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Always wear safety glasses when jump starting a battery (to protect your eyes), and gloves when handling a battery (to protect your hands).
According to PREVENT BLINDNESS AMERICA, in 2003 nearly 6,000 motorists suffered serious eye injuries from working around car batteries.
Follow the manufacturer's instructions for testing, jumping, installing, discharging, charging, equalizing and maintaining batteries.
New car batteries come pre-filled with acid, so it is not necessary to add acid to the battery. The electrolyte inside a wet cell car battery contains corrosive sulfuric acid that can spill if the case is cracked or the battery is upset. CAUTION: DO NOT lean directly over the battery while making jumper connections (in case of explosion).
If the vehicle runs okay and the battery charges up, you should clean and tighten both battery cables after shutting the engine off.
WARNING: NEVER disconnect a battery when the ignition is ON, or while the engine is idling or running. Disconnecting the battery may also cause other system modules to forget their learned or programmed settings. If you are uncertain that disconnecting the battery on your car may cause problems, attach a backup battery, battery charger or Memory Saver" device to the battery cables or the 12 volt power outlet or cigarette lighter BEFORE you disconnect the main battery. Finally, when installing a new battery, make sure the battery is fully charged before the vehicle is driven.
Formas de conectar en car audio los sub woofer doble bobina en serie paralelo asi como los ohms resultantes de esa conexion. Al conectar un woofer doble bobina en serie, los ohms resultantes son la suma de de sus bobinas. Al conectar un woofer doble bobina en paralelo, los ohms resultantes son la mitad de los ohms de una sola bobina. Al conectar dos woofer doble bobina en serie, los ohms resultantes son cuatro veces los ohms de una sola bobina. Al conectar dos woofer doble bobina en paralelo, los ohms resultantes son una cuarta parte de los ohms de una sola bobina. Al conectar dos woofer doble bobina en serie paralelo, los ohms resultantes son o equivalen a los ohms de una sola bobina.
Tengo un woofer (JL audio) 12W6v2-D4 y quiero saber si configurandolo en serie (8?) lo puedo conectar a un amplificador convencional y si se puede de cuantos watts seria?
Hola a todos amigos acabo de comprar dos driver d405 que potencia me recomendaria y tambien me falta comprar el woofer.
El amplificador para los driver de 400 a 600 watts RMS pero es conveniente un amplificador para el solo woofer o woofers del doble de potencia que compres para los driver. Busca uno que tenga Sensitivity o SPL casi igual a tu actual woofer, la misma medida y los mismos ohms. Suponiendo que la potencia es de 4 canales conecta un parlante blaupunkt a dos salidas de la potencia en puente y el otro parlante blaupunkt a las otras dos salidas de la potencia tambien en puente. En el caso del parlante pioneer ts w311d4 conecta una bobina a dos canales de la potencia en puente y la otra bobina a los otros dos canales de la potencia tambien en puente. Deja un comentario Cancelar respuestaDisculpa, debes iniciar sesion para escribir un comentario. Este sitio web utiliza cookies propias y de terceros para optimizar tu navegacion, adaptarse a tus preferencias y realizar labores analiticas. Las puntuaciones detalladas del vendedor no están disponibles cuando hay menos de 10 valoraciones. The humidifier monitors and maintains the level of humidity that the fuel cell stack needs to achieve peak operating efficiency. Precision and functionality down to the smallest detail: Original BMW New Parts are subject to the same standards of quality as BMW vehicles a€“ from construction planning to quality assurance. Electrifying technology: The Original BMW Battery with AGM Technology provides peak energy performance for your BMW with a high level of energy throughput.
In order to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, not only are intelligent vehicle and engine concepts required but so are innovative battery technologies.
For more safety on the road: Original BMW Sheet Metal Parts are assembled snugly to form a stable bodyshell that ensures the passengers, as well as the interior of your BMW, are given the best protection in any situation.
Whether ita€™s for the wing, bonnet or door: Original BMW Sheet Metal Parts fulfil the highest quality requirements and provide maximum stability and durability. Components that work together flawlessly ensure a safe trip: Original BMW Brake Pads are perfectly tailored to fit your vehicle, thus guaranteeing a high level of safely. Whatever the weather, Original BMW Brake Pads offer excellent braking performance with high safety over a particularly long lifetime. Professional deceleration: Original BMW Brake Discs are perfectly tailored to your BMW and offer maximum safety and longevity. Any brake system is only as good as its weakest link, which is why Original BMW Brake Discs and the individual components of the brake units work together perfectly to guarantee high performance and reliability.
Boasting high electrical performance even in extreme temperatures and reliability that meets the demands of cold starts, the Original BMW Battery with calcium technology is especially suited to BMW vehicles without EfficientDynamics functionality.
