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Nissan has issued a new recall on certain 2010-2011 model year Sentra compact cars because of a battery cable problem that could potentially cause the engines to stall.
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It was recently determined that an improper bolt coating on the battery terminal may cause a voltage drop that could damage the Electronic Control Module (ECM). An improperly machined battery terminal could leave a gap between the terminal and battery cable, resulting in the same situation as the latest recall -- engine stalling and hard or impossible restarting, NHTSA says.
Nissan reported that problem to NHTSA November 2010.The latest recall was reported to NHTSA on Dec.
14 and made public over the weekend.The Juke recall, which Nissan reported to NHTSA on Dec.

A turbocharger boost sensor bracket can come loose and cause the engine to stall while idling.
In rare instances, the engine can stop running at low speed or idle.Nissan retailers will replace the air inlet tube with a new replacement part at no cost to the customer.

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