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Electronic Wheel Alignment Yk Tyre Malaysia Johor have imported the Latest Technology in Electronic Wheel Alignment System.
Diagnostic and Engine Tuning Tuning is modification of the performance or appearance of a vehicle. Oil Change  A regular time in period to make replacement in lubricant or oil change is required. Overhaul Engine YakKah own many experience technical engineer in technical of Engine Overhaul and Modification. Suspension good and perfect Suspension System may make many benefit, such as Fuel Saving, Cornering Enhancement, Safety and others. Revival and Color Rims YK Tyre ( YakKah ) able to repair or refurbish a lot of dent Rim or Wheel. My Baby Honda Civic came home after a two day operation to mend her sick Alternator and Renew her Battery.

They did a great job for me and now I got my car back, you know, it’s a funny thing but being without my car for only 2 days showed me just how much having your own car really means to you. New Motorcycle in Johor Bahru - KTN RS3 250cc - Motorcycle I May Get If It Passes Test Ride.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Item Not Found - 0 I1635095Note : The seller assumes all responsibility for listing this item. Through the system, YakKah can diagnostic the most accurate value and implement the most best setting  for consumer from Yakkah (Yktyre). At YK Tyre , we have experience engineer in research the suspension structure in every type VEHICLE CAR or LORRY, branded as PROTON, PERODUA, HONDA, TOYOTA, PEOGUET and etc. I Started using them in 2010, when my service centre I was using then I felt were over charging for things, my rear HUB went and  they said rm500++ I got the same part in JB for rm260 just under half and got them to fit it for rm50.

They did full test and fitted me a New Battery called Amaron and instantly my Honda Civic became much better to drive and lasted 4 years without one single problem in the power department and in Malaysia thats a long time for a battery to last. We take things like this for granted when they are gone, and you realise that you have to look after them. Tuning, on the other hand, has become a way to personalize the characteristics of a vehicle to the owner’s preference. Cars may be altered to provide better fuel economy, produce more power, or to provide better handling. It had already been changed for me under the warranty once and I felt i could not trust them again so decided to look else where.

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