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Glove Box Car Jump Starter When your car battery dies, you no longer need another car to get a jump start.
It gives me peace of mind to know that it is a safety measure for each of us to have one in our cars. I havent need to put this to the test, but living in the south the sun just drains your battery, so when the battery goes, Ill be able to put it to the test. I am an elderly lady and I fear having a dead battery when I cannot get to a phone or have no cell phone bars. Im a 68 year old man with limited mobility, very simple to use and I dont have to get out of my van.
Handy small jumpstart to have in the car without having to connect to the car battery under the hood (goes through the cig-lighter). I have Jump Box for home that is heavy an I have to make sure it is charged just in case, but now Im ready.
My sons truck wouldnt start so we plugged the charger in and 10 minute later it came to life.

I would still recommend this since I havent seen any better or smaller product that doesnt require hooking something up to the battery itself. I cannot comment on the battery life because this was a gift for a friend that works crazy nursing hours and normally in residential areas.
This is a great item for someone like me who knows nothing about cars or how to use jumper cables.
It was recommended to me by the AAA guy who uses this product when called out to start cars.
Enter your email address to instantly receive your promo code and see your savings at checkout! Car batteries,replace change recharge,jump, battery voltage, Auto, car, and truck battery, car batteries, replace change battery,recharge battery,repair diagnosis,no start help,symptoms of a bad battery,use of jumper cables on. Jump start (vehicle) - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, A jump start, also called a boost, is a method of starting a vehicle with a discharged starting battery.
How jump start car battery - partsource, The reason connect battery cables dead car battery 3 metal cable ends dangling potentially touching metal car parts.

I would like to try it out in a controlled enivornment (not an emergency), to have really know how the item works.
One didnt carry jumper cables in his car and had been worried about their batteries needing charging. No opportunity, as of yet, to test the product; but, will follow-up with additional comments after we have had an opportunity to test it. The instructions are a bit complicated -- its not just "plug in and turn on" -- so it will be necessary to be sure the instruction sheet and a flashlight are available in case I would need to use it at night.
The other battery charger (that my husband purchased) was so big, I didnt have room for groceries. He was intriged by the way it worked, given that it is not the usual way in which a battery is recharged.

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