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Simple things, like turning off lights, cleaning the battery terminals, and having a professional maintain your electrical system, are just parts of routine maintenance. When you examine your battery, it’s important to look for anything out of the ordinary. Stop by our service department and our professionals will be glad to inspect your battery or answer any other questions you may have! CHARGE [*] Thanks to constantly advancing technology and development of a new 30 kWh battery, America's best-selling electric vehicle now has its best available range ever a€” up to 107 miles on a single charge. In this brief video, a Nissan host will walk you through the basics of owning a Nissan LEAFA®, including how to charge this vehicle. JUST PLUG IT INYou can a€?fill upa€? your Nissan LEAFA® at home, or on the road at one of the over 25,000 [*] (and counting) public charging stations nationwide. 100% TORQUE, 100% FUNYoua€™ve never driven anything like the Nissan LEAFA®, and youa€™ve probably never felt anything like its instant torque.

ELECTRIC POWER, ZERO EMISSIONS [*]The advanced lithium-ion battery powers the 100% electric drive system, giving the Nissan LEAFA® the equivalent of 126 MPGe in the city. Stay connected and communicate with your Nissan LEAFA® remotely through your computer or smartphone. Bulges, cracks, or other abnormalities are signs that you need to replace your battery as soon as possible.
Living in an extremely cold climate (Alaska and Canada) will results in a battery lasting about 51 months. A car battery in a mild climate will last about 47 months while heat and extreme heat will drop the lifespan to 41 months and 30 months respectively. Ultimately, your driving habits and maintenance techniques will have just as much of an impact on battery life as the climate. A mildly cold climate, like the northern United States, will increase the lifespan to 56 months.

Still, it’s important to know when you need a new battery, preferably before the old one dies altogether.
Pick your version, colors and packages, and make it distinctly yours with genuine Nissan accessories. There are other important items to check off the list when you examine your battery as well. Here are just a few things you need to know about your car battery to keep it up and running as long as possible.

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