Strikingly bright: Original BMW Rear Lights with LED Technology contribute to the design of your BMW and add to your safety. See and be seen: Original BMW Rear Lights with LED-Technology are impressive from any angle and outshine regular light bulbs. For optimum engine performance: Original BMW Spark Plugs ensure precise ignition with more efficient combustion.

Different spark plugs for different engines: Original BMW Spark Plugs are designed to perfectly meet the requirements of your engine. Efficient dirt traps: the Original BMW Fuel Filter dependably purifies petrol and diesel and fulfils the high requirements of modern injection systems in BMW engines a€“ for maximum performance for the entire life of the engine. Whether your engine is petrol or diesel, the Original BMW Fuel Filter enables the engine to unleash power optimally and counteracts pollution of the sensitive injection system. Less is more: the Original BMW Lightweight Brake Discs improve driving dynamics and agility while reducing fuel consumption. Reliable partners: Original BMW Lightweight Brake Discs guarantee long operational life and maximum braking safety in every situation.
Let your engine breathe: the Original BMW Air Filter provides superior protection from polluted air and enables a clean combustion process a€“ allowing you to enjoy peak performance with reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Only the best for your engine: Original BMW Air Filters are precisely tailored to the relevant BMW engines provide them with the right amount of purified air. Plenty of good air: Original BMW Interior Filters have a particularly high filtering ability due to the combination of a fluidised bed and active coal. Particulate matter, pollen or pollutants: Original BMW Interior Filters remove all of these dangerous elements and markedly improve the air in the vehiclea€™s interior.
Deals with dirt efficiently: the Original BMW Oil Filter is extremely long lasting and efficiently cleans the oil. See and be seen: with their excellent luminosity and bold appearance, Original BMW Xenon Headlights dona€™t just increase your safety, they also emphasise the individual character of your BMW. Nothing shines as brightly as the original: The Original BMW Xenon Headlights are designed to perfectly complement your BMW. For the best possible view: Original BMW Wiper Blades clean the windscreen thoroughly and ensure clear visibility.
Snow, water or dirt: Original BMW Wiper Blades boast optimum cleaning efficiency and perform impressively in any weather a€“ even after 300 hours of use. This includes modules that control the air conditioner, sunroof, power windows, power seats, radio, even some anti-theft or keyless entry systems.
Posiblemente le exigiste demasiada potencia llegando a la distorsion y a eso se debio el humo. La diferencia es que el woofer de 15″ reproduce frecuencias mas bajas pero el inconveniente es el tamano de la caja acustica necesaria.
It does this by recovering some of the water from the electrochemical reaction that occurs within the fuel cell stack and recycling it for use in humidification. The precision and high-quality construction of each Original BMW Part guarantees that all components in your BMW work together perfectly a€“ for optimum performance and maximum safety and longevity.
The Original BMW Battery with AGM Technology (AGM stands for a€?Absorbent Glass Mata€™) is ideally suited to meeting the constantly growing energy requirements. They are made from high-quality sheet steel alloy and rolled precisely, before robots weld the parts together to the millimetre a€“ resulting in strength and a perfect fit. The materials and functions are precisely tailored to complement the modern driving dynamics regulations systems in the BMW like the Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) or Dynamic Stability Control (DSC). It consistently offers a high degree of performance and reliably transmits the stored energy to the on-board systems of your BMW. The combination of special materials and unique manufacturing processes enables a saving of up to five kilograms per vehicle.
The filter paper has special knobs in it that hold the pleats apart and permit an optimum uptake of dust.
The high filtering efficiency is due to a combination of mechanical and electrostatic filtration and the use of active coal.
Tiny dirt particles, grit and residue are collected on an enormous filter area measuring up to 3,800 cmA?.
They prove their worth by exceptional performance, temperature stability and long-term stability and thus fulfil the highest BMW specifications, which far exceed national and international standards and requirements. Wind and weather will no longer affect you and you can concentrate on what you enjoy: the journey in your BMW. In contrast to regular rubber blades, the innovative, synthetic wiper blades turn in the wiping direction as they move over the windscreen.
Cambiar por un parlante doble bobina pioneer ts w311d4 y de ser asi como me sugieren conectar al amplificador? The batterya€™s increased performance capacity allows it to sustain important BMW EfficientDynamics measures like the Auto Start Stop function. Electrolytic galvanising protects from corrosion and environmental influences and guarantees the longevity of the material. All the components can be relied on to work in a coordinated fashion and provide high braking deceleration. The superior brake deceleration is partly due to the large diameter of the brake disc, which is calculated precisely for each BMW model.
