on the tm to change it to 24v.
The TM is going to draw a given amount of current at a given speed.Check your existing wiring to see if it's SAE or AWG. I changed the wires to be in series at the plug to get 24v and it works fine.Here's my question.

Would it be worthwhile to series it at the battery and double up the cables going to the front. That would make the cables twice as big and half as long of a total run?Just wondering if there is any benefit?

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