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Proving that electric vehicles don't have to be puny slow wimps, Team BIGFOOT have built an electrically powered BIGFOOT and will be giving car crushing demonstrations in Kansas City this weekend.Monster truck shows are never about clean green transportation with no tailpipe emissions, right? Sign-up to our email newsletter for daily perspectives on car design, trends, events and news, not found elsewhere. TorqueNews reader Bam Athi had just cleaned his Dodge Charger when the opportunity to dance with it in the dirt came up and he didn't pass on it.
A new lithium-ion battery self heats in below 32°F to relieve lots of "range anxiety" for electric- any hybrid-car owners. In very cold weather, batteries in electric vehicles, hybrid cars, drones, space applications and some other instances slow down and perform poorly. Conventional car batteries at below freezing temperatures suffer severe power loss, which leads to slow charging in cold weather, restricted regenerative breaking and reduction of vehicle cruise range by as much as 40 percent, the researchers said in Nature. The all-climate car battery uses a nickel foil of 50-micrometer thickness with one end attached to the negative terminal and the other extending outside the cell to create a third terminal.

While other materials could also serve as a resistance-heating element, nickel is low cost and works well. Journal Reference: Chao-Yang Wang, Guangsheng Zhang, Shanhai Ge, Terrence Xu, Yan Ji, Xiao-Guang Yang, Yongjun Leng.
GreenTec Auto is a family owned and operated business specializing in rebuilding hybrid batteries. Researchers at Penn State and the software company EC Power say they have a solution: a new lithium-ion battery that can self-heat if the temperature is lower than 32 degrees Fahrenheit. These problems require larger and more expensive battery packs to compensate for the cold sapping of energy. A temperature sensor attached to a switch causes electrons to flow through the nickel foil to complete the circuit.
This self-heating function is activated by turning off the switch between the activation terminal and the negative terminal.

Originally based in the Sacramento, California area since 2009, GreenTec Auto has expanded to nine shops around the United States.
We use good, tested cells from newer battery packs, making sure our re-manufactured high voltage batteries work properly and efficiently.
This rapidly heats up the nickel foil through resistance heating and warms the inside of the battery. Combined with 35 years of general automotive experience, GreenTec Auto knows your hybrid vehicle from the end to end. Once the battery is at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, the switch turns off and the electric current flows in the normal manner.

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