The short discharging time means the service life and storage life remain stable with no loss of quality even at extreme temperatures a€“ and the battery doesna€™t require any maintenance. Safety is improved by the short reaction time of the light diodes, which immediately convert energy into light so subsequent road users are aware of braking sooner and can take action faster. This inhibits corrosion and prevents the thread seizing even after long periods of use, thus keeping the aluminium cylinder head undamaged. The precisely-calculated flow behaviour of the filter allows an even uptake of particles, which means the Original BMW Fuel Filter cleans longer and better than conventional models. This improves the agility and handling of your BMW while simultaneously reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

An intelligent filter construction especially tailored to the engine means the air filter captures up to 99% of impurities. The Original BMW Interior Filter has a filter area of approx 200,000 mA?, in relation to the total area of the non-woven textile and active coal, for optimal cleaning power a€“ the equivalent of a 5-mm-wide strip running once around the entire circumference of the Earth. Synthetic fibres strengthen the filter and counteract brittleness and tears a€“ resulting in longevity and reducing engine wear. An Original BMW Xenon Headlight is three times brighter than a regular halogen headlight and uses one third less energy. Continual research and crash tests optimise the construction and dimensions, thus ensuring Original BMW Sheet Metal Parts always correspond to the high functional and safety requirements of a BMW bodyshell. The brake pad material adapts to the characteristics of the brake disc and keeps its shape even in temperatures of up to 800 A°C. Strict BMW guidelines regarding measurement and tolerance guarantee the precise geometric shape while the high proportion of graphite provides continuous protection from heat cracks. The high-quality calcium alloy also provides protection from corrosion and internal short circuits.
High-quality materials and a precise heat value guarantee maximum ignition reliability in cold starts, when accelerating, as well as in demanding tailback situations.
The Original BMW Fuel Filter also expels the water in fuel and thus prevents corrosion of the injection nozzles. The Original BMW Lightweight Brake Discs are precisely tailored to the individual vehicle components like chassis, engine and ABS for superior braking results. This enables full engine performance and low consumption values over a distance from 60,000 to 100,000 km. This results in it filtering out not only microparticles, but also dangerous gasses like ozone, benzene or nitrous oxide to a large extent. Use of a new Original BMW Oil Filter lowers fuel consumption and simultaneously provides optimum protection from engine damage.
This improves visibility and gives you a better view of the road when driving in bad weather or at night. Original BMW Wiper Blades are perfectly adapted to the shape and curve of the front windscreen and work reliably and powerfully even at high speeds.
Original BMW Brake Pads do more than just fulfil the requirements set out by law: they are subjected to numerous tests and have to pass the stringent BMW quality assessment checks that are carried out even after the start of production.
This special combination of materials makes Original BMW Brake Discs particularly durable and resistant. In contrast to conventional light bulbs, these LEDs a€“ up to 100 per rear light a€“ dona€™t burn out suddenly, but become progressively weaker. In combination with High Precision Injection from BMW EfficientDynamics, the spark plug, especially designed to be used with the engine in question, ensures the optimal combustion of fuel. A further benefit is that a heating system warms the filter in winter and prevents flocculation of paraffin in the diesel, thus guaranteeing a uniform fuel supply. The outstanding heat-resistance of the discs also protects the materials from deformation caused by extreme stress while the aluminium brake disc chamber provides reliable protection from corrosion a€“ resulting in the highest possible levels of driving dynamics, safety and operational life. In addition, a special resin coating protects the filter from extreme temperatures and moisture. This significantly improves the air quality and is particularly beneficial to people with allergies. A further advantage is Original BMW Oil Filters are environmentally-friendly, because only the filter medium is replaced when they are serviced, and their accurate fit makes them easy to install. Ita€™s also of benefit to oncoming traffic as Original BMW Xenon Headlights use a projection lens to direct the light onto the road surface so it doesna€™t dazzle as much. A spoiler on the wiper blade increases the surface pressure in reaction to counter pressure from the airstream and prevents it being lifted off. The makes the Original BMW Battery with AGM Technology stronger and more durable than regular batteries a€“ even at extreme temperatures. To ensure they stay this way, all elements and data are constantly checked a€“ even after the start of production. And we havena€™t forgotten about the environment: a specially-designed cap and a central gas release prevent acid leakage and deflagration.
As impressive as the finely-honed technology is the characteristic design on the Original BMW Rear Lights. This superior combustion technique from Original BMW Spark Plugs reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and makes the vehicle more environmentally friendly.
This is tested continually in numerous practical trials and simulations to ensure you can always rely completely on the braking power of your BMW.
In addition, automatic height adjustment aligns the headlights to suit the load the car is currently carrying, keeping you and other road users safe. The acid in a battery with AGM technology is bound up 100% in glass fibre fleece mats for optimum recyclability and low environmental risk in the event of accidents. The robust polypropylene housing is resistant to acid, benzene and oil and ensures optimum recyclability.
Use Original BMW Air Filters and ensure high performance and a long operational life for your BMW engine. Enjoy excellent visibility with Original BMW Rear Lights and make your car unmistakable by day or night.

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