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An example of happy buyer is a resident of Georgia, USA who by chance saw a discounted lease offer for an electric Nissan Leaf. The charging station was installed at his house for no additional costs, and he spends less than $15 per month for the electricity needed to power the car.
Federal state regulations require that in time, a certain percent of vehicles be zero-emission. The Nissan Leaf and Tesla model S are now the lead models on the market, with more than 1000 cars sold in just 3 months. Again, the major drawback for these cars are the lack of out-of-town charging stations, so they are mainly city cars. What do you think: would it be profitable to reduce pollution and your fuel costs with these electric cars? What you find on Impressive MagazineImpressive ideas, people, facts and products presented to you daily.
With a jump, the car turns over fine and will run forever with no difficulties, but no matter how long it runs for, the battery is never recharged.
Except, when they were testing it at Advance, they hooked up a third lead which was not hooked up when I removed the alternator. I've attached two images, one of the bay where the alternator was, and one of the back of the alternator.
If I have a post on here that has a dead pic PM me, I selfishly reorganized my photobucket in boredom.
There were only two leads hooked up when I pulled the alternator off, and I don't know how many there were supposed to be. If you look in the picture on the left side of the alternator, you can see a larger screw and a small screw. However, again if you look, on the far right side there is a white plastic plug with a male receptor.
And the battery light has never come one since I've owned the car, except when starting the engine and when the key isn't fully turned. Dell inspiron 1720 battery charge (plugged , Dell inspiron 1720 battery will not charge (plugged in not dell inspiron 1720 which prevents the battery from charging properly..
Can we use 12-0-12 transformer insted of 15-0-15 transformer.because my transformer is 12-0-12. If you have only a 12 volt transformer use a rectifier and 2.5 ohms 10 watts resistance in series with the battery to be charged as a current limiting resistance, no filter capacitor is also required.

Hello, I find this circuit and its explanation very interesting and explanatory in its entirety. Hi Fredz it can charge only one partially discharged 12 volt 40AH battery and not for even a flat battery. Hi Hari 4nos BY127 as bridge is ok but 12 volt may not be sufficient, you require 0-15 volt transformer. Hi Nidesh C2 & C3 are ceramic disc capacitors with working voltage of 40volts or above. Hello peter we appreciate all the schooling and guidance but how do we get in touch with u for practical and theory lessons and can somebody study on line and get a certificate or diploma maybe even degree in the electrical and radio telecommunication? Hi Abhi the DC voltage will become low and as the battery voltage builds up your charging current will become too low and the battery may not get fullt topped up.
If you have only 12-0-12 2A on hand then use 2nos 1N5404 and a 2.2 ohms 10watts resistance and charge no other electronics is required.
Can I use a 12-0-12 (2A) step down transformer instead of 15-0-15(3A) step down transformer? Hi Seetharaman, what ur saying is I could have a slide switch, if slide switch is moved toward ther 12 volt indication, than with the 2 rectifiers and 1to 2 ohms as current limiting resistance, would be able to charge the 12 volts battery. Hi Patrick With a 12 0 12 transformer you can charge a 12volt car battery with just 2 rectofiers and one 1 to 2 ohms current limitting resistance. HI Seetharaman, IS there a possibility of adding a toggle switch for 6 and 12 volts charging and toggle switch for slow and fast charging in this circuit. Hi since this is regulated voltage charger with a flat battery at the start of charging the current will be at 3amps, gradually decrease and once the terminal voltage reaches the rated voltage the current will reduce to minimum and it will be just doing the topping up function, hence no additional circuit is required.
I need to build my own power supply for 220 volt ac to 12 volt dc around 30 watt is ok,it must be reliable for LED signage,,can I be assisted?
After two months of ownership and picking away at some punch list repairs, I was anxious to take my 74 304 CJ5 out this past weekend. Also, while under the hood, I noticed that there is a purple wire that is also disconnected. If your fsm does not have a wiring diagram in it, there are wiring diagrams available online or they can be found it aftermarket repair manuals.
But, your wire hanging shouldn't stop your Jeep from charging, what does your volt meter say? But, with mass production now developing, automakers now offer a set of discounts that, combined with new tax regulations, make eco vehicles more affordable to a larger segment of population.

A big minus is the lack of charging stations, but with the spreading of electric cars charging stations would most probably begin to spread. The initial offer was $1000 with a total payment of about $7000, but he also got a $5000 subsidy from the state government. Discounts listed above would be the perfect way to attract new clients and thus rapidly increase the number of electric cars.
In order to accelerate production and lower its costs, the Leaf and its battery are now produced in Tennessee instead of Japan, thus dropping the starting price ($28,800) to $6400 in 2013. The battery is brand new, just bought it a week ago (standard procedure for me when buying a new car) and after a week of the starter cranking over slower and slower, it is now obvious that the alternator is not charging the battery back up.
And the wires running from the alternator to the starter, and then from the starter to the battery all appear to check out.
The missing lead hooked to the white plug, and the two screw-terminals were filled with the power and ground wires.
And if you need more description, for me to look at something in particular, or to take more pictures, just let me know. The transformer T1 steps down the mains voltage and diodes D1&D2 does the job of rectification. Once the battery terminal reaches around 13.6 Volt, the charger will only start trickling, hence no problem.
This will be the simplest charger watch for the terminal voltage once it reaches 14 volts terminate the charge, as the peak DC voltage can reach 12 X rt2(1.414). To charge a 6 volt battery you have to add one thyristor after the full wave rectification with zener and transistor to limit charging voltage at 6.9 volts. Still, with so few and expensive choices for the moment, it’s hard to start this cycle. Current limitting can also be achieved by limitting charging current at 30% of the rated capacity of the battery. The LED will glow brighty to start with and slowly it will dim down as the battery is nearing its rated charge limit.

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