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Most DSLRs these days are capable of recording Full HD video, and thanks to clever hackers such as the Magic Lantern project, their capabilities are often equal to expensive dedicated cinema cameras. Just make sure to wash it off, because you wouldn't want to put a plunger in the toilet right after it touched that gross car dent. Great for cars without cup holders, or cars with cup holders that are too shallow for bigger cups, or for people who like the bottom of their cups to smell a little gross. Either do this, or pretend the political views of whoever you bought your car from are the exact same as yours. Or if you're feeling really adventurous, make little nail polish designs within the scratches.
No more pulling up to the wrong side of pump, getting out of the car, realizing your error, and then pulling the car to the other side and looking like a huge idiot. Best of all, once you're done, you can kick back and refresh yourself with whatever's left of the beverage. Two or more lead acid batteries in parallel no matter what size they are (matching batteries or not) will discharge themselves over time.
How many times has your iPhone or Android smartphone run out of charge while you’re out and about with no wall outlet nearby? The clever hack recently made its debut on YouTube, the place we all go when we don’t know how to make or repair something.
The video explains how to charge your dead phone in minutes by placing the end of a key into the negative battery terminal and pressing the metal point on the car charger into the positive terminal.

Would you consider charging your phone using a 9-volt battery or are you more inclined to buy a portable charger? Most of us don't carry around an extra set of batteries or a laptop charger when going out, so here are a few hacks that may come in handy. All you really need to charge your cell phone is a 9-volt battery, a car charger, and a piece of metal.
Which is why Canon DSLRs in particular are often used in independent productions, but also by hobby videographers. By using these readily available and affordable items, he managed to boost his camera’s battery life to nine hours of video shooting! But then again, when you’re out shooting a video, you may not want to have to change batteries every hour, so we definitely see how this could improve your video shooting experience. You’ll just have to do a bit of searching through all the various models until you find the correct one for your camera.
And were not talking about the parcel service here—we're talking about your UPS system—your uninterruptible power supply, which can be pretty weak.
Your phone should start charging immediately if your eyesight is good enough to see the tiny negative and positive symbols on the battery. After all, life can be stressful when you can’t send that all-important text or post an awesome selfie on Instagram.
There are a variety of portable phone chargers on the market, ranging from $25 to well over $100.

This is a great tip if you’re traveling and forgot your home charger, or the power goes out during a storm. In order to get the battery pack hot-shoe mountable, you’ll have to somehow get it attached to a hot shoe mounting plate that has the right size, which Chris managed to do with velcro tape. That's why you should hack the tiny battery out of it and replace it with a giant car battery! However, you may want to make yourself a little emergency kit because chances are you don’t normally carry a 9-volt battery in your pocket or purse. When the external battery is in place and powering your camera, you’ll unfortunately have no hot shoe left for mounting, say, an external microphone or a video light.
For those who have a little more money to spend, the RavPower Extreme ($100) will not only charge your smartphone — there are also ports to charge your tablet and laptop. Though Systm doesn't recommend swapping out batteries, they do walk you through the process so you get it done right.

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