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Haven't driven the car in a about 7 or 8 weeks, and I got lazy and didn't start it up as often as I should have. I ended up running to costco to grab a battery in order to get it started and back into my garage before all of the snow came down, yes, I 'm on the east coast. BTW, some guys are using a very light weight racing battery and placing it in the smugglers box. If you don't care whether or not your car starts or it is used for races, then you need less of a safety factor.

That said, you need to get the appropriate cca or above (I'm assuming the original poster did) and if you can make the battery fit securely, you'll be just as fine as if you bought the battery designed for your car.
If you're limited by the installation area, then you do the best you can with what's available. I have been told although I haven't tried it that you can take flashlight batteries place them end to end to (8 = 12v) and you will be able to crank your engine with them.
Pricey, if I recall correctly, but it's hard to argue against considerably less weight (nearer the middle), and moving considerable weight away from the LF corner of the vehicle.

Despite the fact that they need the same cca, the batterys' physical sizes will, most likely, be different from one another. The Optima Reds I've tried were no better or worse than the garden variety no maintenance batteries such as the Champion.

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