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Problems with heated seats are very common and a heated element could be quite expensive to replace. Test all the heater fan speed settings; it's a common problem when the heater fan works only at high speed settings. Check the manufacturer's label; usually you can find it on the driver's door or on the door jamb. Before checking anything under the hood, make sure the engine is off, the transmission is in Park and the parking brake is applied. It's worth noting that if the car looks clean and shiny under the hood, it doesn't yet mean that there could be no leaks or other problems. Minor leaks are fairly common in high-mileage cars, but all else being equall, you are better off with the car that has no leaks at all. Here is another example: this bolt clearly looks out of place in this car (click on the image to see larger view). It always seems like good mechanical work and dealerships just don't go hand in hand lately. The question how to Prevent Corrosion in Lead Acid Battery has been asked 690 times by our users. Typically a new car comes with two or three keys or key fobs; ask how many come with the car.
Besides the VIN number that you might need to check the history records, the label contains the manufacturing date. If a car has been flooded, it's more likely to develop various electrical problems in the future. Not only this car needs a new battery and probably a new battery cable, this suggests that this car probably hasn't been serviced regularly.
I'd imagine what they used for clean was a basic solution, which reacted with the materials in the housing and what you get is more wonderful discoloration.

I've had my car in enough times to have an OASIS record a mile long, and finally I got fed up and decided to solve the issue myself. They did replace the battery and I am sure the acid is gone and what remaines is the salt residue from the reaction. With only the intention of replacing this pump as PM(preventative maintenance) I was also able to make a repair. I am out of the shop today doing errands and heading out to Sears to exchange some broken tools. As I am writing this, I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Christmas is next week.
Modern cars have many electronic components under the floor carpet and around the foot wells that can get damaged if submerged under water. That's why before buying, you still should arrange for a mechanical inspection by an independent mechanic, so he or she can lift the car and inspect it for leaks and other issues from underneath. Never had an issue with the battery being dead, but it looks to me like it's leaking at the 'sealed' seam between the case and the top cover. Mine stays garaged at night so it doesn't really get subjected to extreme temperatures, but I will keep an eye on it. Found a hole in a hose, and $30 and a few days later I had the Ford Genuine Part in to replace it myself. I will get under the car this weekend and see if the stains come off, if not then I will pursue it higher up the chain. Some may find this hard believe, but lead acid batteries have been used for more than 100 years.
It can be anything from a wrecked car, something that broken in a strange way, or something weird a customer had in their car. For example, the model year of this car is 1997, but as you can see, it was assembled in August 1996.

The engine runs fine, however, upon further mechanical inspection, we found that the head gasket started leaking in this car. The smell of burnt oil or antifreeze under the hood is another indication of possible leaks. I want to get that leaking acid out of there ASAP, but I figure I better show it to Ford first so I can prove it's leaking. If you see a crusty pink trail on your VW or Audi, just follow it and you will find your coolant leak.
Another 1997 car could be assembled in June 1997, which would be a better choice all else being equal.
Any suggestions as to how to deal with this, other than neutralizing the acid with baking soda & water? Somehow I think I would have been better off spending the $150 on a sealed battery and cleaned everything myself. Modern cars are very very sensitive to low voltage.That means when the battery gets worn out, it will make the car do strange things. My problem is now that whatever they used to nuetralize acid made a brown coating all over everything. I am sure I can clean bell housing and linkage but fir 6 hours I thought they would clean better.

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