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Designed with reformulated Advanta paste recipe, Amaron Flo batteries are perfect for Indian cars that have to withstand extreme weather conditions.
Exide Matrix, completely sealed, maintenance free batteries, come with cutting edge Ca-Ca system.
Tell us about your experience with us Your valuable feedback will help us improve and serve you better! Calling all buyers to view this lovely fuel economic car, perfect for a student or a first time driver, this is a cheapy that is easy to maintain and is very cost effective. Be extremely wary of sellers who do not want to use the messaging centre, or meet in person.

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The Patented Japanese C21 alloy helps in withstanding harsh conditions, making it a durable product.
Gives your car superior starting power and instant ignition, comes equipped with arrestors that prevent acidic corrosion and sparks. Long wet shelf life, no freshening charge required for up to 6 months from manufacturing date.
Special paste formulation for Positive and Negative plates give higher life anticipation with flawless charge acceptance in service.

Double Clad Polyethylene and Glass Mat partition makes the battery highly reliable and durable.

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